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Ocwee Grace dropped out of school when she was young in order to help her family around the house, but married young in an attempt to get out of that life. However, this marriage was short-lived and she was left to raise her two children alone. Since coming to KK Uganda, Grace has earned the money she needs to feed, clothe, house and care for her children and looks forward to sending her children to school as they get older.

“I hope to use my savings to buy land and build a home for my family and children. I also hope to go back to school and to send my children to school as well.”

“Thank you for the work you are doing and the hope that you have given me for the future.”

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November 3, 2021

Thank you for your hard work in making a krochet hat


February 7, 2018

Dear Ocwee Grace,

Thank you so much for the beautiful hat. It’s keeping me warm during a cold, snowy winter.

God bless!

Karena Fagan

December 25, 2016

Thank you for the beautiful hat. It is so soft and warm. Sending you good wishes, hope, and love for the New Year.

Rachael Martin

May 17, 2016

Dear Ocwee Grace, This past weekend I purchased a hat that you made. It has been raining constantly where I live, and I was so happy to find something that would cover my frizzy damp hair, but also look nice and be lightweight. The hat is lovely and showcases your talent. I thank you for the work you do. God bless as you continue to work toward your goals. - Rachael from Pennsylvania

Zack Ludwig

January 30, 2016

Thank you so much for my beanie it's incredibly well made better than any of the ones you can buy in any store here in the United States, hope you and your children are happy cuz you deserve it

Brandi Delmott

January 14, 2016

Dear Ocwee Grace,

I am so excited to write to you that I purchased a hat you made! I love it so much. I live in a Kansas, USA where it gets cold in the winter. Your hat is super warm. I love the red color you chose. I wear it everywhere! My job is working with international students who come to the US to study. I meet them and try my best to make them feel comfortable and welcome while they stay here in my city. I love my job because I get to meet the world right here in my home. They always bless me. I hope I can bless them. Please tell me your story and how I can pray for you. I would love to hear about Uganda too.
Looking forward to your reply!

marina, mother of grace

December 31, 2015

Thank you my daughter loves her hat! She is 6 months and lives in USA. Her name is Grace too!

Natalie Urbina

December 31, 2015

My new favorite beanie! Thank you so much for this beautiful product, I'm amazed by your talent! I hope you continue to grow into the person you wish to be and may all your wishes be fulfilled this new year!

Much love, Natalie

Kathy Maturo

December 27, 2015

Dear Ocwee Grace
Thank you so much for making such a beautiful hat I have the white crocheted hat I absolutely love it
My grandson Joshua gave it to me for a Christmas present and I couldn't be happier You do very beautiful work And I wish nothing but the best for you I hope you have success in your life and that all your wishes come true May the love of Jesus be in your heart and may God bless you and your family always In Christian love Kathy Maturo

Christopher Edwards

November 30, 2015

Thank you! I just received my blue and white striped hat in the mail and I absolutely adore it! Amazing work! Can't wait to share with all my friends and loved ones!


November 28, 2015

You are beautiful and so talented.
Thank you for the beautiful hat you made which I purchased here in the U.S.
I was so excited to see that I could come on here and find out more about you and the work you are doing! You are an amazing mom and doing such a great job providing for your children who I'm sure are beautiful!! I pray the best for you and your family and that you get to continue to pursue your dreams!!


February 18, 2015

Thank you for the beautiful work you do. I hope for all the best for you and your children.

Deb Reinacher

December 25, 2014

Thank you for the awesome hat I really like it! We can't wait to get more beautiful hand made products!!! You are doing an amazing thing and your children are lucky to have such a wonderful mother.

Deb and Sydney Reinacher

Jack Mosele

November 16, 2014

Wow! Thank you so much for this beautiful hat! It is amazing that you did this with your own two hands! You definitely have a talent! I read your story an thought it was so inspiring! I love your product. Thank you!


October 5, 2014

Dear Grace,

Thank you so much for making my beautiful Betty hat! I love it so much!! I live in Minnesota and there is a lot of snow and cold here. My Betty hat will keep me nice and toasty warm this winter! I hope that you will achieve all your hopes and dreams both for yourself and your children!! Best wishes in everything you do!

Much love,


September 15, 2014

Dear Ocwee,

Thank you so much for the hat! It is super cozy, and very warm. It fits me perfectly and I just LOVE it. I appreciate the love you have put into this hat. You make wonderful things. Good luck on your future dream. God Bless You!


Joe Swan

February 26, 2014

Hello Ocwee Grace,

Thank you for the awesome hat. It's very comfy and fits prefect. Works perfectly for the cool summer nights and the warm winter days here in Saskatchewan Canada. Keep on creating and making people happy. Have a fantastic day.

Joe in sask

Blake Meier

January 3, 2014

Dear Grace,
Thank you so much for my beautiful hat. It is quite lovely and I wear it almost every day. It keeps my head nice and warm during the winter months. You make such beautiful things. I really appreciate the love you put into the products you make. I wish you the best in all your endeavors.
Much love,
Blake M.

Stacie Hazlett

May 11, 2013

Hello dear!
You made me the most beautiful Ava hair pin for me, and I absolutely love it! I wear it all the time, and get so many compliments for it! Thank you so much for making this for me, I really appreciate it! And every time I wear this clip, I'll think of you,and the strength you have to raise your family on your own, you truly are inspiring Ocwee Grace.

Abby Wallace

January 30, 2013

Thank you so much for my bow. I love and and I appreciate all the work you put into it. I hope all is well for you and your future :)
Much love!


January 7, 2013

Thank you very much! I feel the warmth and power!

Claudia Pacheco

December 28, 2012

Hola, me regalaron un hermoso gorro verde hecho por ti, me encantó, mis ojos son verdes y se ve muy bien mi gorrito. Leí que fin le darás a tus ganancias, se que es un gran sueño querer una casa y un bello sueño tenerla. Agradezco a tus manos que mis ojos se vean mejor. Cuidate mucho y que seas bendecida.

Elizabeth Toomey

December 25, 2012

Thank you so much for the beautiful hat! It is gorgeous. I can't wait to tell everyone to get one as well! Every time I wear it I will think of you and pray, don't ever stop and conquering your dreams in life. You fully deserve it with all your hard work! May life bring you joy and happiness :)

Megan Sport

December 20, 2012

Hi Ocwee Grace!

Thank you so much for your work. I absolutely love my new beanie you made! I hope you have a wonderful life and keep up the extraordinary work! Much love and many blessing.

Hailey Knuppel

December 13, 2012

Hello Ocwee,

I love my beanie sooo much. You did a great job. Thank you.


November 25, 2012

Hey! Thank you for my hat! It's blue with red stripes and I absolutely love it. You've done a good job and it is perfect for me. I wish you a good life! Plus I don't know what type of hat you made...

Robb Silverberg

November 22, 2012

Thank you for the really great hat, it will keep me warm and happy this winter !!

Bethany Ace

August 7, 2012

Thank you so much for the beautiful scarf. I love it and it feels great to wear. May you and your family be blessed!


July 1, 2012

Hey ocwee grace! Thanks a lot for the wonderful work you're doing. I'm from germany and really enjoying the present my cousin gave me from your collection. Wish you all the best for your future, especially regarding your children. Love, a.

Elias Velasco

May 25, 2012

Hello Ocwee Grace!
I just bought a bow tie that was crocheted by you today... It immediately caught my attention by how beautifully it was made; most importantly, it is special because it was made by someone with a mission and a dream to make a better future for her children... As I wear my tie, I will think of you and pray that you may reach you hopes and dreams and I will tell your story and encourage others to support Krochetkids.org.
God Bless,

Sarah Dorsey

March 24, 2012

Ocwee Grace,
Thank you SO much for my wonderful hat! <3 I absolutley love it! You did such an amazing job! :)
I wish you the very best in life :)
You are loved <3
God Bless,

Noelle Houck

March 6, 2012

Hello Ocwee Grace, my name is Noelle and I have just recieved one of your hats! KKU visited my college campus and my boyfriend bought me a hat. I absolutely love it, you did a beautiful job. I think it is so great that you are going after your dreams and working hard for them. I pray that God blesses you tremendously, I will keep you in my prayers always.

Kambani Ndhlovu

February 9, 2012

Well hello my sister, thank you very much for your dedication to your children.
I pray and hope that all your dreams come true, I am actually a Zambian young man who lives in Florida USA. I was so excited to see that the hats were made by such courageous people. God bless you and KKU.
Love my hat.. U got skills African woman .
Always in my prayers


February 4, 2012

Thank you so much for my wonderful hat... I love it <3 I can't thank you enough. I hop all your dreams come true and you have the best life you can. God bless you :)

Jessica Cavolt

January 27, 2012

Grace, you are such a beautiful women from the inside and out! I bought the Lucille recently and it is wonderfully made! I love the way it fits and I love that you made it for me! I hope that you can send your children to school soon, and I'm praying for you always. God Bless you Beautiful!

Robert Singian

January 7, 2012

Thank you for such a beautiful hat (The 5207.5). You and your kids are always in my prayers. Best of luck in the future.

Taylor Christian

January 5, 2012

Thank you soo much for my hat. It is beautiful. My best friend gave it to me and I love it because it warm and soft. God bless you and you can do anything you try.


January 2, 2012

Keep it going! It is a beautiful hat (the Barney), thank you so much! Good luck to you and your family.

Full Name*Ruth Gande

December 31, 2011

Hi Grace,
I received one of your hats for Christmas, and I like it very much! Thank you! Keep up the good work! I am glad I could meet you via the internet.

Gracynn Crocker

December 26, 2011

Dear Ocwee Grace,
Thank you for the hat. It is so cool ! I love it. I hope you and your children can go to school. Thank you again so so so much. love Gracynn
age 9

Meleia Fisher

December 2, 2011

I bought the computer case you made back in August, and have used it this whole semester for school. It has been so sturdy and useful. Your crocheting is beautiful! I can't believe that it's handmade because it looks perfect! Thank you so much for the work you did. I think of you every time I use it. I was able to go to Uganda a couple of years ago, and I really hope I can come back soon.
I pray that God continues to bless you and your family with his amazing love.
Your work is very much appreciated. You are a beautiful woman, and so talented.
Thank you again so much,
God Bless.

Aubrie Sluyter

November 27, 2011

I just received my hat today, and I am so excited! It is a gorgeous hat! I will wear it with pride. Thank you so much for making my hat; you did a superb job. I think it's amazing that you set your goals so high for the future, and I truly believe you will reach them. I will be praying for you like crazy. Thank you so much!

Krysta Pettengill

November 21, 2011

Thank you for putting your heart and time into my hat. I will think of you and your beautiful children every time i wear it.

Brenna Lilly

November 18, 2011

You have such a talent! This hat you made me is so beautiful. I love it. I hope that God will bless you in your travels. You seem like such a wonderful woman, and I believe that you will be able to buy property and build a home for your children. Do great things, Ocwee Grace! You are loved.

Megan Albright

November 14, 2011

Hi Grace,

I was so excited to get my hat and it did not disappoint. Thank you so much for it is amazing. I wish you all the best for you and your family. It has moved to my favorite hat I own. Thank you again your work is beautiful :)

Wayne Blankenship II

October 31, 2011

Hi Ocwee,

Thank you so much creating such an awesome hat for me! I am on a team helping to raise money for movember and I will be wearing this hat everyday to help spread the word. What you have created will help to raise money and awareness for men's related cancer research!

Thank you again,

Naomi Hochberg

October 27, 2011

Hi Ocwee Grace!

Thank you so much for the beautiful Betty hat! It arrived just in time as the New York City temperature went way down. I cannot wait to wear this hat. I very much appreciate all your effort in this organization and wish nothing but the best for you and your children.

Namaste. xx.

Jacqueline Bain

October 24, 2011

Thank you Ocwee Grace for the beautiful hat. I will be doing a presentation on Krochet Kids for a class at my University, and will be wearing your hat as I present.

Alfonso Astudillo

October 8, 2011

Thank you so much for the beautiful hat, god bless you and your family!

Stephanie Bentley

October 3, 2011

I just got my hat today and I love it. Thank you so much - I can't wait to wear it when the weather gets colder. You made me the Betty but it wouldn't let me pick that below. I am a high school history teacher and will teach my students about this.

Bri-Ann Ladowski

October 1, 2011

Thank you so much for my beautiful Betty hat. it is the most stunning hand crafted item I have ever owned. You are truly talented. Thank you so much for all of the hard work and time you put into the hat and all of your product I truly appreciate it. i will think of you and your family whenever I wear my Betty!

Much love,

Bri-Ann Ladowski

Jordan Beuler

September 30, 2011

I just received my hat and it is beautiful! Thank you so much! God bless you and your family.

Travis Wilder

September 29, 2011

Thank you Grace.The hat is perfect. I hope you make the next one I buy. I wish you and your family the best.

Kimberly Schadt

September 29, 2011

Ocwee Grace,
The most wonderful hat arrived today. Many thanks for your efforts. I will truly
love wearing this and I will think of the kind hands that made this so very special.
The very best to you always.

Tara Connell

September 26, 2011

Ocwee Grace,
I was thrilled when I learned about KKI and I purchased a hat immediately. I crochet children's hats and was excited to be a part of a movement surrounding such a beautiful skill. I am proud to own a Betty hat crocheted by your hands. Your work is amazing! You can truly feel the love that is put into every stitch. Best wishes and many blessings as you continue to work to achieve your goals. I will always say a prayer for you and your family as I wear your hat. Thank you so much! Many blessings!
~ Tara ~

Nicole Thomas

September 24, 2011

Ocwee Grace,
Hello! My name is Nicole, I recieved my hat in the mail today, and saw that you made it!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! It is perfect, I can't wait to get more!!! Thank you so much for the work you put into it. Good Luck to you and your family, I am sure you will be able to achieve all your goals you set for yourself!!! I look foward to getting more items from the women of Uganda!!! Again, thank you!!!!! Stay strong.

Christopher Rodrigue

September 22, 2011

Ms.Grace, When I first saw the commercial of KKI I thought well isn't that something! I quickly checked the website and saw this amazing foundation and before the day was out I had quickly ordered my first hat from KKI specially made from your hands, and ma'am it brings tears to my eyes everytime I see it and wear it. Thank you so much, God Bless You, and you are amazing.

Brian Roby

September 22, 2011

Thank you so much for my hat! It is amazing and I love it! Hopefully I'll get another hat made by you someday! God bless!

Hannah Slaughter

September 6, 2011

Thank you sooo much for my hat!!! It is sooooo cute, and I am so excited to wear it!! I am sooo glad that Krochet Kids gave me a way to help you! I hope you will always remember that there are people in the world that do care. :) I love you!!
Peace, Love, and Music


August 26, 2011

Hi Grace! I can't believe how beautiful the hat came out! It's amazing! I'm so happy with my purchase and I was more than excited to thank you when I got the hat! I'm happy I could help you and I'm delighted I received your hat. Thank you again and I just wanted to let you know that your hard work is very much appreciated! xoxo

shelley morgan

August 22, 2011

I just got my hat and I could not be more excited! It is so beautiful! Thank you so much! I will be praying for you as I wear it.

derek knight

August 11, 2011

So glad I could help. Derek knight plant tech at Procter and gamble Duracell.

Katherine delaFuente

August 3, 2011

Thank you so much for making this beautiful hat! I hope your excellent work opens up the kind of future you dream of for your children.

Tembre Smithey

July 24, 2011

Grace, I want to thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I was told the story on how all of the products were made and I can't tell you how the story spoke to my heart. There are so many things I wish I could say. I am so thankful for you and I hope that you get everything in life that you want. You're a beautiful woman, thank you so much for taking the time to make so many things. I love my hat and I will wear it and tell your story to anyone and everyone. I hope someday that we can meet!
Thank you again, and God Bless.


April 22, 2011

Hi Grace! I was so excited to put a face to the name inside my hat. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into beautiful hat! I adore this hat and wear it all the time! Thank you for your dedication to Krocket Kids. I will be praying for you and that your dream of one day owning land will become a reality!
May God bless you and keep you,

Amanda Turner

April 3, 2011

I just purchased a hat today that you made and it is absolutely beautiful! I have been looking for a similar hat for ages and this one just fits perfectly! I am so glad I could read your story and I hope that you continue to crochet...you do an amazing job! I adore my hat and can't wait to keep wearing it and sharing the story behind it!

Judy Keefe

March 2, 2011

Thank you for the hat. I absolutely love it! It is my favorite and I show it off to everyone. You crochet beautifully. I will think of you every time I wear it.

Abby Dickmann

December 29, 2010

Thank you for the hat. It is beautiful. It always amazes me when people can do stitches this neat and this gorgeous. The blue hat is very warm and I'll wear it with thanks to women like you! Thank you again.

Michelle Morgan

December 26, 2010

Hi Ocwee Grace,

My name is Michelle Morgan. Sean gave me a crochet beanie for Christmas just now. Apparently, you are the one who made it. It is beautiful. You did a lovely job. I adore it. Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job. I wish you well and pray the Lord is with you. Every time I look at the tag on my beanie and see your name, I will say a prayer for you. Kelsey, who works over at Purse of Hope, is my step-daughter. She told me about you. Take care of yourself and keep up the fabulous crocheting.

Elizabeth Charles

December 3, 2010

thanks so much for crocheting that beautiful hat, i'm going to enjoy it :)

God Bless You.