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Childhood ended for Onen Irene when her father died and she had to take on extra jobs in order to help her mother support the family. Today, Irene is regaining control of her life and future. She has built lasting friendships and is saving money that she hopes to use to start a small farm and send her children to school.

“My future dream is to buy a piece of land and build, rear some animals and also send my children to school so that they would have a better future.”

“I enjoy watching the cultural dances like the ‘bwola’ dance and ‘otole’ dance. I also like the sporting activities like the race competition, music competition and others.”

“My message to KK intl. is that they should continue with the spirit they have shown us and that the Lord God should bless them abundantly.”

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December 2, 2019

Your story is so inspirational, thank you for doing what you do!

Julia Santo

November 26, 2016

Finally that time of year again where it's acceptable to show off my hat made by you! Thank you Onen :)

Kara Anderson

October 24, 2016

Your story is inspiring! I love my beanie that you made and it is so much more special to know about the person that made it. May God bless you and your children. I pray that your dreams may come true. That your children may go to school and you can own your own farm.

Skip Lester

October 13, 2016

You made a beanie for Sasquatch that I love so much...
Thank you!

Jodi Davis

August 15, 2016

Thank you Onen! Your work is beautiful, I can't wait for Fall so that I can proudly wear my hat!!

Ryan Harmon

December 28, 2015

Thank you Onen for the beautiful hat. I absolutely love it! You truly are an inspiration. May God bless you each and every day!

Lots of love,

Lily Jones

December 27, 2015

Hi Onen,

I just bought a hat and your name was written on the tag. I just read about you and saw your picture on the website, you look so happy. My hat is just as beautiful as you are. I'll cherish this hat and make sure I wear it with lots of love.
Thank you so much Onen. I hope to buy another product made by you.
Have a wonderful day.

Sincerely and with love,



October 10, 2015

I bought a gorgeous, deep blue scarf you made today. I did not realize this until I almost cut out the scratchy tag, but after seeing your name I knew I had to leave it there. Having a small idea of your life and dreams brings me joy, and I will treasure it even more now. Thank you so much, you do beautiful work! :-)

Molly Roth

June 7, 2015

Hi Irene,
All the best to you and your family! Thank you for the lovely hat, I love it and can't wait to wear it. I wish you and your family much success, health, and happiness!


March 1, 2015

I have one of the hats you made. I love it so much I bought 2 more for my sister & friend. I just want to thank you for making such a beautiful hat. I'm praying for you & your family. :)

Erin Riche

February 24, 2015

Hi Onen,
Thank you for making my beautiful hat. Its been keeping my head warm in this zero degree weather in New York.
I wish you all of the best on working towards sending your children to school and purchasing land to farm.
Your work is beautiful.

Aimee MacKay

December 27, 2014

Hi Onen,
Thank you so much for my cozy & beautiful hat. I can tell that you placed much love and care into your creation. I truly hope both you and your children are well on your way to achieving your dreams.
Thank you,


November 28, 2014

Thank you so so much for the beautifilm bear hat, I have a baby girl due in December. Can't wait to share your picture and story with her. Lovely work, much love and we'll wishes from Los Angeles California

Alyssa Buerger

November 18, 2014

Irene, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this beanie! You have a beautiful soul and I hope all of your dreams come true. God bless you and your family.

Best wishes
Alyssa Buerger

Isabel Zuniga

April 25, 2014

Dear Onen,
Thank you so much for making this beanie. It helped me keep warm during a really cold day. I hope everything goes well for you in your life! I hope that you can eventually have the farm that you want. Best wishes to you.

Isabel Zuniga

Jared Buckallew

March 6, 2014

I looked inside my hat thinking that it is awesome that a lady named Onen Irene did this for me. I get to see you face now and it is amazing! Thank you so much!

Sarah Ann

December 26, 2013

THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!! I love my Madeline so much! It keeps my ears warm while I ride and looks great with almost anything. Thank you and good luck

Kandie Kerezman

December 6, 2013

Onen Irene,
I received one of your pieces as a Christmas gift. I LOVE it. It is so beautiful, thank you so much. Every time I wear my headband I will think of you and pray for you! :)

helena segoviano

September 5, 2013

Thank you so much for making me a little bag it is so wonderful thank you so much<3 <3<3 i love it so much :)

Sophia Camille Prado

July 20, 2013

Thank you for my beanie.Love it!!!! Every time I wear it I will think if you!!!!!!!!!!

Sophia Camille Prado

July 20, 2013

Thank you for making my beanie. I love it!! Every time I wear it I will think of you.
Love, Sophia


March 16, 2013

I received your hat for Christmas actually two Christmases ago and it weighed heavily on me to send you a thank you. We we traveling and I lost the paper however found it again tonight! I absolutely love the hat and have always cherished it since being gifted. It is quite beautiful, you are very talented. I pray all your dreams come true for you Onen Irene! :)

Marisa M

February 21, 2013

Thank you for making this hat. Knowing that you made this with your own hands makes it one of the better things I own. I pray that someday your dreams come true for you and your family. God bless!

Jennifer Kealey

February 18, 2013

What a warm and lovely hat! I've been wearing it all winter and I really love it - Thank You Onen Irene!

Maria Rodriguez

January 29, 2013

Thank you Onen Irene! The hat you made helps keep me warm in Boston winters. Thank you so much :)

Karen Quinif

January 11, 2013


Thank you for all your hard work and the beautiful hat! Keep working towards your dream. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. My best to you.

Karen - Phoenix, AZ

Miranda Seixas

January 10, 2013

My friend gave me your beautiful hat for my birthday. I love it! I have crocheted a little, but am not very good so I am amazed at hoe perfect it is. You should know that you are setting such a great example for your kids as well as for every other person in the world. Best wishes for you future!
Thank you! Love Miranda

Caroline J

December 26, 2012

Thank you Irene for the beautiful hat. Your work is remarkable. I wish you all the best and hope all your dreams come true.
Love Caroline

Lindsay M.

December 25, 2012

Onen Irene,

I was honored when I opened up a gift from my brother last night on Christmas Eve. It brought tears to my eyes to know that someone made this with their own hands and that they took the time to write their name inside the hat. I will never forget you and I'm so proud of you for gaining control of your life. Please know that you and your country are not forgotten. Continue on your journey and I hope you find happiness in the new year.

Lindsay | Denver, CO, US


December 1, 2012

My "Betty" is so gorgeous and I love it! It is the cutest, coziest, most uniquely detailed hat I have ever worn and I treasure it. Thank you so much for your device and handiwork and keep up the hard work! Your dreams will come true. God bless. Love, Katie

Christina Barrera

October 2, 2012

Thank you so much Onen Irene! Your hat is beautifully crafted and so soft! I truly admire your hard work and dedication in creating this beautiful item. You are an amazing woman and it's wonderful to be a part of your adventure and goals for your future and that of your children. I pray that God will continue to bless you with an abundance so that you may receive your land and be able to afford education for your children. You are a true blessing. Thank you again for your artful skill and time.

Many hugs,

Jacqui Sharpe

September 18, 2012

Thank you Irene! My hat is absolutely beautiful! I also crochet so I know the time and effort put into each stitch and your work is gorgeous- you are very talented! When I wear the hat I think of your work and your story and I am grateful to be a part of it!
Thank you,

Alisha Brazas

August 28, 2012

Irene, I bought a beautiful green case for my eyeglasses, it is lovely and I feel so happy every time I see it because I know it was made by such a wonderful person! You are very talented, thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us! I wish you the best of luck with your future and your family, they are lucky to have such a wonderful mother!

Thank you,

Full Name*C C Matt

August 7, 2012

Thank you Irene,
I received an eyeglass cover as a gift. My friend Rose bought many for her friends. It's nice to put a face with the item. The best to you and your family! ;-)

Amanda Trujillo

July 24, 2012

Dear Irene,
Thank you for my beautiful eyeglass case, I will think of you everyday when I use it. I just love it. I am thankful to you to have such a beautiful item attached to such a wonderful cause, it is a privledge to be a part of helping to build your future. I wish you all the best as you start your farm and send your children to school.

Thank You,

Addison Demerly

July 17, 2012

Hi Irene! I just wanted to thank you so much for the Helm you made, it's beautiful and I love it. You have a wonderful talent and I hope you continue it. You're in my prayers!
Thanks again so much!

michelle spain

January 2, 2012

Hi Onen Irene,

I received a hat that you made as a gift, and I just wanted to say it is beautiful!

I had never heard of Krochet Kids before this, but now when I need a hat I am planning to make purchases from where is matters.

Thank you, you are truly talented.

Alissa Duvall

December 29, 2011

Thank you SOO much for the incredible hat you made for me! Everyone who sees it loves it and it reminds me of you each time I wear it. I am praying for you and your family and that God would provide for you richly in this new year.


December 27, 2011

Hello Onen, Thank you so much for taking the time to make my hat, It is so beautiful. it is so warm and stylish l love it as well as everyone that see it. I am sure that one day you will get to live your dream with a beautiful farm. Your inspire me to go after my dreams and to ever give up even if it takes tons of work. with that I thank you for the hat and so much more.

Thank you,

Cameron Porter

December 25, 2011

Hi Irene! Thanks so much for my hat, it's the most comfortable hat ever!!! I love it! It's also very cute, thanks again!

Claire Goudie

December 25, 2011

Dear Irene,
Thank you so much for the hard work you put into making beautiful hats. I just received mine this morning, and I can't wait until I can wear it everyday. It is so gorgeous, and I'm so glad I get to thank you for it. I will be praying for you and your children. God bless.

Jonathon Antonakos

December 23, 2011

Onen Thank you for the Amazing hat you made for me it is the coolest and warmest hat i have ever worn and everyone gives me compliments on it. My brother loved my hat so much I had to get him one for Christmas. Good luck with the farm. And I'm sure your children will enjoy school.

Love, Jonathon

P.S. I though the "I" in Irene was a J in my hat so i thought your name was Onen Jrene and I couldn't find you at first but then soon realized it was "I".

Shane Sullivan

December 20, 2011

Hey Irene!

I bought a KKi hat - Betty - and you were the one who made it for me. Thank you so much for the time you put into this! It is incredible and I love the work you did. Thank you again and I will pray for you, your family and your dreams!

- Shane

Kelly Wood

December 8, 2011

I bought one of your hats and love it!! I wear it all the time here in Michigan and it keeps my head and ears warm. Thanks so much!! I am praying for you and your family. Merry Christmas!!, God bless you and your family


Lauren Cortinas

December 6, 2011

hi Irene!

just wanted to say thank you so much for the hat, I love it so much!!! it caught my eye from afar and I love the purple blueish color. God bless you and your family!!!!


December 5, 2011

My heart was very touched by the obvious care and effort you put into making something beautiful for a person you've never met. I loved this hat as soon as I saw it and I want to say thank you. I love music and dancing too, and I pray that the Lord God will bless you abundantly.

Heather Black

December 5, 2011

Onen Irene,
I just got my cranberry Bella beanie and I LOVE it! I couldn't wait to look inside so that I could get your name and learn about whose hands had made my hat. I will think of you and pray for your happiness, health, and prosperity every time I wear it! Thank you for taking the time and care to make such a great hat. You do beautiful work! Take care of yourself and I wish all the best for your life and for that of your family! I hope to get more of your beautiful handiwork as I order more in the future!

Much love,


Amanda Conrad

November 27, 2011

I just got the blue "betty" beanie on black Friday! I wore it to a party and all of my friends want one now(: It is super comfortable! I am praying for you and your family and i know you will be able to accomplish your dreams!!


Brooklyn Falkenberg

November 25, 2011

I bought one of your hats and I LOVE IT!!!!!! It's so warm and cozy! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! I appreciate your hard work very much!! Thank you again!

Bethany Evans

November 22, 2011

Hello, Irene. I bought a baby blue "Betty" hat on vacation in Nashville, Kentucky. I just read your story and I am honored to be wearing this beautiful hat you have made. I admire you and wish you the very best in life. Best wishes to you & your family.

- Bethany

Amanda G

November 20, 2011


I bought one of the hats that you made. I must say, ITS AMAZING!! Thank you so much! When I wear the hat, I feel close to you! Praying for you and your family.

God Bless,

Tyler Blue

November 11, 2011

Thank you so much for creating a unique gift for me! I bought the 5207.5 in the pierre color, and i haven't met a person who doesnt like it! it is the most comfortable beanie ive ever worn, and i feel like i'm helping by contributing to your cause. I pray that your dreams come true and that one day you can live the future that you dream of! I'm spreading the word of your amazing work! Keep up doing what you do, it's amazing! :D
Tyler Blue.

Gail Klein

October 28, 2011

Love the hat! Especially being made by you!

Juli Brown

October 23, 2011

Irene, thank you so much!! I love my hat! It's so warm and such a pretty color of red!!! Keep doing what you are doing and things will turn out for the best.

My prayers are with you,

Stephanie Minch

October 20, 2011

Thank you so much for making my hat!! It is made so beautifully!!! It's even more beautiful because you made it with your own beautiful hands!!! Whenever I wear it I will be thinking of you. I wish you luck in your life and I hope one day you will own the land you want and have the life you wished for. Good Luck!!!!

Kacy Willis

October 15, 2011

Thank you so much for my hat! You did an awesome job!!

Kristen Hope

October 14, 2011

God bless you and thank you so much for this hat that i will forever cherish and know that a wonderful woman has made for me. remember all things can be done through christ who strengthens me. thank you for leaving a lasting memory that i can be reminded everytime i wear it that God does great things. Love, Kristen

Leslie Shuey

October 7, 2011

Hi Onen Irene! I just received the BEAUTIFUL turquoise Thomas hat, made with your skilled fingers and loving heart. Thank you. I LOVE MY HAT!!! It is awesome!! Please be well and I pray all your dreams will come true... I will help. This is not my last hat. What a great, meaningful gift for someone. You are AMAZING! God Bless you, your children and your family. I am honored to wear a hat made by you, dear lady. May I say, you are a beautiful lady.

Love and hugs,

Leslie in Pennsylvania, USA

Sheri Crenshaw

September 29, 2011

Thank you, Onen Irene, for the beautiful hat you made for me! I was so very excited to get this hat in the mail yesterday and just love it! I can't wait for it to get cooler so I can wear it! I ordered the Thomas in blue and it compliments my eyes so nicely! I am hoping all your dreams come true and you find yourself on a nice little farm someday! God Bless and keep Krocheting! :)

Much love,

Sheri in Florida, USA

Demi Peralta

September 24, 2011

Hello Onen Irene!
I absolutely love the hat that you made! thank you so much!


Craig Johnson

September 21, 2011

Thank you Onen Irene! I just received my hat in the mail today and it is so nice. It is made very well and is warm for the winter months that are coming soon.
Craig Johnson

Hannah Pooler

September 21, 2011

Dear Onen Irene,
When I was younger, I had cancer and lost my hair. I wore hats every day for over a year. I have some very cute hats, but the one that you made is by far my favorite! When it came in the mail this afternoon, I was so happy, and I love it! Thank you, Onen Irene, for the love that came with this beautiful hat.


September 20, 2011

Thanks so much for your awesome work! i love love my hat, and have inspired others to purchase from krochet kids.

Izzy Cobb

September 3, 2011

Thank you Onen Irene!! I visited Uganda two years ago and fell in love with it!! When I found out about KKi I had to help! I love my hat, thank you so much! Much love, Cobb Izzy

Jenna Van Duyne

August 29, 2011

Thank you very much for my beautiful hat! It's comfortable, warm, and gorgeous turqoise color.
God bless you and your family!

Rachel Estes

August 25, 2011

Thank you so much for the hat! It's beautiful and so much better than I imagined! I can't wait for the weather to change a little so I can wear it all the time, you are extremely talented! This is the first of many hats for me, I think! Thank you again! :)

Laila Fard

August 24, 2011

Thank you so much for the comfy, beautiful beanie you made! I genuinely appreciate what you are doing and I know that you will get what you want in life if you put your heart and soul into everything you do. From this beanie I can see that you do and I am privileged to own a beanie made by you.

Lots of love,


August 16, 2011

Irene I love my hat, I've worn it for two days and have gotten so many compliments. Many of my friends are asking me about where I got it and I'm pointing them straight back here to krochet kids intl. Thank you so much!

Sharon Courtwright

August 15, 2011

Irene I want to thank you for the lovely beanie you made. You are very talented and I know will go far in life. The beanie was a gift for my son, who not only LOVED the beanie but was amazed to see your beautiful photo and information. It is a very special hat for him because he undestands the true meaning of giving to help others.

tess cheatle

May 5, 2011

thank you SO much for my beautiful red hat! i cannot wait to wear it and purchase so many more from krochet kids!

Sara B.

February 24, 2011

Hi Irene!!!
I am so excited to write to you! I love my Bella Sea hat so very much! I really wanted it, and my sister surprised me and ordered it for me! It's awesome! I read your information, and I will be praying that God continues to bless you and your family. I will be wearing my hat in Mississippi and telling others about it :)
With Love,

Ian Graves

January 2, 2011

Thank you for my hat Irene! It is great (:

Bryce Hubbard

December 30, 2010

Thank you so much for your wonderfully made hat! Its well made and very very warm. You did a great job. I don't think I've gone a day with out wearing it. My wife and I are praying for you and your family. My deepest hopes are for you and your farm. Thanks again!

K. M

December 25, 2010

Your hat is beautiful, keep following your dream and it will indeed come true!

Bryan Blacklidge

December 20, 2010

Thank you for your hard work in making this LOVE beanie. It's dark blue, light blue, and white. I love it! (And I love Uganda!) It was given to me as a present, and the happiest moment was when I saw your signature inside, and it said, "handmade in Uganda". Merry Christmas Irene! I pray that God gives you a good farm.

Jess Ford

December 13, 2010

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hat!!! Thank you SO much! Keep doing what you do, girl!!

Peace, Love and Power to you and your family!


Timothy Yantz

November 28, 2010


I just bought one of the hats you made for my best friend and she's spent more then a month in Africa and her heart is to serve the people there with the power of Jesus and with her heart and strength, that many would be saved. Her favorite color is yellow and her heart is heavy for your people, this Christmas gift is not only going to warm her head but also her heart as it reminds her of you. Thanks you for making such a beautiful hat! I will be praying for you this season.

May the grace of Christ be with you and strengthen you.

David Robbins

October 21, 2010

Hi Irene! I had the privilege of buying one of the beanies that you made and I can genuinely say it is the COOLEST beanie I've ever worn in my life!!

Thank you so much for making it and I and my fiance, Missy, are praying for you and your family!

God Bless!