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Sabana was born and raised in eastern India in a region called West Bengal. She is proud of her country and loves where she lives. She is a friend, a mom of two children, and an important team member who helps finish each of the knitted products at Rajlakshmi Cottom Mills.

What does it mean to you that your signature is attached to the products you make?

It’s an honor that my signature is on a big brand.

What is a dream you have for your children?

I can’t say quite yet, but maybe an athlete.

What are hobbies you pursue when you’re not at work?

Cooking and listening to music.

Did they make your product?

Previous Thank Yous

Phyllis Caldwell

December 31, 2023

Thanks Sabana and Happy 2024. Your name was in a sweater I received as a Christmas gift from my sisters.


December 19, 2023

This sweater is absolutely beautiful and I get compliments on it constantly! Thank you so much for sharing your craft with the world. ❤️

Jillian wesselow

March 17, 2022

Thank you Sabana from Canada! I bought a knitted shirt by you, and it’s wonderful!


November 1, 2021

Thank you so much Sabana! I bought a beautiful sweater that was made by you and I absolutely love it :)