Paola Perales

Peru | Knitting Specialist
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Paola is one of those women who isn’t afraid of dreaming big. She prides herself on trying something until she succeeds, even if it takes her a while. She works incredibly hard to better her skills and herself at KNOWN SUPPLY. She plans on using the skills she’s learning to open up her own knitting workshop when she graduates.

“I want my child to stay healthy and be able to attend a good school so that he can go onto a good career.”

“I enjoy painting and drawing in my free time. I’m a crafty person so anything in that theme interests me.”

“To build up my self esteem and learn to not let people’s negativity get in the way of accomplishing my dreams.”

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Eric Odom

June 20, 2016

Thank you for taking the time to make my shirt. I love being able to tell people about you when they compliment how good it looks. Keep pursuing your dreams.

Jenny Bowman

October 27, 2014

I ordered from Krochet Kids for the first time last week. I ordered the rust Elliott hand warmers. New Jersey winters can get super cold! I love them! Thank you for making them for me! May God bless you for your hard work, and I pray you will accomplish your dream of opening up your own knitting workshop!