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After working at a fish factory in Chimbote where she cut and packaged fish for little money, Janet began looking for other job opportunities. When a friend invited her to visit KNWON SUPPLY, Janet was excited and decided to join the program. Today, Yanet has learned many skills through the work she does at KNOWN SUPPLY and has begun to develop dreams for a brighter future.

“My dream is to continue my studies. I already took a first step by attending Cosmetology classes. I would also like to own a clothing and shoe store.”

“Ilo – Moquegua. I went there when I was 18 years old with my aunt and cousins. We had a lot of fun boating around the area.”

“I would like to tell them they are buying a quality product because I believe I do it very well.”

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March 10, 2024

I have had and loved a white, thin and delicate toque for almost 10 years. It is beautiful handcrafted and is still in amazing condition! Thanks so much for making an amazing product.

Mary Beth

November 22, 2020

Thank you for making my hat. I have breast cancer and your beautiful hat keeps my head warm. I am very grateful

Ashley Mihalik

December 3, 2019

You did a very beautiful job making this beanie that keeps my head warm in winter. Thank you!


January 30, 2019

Thank you so much for my hat!! Is so pretty and delicate!! May you achieve your dream and be always bless!!

jack thomas

January 20, 2019

thanks.im from temecula california

my dream is to be a architectual designer


January 26, 2018

Thank you so much!!! I love my har


January 20, 2018

Thank you for the beautiful work you did making my lovely hat! I love wearing it. It allows me to be warm and feel stylish. I'm sure you will be a great boutique owner some day and help those in Peru find quality ethically made items that continue to bring joy and hope to the wearer and the supplier.

Allison Petrissans

January 8, 2018

Yanet, thank you so much for making my Brix beanie. I love it! I hope that you feel empowered to follow your dreams. May the Lord bless you and keep you.


January 8, 2018

I bought your scarf you knitted.It is green one,and so beautiful.I love it.thank you so much.

Victoria, USA

January 5, 2018


Thank you so much for making my beautiful hat. I love that it is soft, high quality, and keeps me warm when I am outside in -12 degrees celsius temperatures. I read your biography online, and I'm so proud of you and hopeful for your future. I hope you keep up the hard work and continue your studies.


December 31, 2017

Thank you for your hard work and beautiful items! I received one of your handmade hats in the winter Causebox, and immediately went to the Krochet Kids website to order a hat for a gift! So grateful for this company


December 25, 2017

I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful, soft hat I received for Christmas as a gift! I am truly honored to wear it! Thank you again!

Jennifer Dempsey

December 13, 2017

Thank you for making the delightful orange pom-pom knit beanie hat. It is adorable and perfect for the chilly Seattle weather! Your craftsmanship is lovely!


March 4, 2017


Muchas gracias por hacerme el gorro "Charlie". Es precioso y bien calientito. Espero en Dios que todos tus sueños se hagan una realidad.

¡Que Dios te bendiga!

debra zingale

January 27, 2017

Thank yoy Yanet for my beautiful apalca hat.
its beautiful and so warm and soft.
without a doubt,my favorite and Im spreading the word.
I am so happy for you that u are with such a wonderful company.
keep up the good work,and may all your dreams come true!

Brenda Benson

January 13, 2017

I bought the gorgeous Charlie beanie that you made and I love it. So wonderfully soft. You ARE very talented and I am honored to wear this. May God bless you in the years ahead and honor you with your dreams. Blessings, Brenda


January 12, 2017

Thank you so much for the scarf that you made me. It is beautiful and I think of you every time I wear it. Gracias.


January 4, 2017

Hi Yanet,
I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for such a beautiful, quality scarf. I received this gift as a Christmas present and absolutely love it.

Es mi deseo para ti que continue con tus estudios y alcance todos tus objetivos!

feliz ano nuevo!

Amanda Hanic

December 23, 2016

I just bought a hat you made. I love it ! It's so beautiful and soft. I pray you are blessed by the work of your hands! Thank you!!


December 12, 2016

Thank you so much for the beautiful hat! It is so cool to know where this is from and it means so much more that you are using this to accomplish your dreams! Praying that you have much success in all you do!
Much love,

Sampson Hatziathanasiou

December 10, 2016

Thanks for your beautiful work, Yanet. The hat you made came at the perfect time. Winters are cold and snowy here, and I was delighted to have a new, stylish way to keep my head warm with your beautiful, well-made hat.

James Tait

December 9, 2016

Just want to say thank you for making an awesome beanie.I wish the best for you in your studies as you pursue your dreams. Keep up the great work and again thank you from Fayetteville Tn.

Paula Musgrave

December 5, 2016

Hi Yanet,
I received a scarf made by you as a birthday gift, and I get so many compliments on it! It is very well made and I wear it often!
Keep up the great work!

Matt Kumar

November 9, 2016

Dear Yanet,

My name is Matt Kumar, I just received an awesome blue that you made and I love it. Thank you for your wonderful craftsmanship and I hope you continue to make great things!

God Bless,

Ruth Leon

October 17, 2016

Thank you Yanet! I absilolutrly love the beanie you've crafted. I bought it on Library Walk at my school (UC San Diego)! Hope you do well with your plans and ALWAYS stay positive!

Luis Guerrero

October 16, 2016

Hello Yanet, thank you so much for the time you spent creating my beanie. I love it.
I wish you the best in achieving your dreams. Keep up the fine work you are producing.

Gregorio Elias

August 17, 2016

Hi Yanet! Thank you so much for my Beanie! Its absolutely beautiful and I will wear it every day this winter! Thanks again :)


August 16, 2016

Yanet, thank you for the beautiful hat. Your craftsmanship is fantastic. Good luck with your studies in the future!

Eric X

August 15, 2016

Thank you Yanet for this lovely beanie, best of luck with everything! Stay Positive!

Tanner Holman

August 15, 2016

Thank you for the amazing product! I hope you continue to follow your dreams and become a business owner!

Ginger Fields

August 15, 2016

Dear Yanet,
Thank you so much for making the Drifter beanie. My 9 year old son will love it. I might borrow it too sometimes!! It feels fabulous & is so well made.

Ed Semler

July 13, 2016

Yanet, I purchased a Beanie you made and wanted to thank you for your fine work!

Axel Svensson

May 24, 2016

Hello! I havet been using the backpack you made for almost 6 years now and its great! Its the White backpack with the colourful "sack" at the bottom. I just wants to say thank you for making all these beautiful backpacks and clothing! Good luck and have A great Day! (Sorry if I spelled something wrong, im from Sweden and my English is not the best)

katie thomas

May 21, 2016

Thank you yanet for my beautiful Alpaca vans! They are lovely and unique, just like you! Keep on doing what you do and smiling that beautiful smile :) katie x (canada)

Audrey Frey

March 29, 2016

Dear Yanet,

I love wearing the hat you made. It's a beautiful black and orange knit made from alpaca fiber. It looks great and keeps me warm. Thanks for putting care into what you do! it definitely shows.


Lisa Cochran

March 22, 2016

Thank you Yanet. thank you for your attention to detail. My hat fits my head perfectly, covers my ears from the cold, and I especially adore the color. YOU ROCK !!!!

Vicki Berg

March 9, 2016

Hello, Yanet,
For my 65th birthday I received the "I love Africa" t-shirt from my son. He gave it to me because I always admire his and I have many friends from Africa. It would also be good if KrochetKids made t-shirts of every continent as I would like one of South America too!
Your work is very good. My shirt has not shrunk at all. It is so soft and I really enjoy wearing it.
With continued hard work you can make your dreams come true. Each step you choose to learn and focus on your dream will help to get you there. You've already made first steps toward your dream.
God bless you and guide you, Yanet.
Vicki Berg (California)

Rowan Whitney

January 28, 2016

Thank you so much for making my hat! In the modern world, it's heart warming to know that someone has put in the care, time, and effort to make something for someone that they dont know. I couldn't do what you are doing in a million years. I am very proud to own a this hat and will wear it every day. Thank you so very much.
Rowan Whitney (age 12)

Holly Flores

January 11, 2016

Hola Yanet,

I just purchased the blue Drifter hat today and I absolutely love it. The hat is beautifully made and so warm and soft. You have such a great talent. Thank you! Keep smiling and following your passions in life.


Kayla Rogers

January 9, 2016

Yanet Agreda: THANK YOU!!! For Christmas I received a hat handmade by YOU and it is BEAUTIFUL!! I have already worn it many times SO proudly, because your handiwork is so crafty and stunning.It is so intricately detailed; you are very talented! I am so thankful that KKi has opened some new opportunities for you. Good luck with cosmetology school! It is so beautiful to know your dreams. Blessings to you!!

nicholas barth

December 23, 2015

Thank you for the lovely "drifter" hat. It is warm and just perfect. I wish you the best of luck with your studies and you get that store one day!

Isabelle Abbott

December 8, 2015

Hola Yanet!

Muchísimas gracias por el gorro nuevo! Me gusta mucho! Es muy bienn hecho y muy cómodo. Hace mucho frío donde vivo, entonces es perfecto para el invierno. Tengo muchas ganas de visitar al Peru. Parece que es un país magnífico, y me interesa mucho aprender al españoI. Feliz Navidad y feliz año nuevo!

Un abrazo,

Carly Bagg

December 5, 2015

Dear Yanet,

I love what you made. I hope that you can continue studying and fulfill all of your dreams! THANK YOU!

Shawn Holle

November 13, 2015

Hello Ms. Agreda,

I love the hat you made! It is cold where I live and this black beanie is my best friend right now. I appreciate the effort you put into this hat and want you to know that I will be taking good care of it and wearing it for years to come.



Tammy Sartain

November 12, 2015

Thank you Yanet for making such a wonderful hat. I will be wearing tomorrow to combat our stormy weather. Your hard work is an inspiration so keep it up and may all your dreams come to pass.

Vanessa Isabel Rivera Magaña

October 26, 2015

Hola Yanet,
¡Muchísimas gracias por el gorro que hiciste! No sabes cuántas ganas tengo de darte un abrazo en persona. Soy una joven de 24 años, vivo en el estado de Arizona y mis padres son Salvadoreños. He querido comprar un artículo de Krochet Kids por mucho tiempo y por fin me decidí con el Bridget en color amarillo. Espero que te encuentres bien y que sigas con la motivación de seguir adelante y de cumplir tus sueños. Que Dios te bendiga hoy y siempre.


October 16, 2015

I bought the crocheted navy hat and I love it! Very nice and warm! Thank you.



lorraine m

June 4, 2015

Hey Yanet,
I love my hat that you made. Its a navy blue beenie. I am a 32 year old woman that is currently in treatment for cancer :( i bought this hat before the drugs made my hair fall out and now i wear it ALL THE TIME. it is comfy and light on my naked little head. I will be wearing this hat even after my hair grows back. Lol. Great job! Keep up the great work and take in everything you can out of each day... youll get to where you want.

Hailey Mangus

May 4, 2015

Hi, I'm Hailey. I'm 14 years old and I live in California. I crochet too so when I heard the story about KKi I was happy to support. I think it's really cool that you have made this a living. I hope that you have good luck with your cosmetology studies and your clothing store. God bless.

Norene Stamm

April 4, 2015

Thank you for the beautiful hat.

Laura S.

February 28, 2015

Hi Yanet!

I was so excited coming home from work to find that 'the Bridget' hat that I ordered (that you made!) was delivered. It's been so cold here and the hat is so soft and comfy- I can't wait to wear it!

Thank you so much for the time you put into making the hat. I wish you the best of luck in your dreams of opening your own store!

Jodie Matte

November 10, 2014

Thank you Yanet! I have purchased your navy blue infinity scarf. It's so delicate, but so very cozy at the same time. I crochet, so I know the time and care you spent making this piece.

I pray that your dreams of owning a clothing a shoe store come true. I have my own dreams of owning a business one day myself.

God Bless,

Jodie - Essex, Ontario Canada

Ryan Abshear

August 30, 2014

Thank you Yanet for the lovely tie! The level of care you put into it is truly amazing. I'll think of you every time I dress up with it. Good luck in all of your future endeavors!


Giovanna Atkins

August 21, 2014

Yanet, I wanted to thank you so much for my beautiful hat. I live in Alaska and it gets very cold here, so I wear it a lot. Sometimes I even sleep in it because it is so soft and warm. I also knit and crochet, and you did a beautiful job. I hope you achieve your dream and have a clothing and shoe store someday. Thank you so much!


January 24, 2014

Thank you very much for the school bag I got in partnership with VANS. I hope you fulfil your dream of opening a clothing store.

Ariel Jimenez

January 23, 2014


Thank you so much for your hard work. I love my sweater! It's so soft and comfy. Can't wait to wear it! I hope you achieve all your dreams. Good luck with everything! Keep up the hard work, it'll take you far.

Ariel :)

Mayra Vanessa

January 21, 2014

I just wanted to personally thank you for adding such a wonderful touch to my new favorite sweater!! its so colorful and beautifully crafted and I love it! Thank you for your hard work :)

Brianna Blocker

January 3, 2014

Hello Yanet,
I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time and putting effort to make my pocket sweater it came out beautifully and i really love it. :)

Thibaud Kistler

December 25, 2013

Thank you Yanet! I just got a hat you made for christmas, it is awesome! :)

Karina Montoya

December 24, 2013

Thank You Yanet! The sweatshirt you made is so soft and comfortable! It is definitely keeping me warm this winter. Good luck with your classes, I wish you all the best in school. And I hope you get to take another family trip soon. Thanks again :)

Mackenzie McGee

December 9, 2013

Yanet Agreda! Thank you so much for making my hat. It's beautiful and I really love it a lot. I hope your dreams for your future come true. You will go very very far.

Your friend,


November 14, 2013

Greetings Yanet,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for making such a great-looking and warm sweatshirt. I've been getting compliments everywhere I go about the sweater. This item will definitely keep me nice and cozy during the fall and winter seasons. You did an amazing job. I wish you the best of luck in everything you do.

Avery Goulding

November 12, 2013

Thank you so much for my hat, I absolutely love it and are very appreciative for all you do for others :)

Natalia Serrano

November 11, 2013

Hello Yanet , thank you for the sweaters. I got 2 made by you, i hope your dreams and future come true. Thank you! :D

Grant Young

November 6, 2013

Hey Yanet Agreda! I just got my sweater in the mail and it's amazing. Thank you so much and I hope your dreams come true!

Andrea Green

October 13, 2013

Thank you so much for your beautiful work on my new iPad mini case. I am buying more for my family and some hats too. Good luck and I hope all your hopes and dreams come true!!!


September 11, 2013

Thank You so much Agreda, I love my sweater, it's perfect! Good luck with your dreams I know you can do it!


September 8, 2013

The sweater you made is now my favorite sweater. It's so comfortable. You did a great job thanks!


September 4, 2013

Two of my friends from England came to visit me in NYC last week. I mentioned to them how much I liked the sweatshirt you made while we were out shopping one day. They bought it for me as a gift so now every time I wear the work you made I can think of them. Thank you.


August 26, 2013

I absolutely love the sweater you made! It's super warm and comfy!


August 21, 2013

your sweater rocks

good luck in cosmetology!!

PS you're very pretty!