India |Assistant Merchandiser

Saudamani is a career woman. She loves working in the garment industry and hopes to continue to climb the ladder. At just 22, she hopes to one day be in a senior role. 

What is the key to a good relationship?

Believe in each other

What is a skill you would like to learn?

To cook better

If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A chicken sandwich

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

To time travel

Did they make your product?

Previous Thank Yous


April 6, 2024

Bought the Lotus top and it is made beautifully! It will be the perfect summer staple.

Terry Foster

April 5, 2024

Saudamani, your work is beautiful! Thank you. I would chose time travel as my superpower too. I wil think of you when I wear my overalls! 💛 Terry

R. Ohana

March 29, 2024

Thank for this white Raglan tee. I live in Austin, Texas, in the USA. But I purchased it to take on the trip to Porto, Portugal. Your maid garment has been many places! And I'm confident that you will, too. You have a beautiful smile, an absolutely lovely woman whose spirit shines through. May you succeeded in all you do. The Holy Bible promises a time when all the work that people do with their own hands will benefit themselves directly. The company from which I bought your garment is making a step in this direction, but our creator will do even more to ensure that people and their work will be honored in a peaceful paradise to come. I hope to meet you there one day. Isaiah 65:21,22 and Psalms 37:9-11


March 15, 2024

Hi Saudamani! Thank you for making my Maker’s Mark tshirt! It fits so well and the quality is perfect! Many blessings to you all the way from Houston, Texas ❤️

Mindy Graber

March 10, 2024

I love my black pants. I have a hard time finding comfortable pants and love these! Thanks for the work you do.

Laura ❤️

February 29, 2024

Thank you Saudamani for the jumpsuit! It’s beautiful! You’re amazing!! I know all your dreams will come true!


January 16, 2024

Thank you Saudamani for the lovely little dress! I love it and will think of you when I get to wear it when the weather here is warmer.

Best wishes to you and Happy New Year!

Kathy, in Nevada USA

November 8, 2023

Saudamani, I've just perchased a beautiful navy blue paisley dress you made, at Whole Foods. I absolutely love it! I have a hard time finding dresses that look good on me, fit right, and that come in a color or pattern that is this nice. Your dress gets high marks in all those categories! Thank you so much! I am very happy with this dress, and really appreciate your handiwork. Wishing you much success, and please never forget how talented you are!


October 24, 2023

Thanks a lot! Very high quality shirt.
Shirt brand: Channel Island.
From: Basque Country.

Shivani Srivastav

October 4, 2023

Hello!! I just bought the burgundy overalls you made in Oakland, California. Thank you for your work! they’re beautiful.


September 24, 2023

Saudamani, I have got the pants you have made from local grocery store in Rockville, MD .
Such a wonderful pants , will be wearing them a lot this fall


August 23, 2023

Just purchased a top you made today and it’s absolutely beautiful. Thank you for your time and talent. I prayed for your peace, health, and success. God bless you!