Lucy Elizabeth Santibanez Gutierrez

Peru | Knitting Specialist
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Lucy was born in the Peruvian Highlands and moved to Lima after finishing her schooling. Lucy has many fond memories of living with her family in Ayacucho and spending valuable time together. After moving to Lima she tried to sustain herself by making bracelets and selling them to locals. Lucy says the greatest thing about working for KNOWN SUPPLY is that she can now care for her daughter and meet her basic needs.

“I want to someday own a hat and sweater business. I can make clothes for my family and to sell in the market. I’d also like to pursue a nursing degree.”

“The best thing about Peru is Macchu Pichu! And the food!”

“Thanks for your support, I am grateful for being selected to work, and would like the program to reach more people who really need it.”

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October 5, 2018

Hello Lucy! Thank you so much for a scarf you made! It's amazing, you're a real artist! God bless you and your family <3


January 13, 2017

Hello Lucy! I was gifted a beanie cap that you made and I love it. Best wishes to you and your family.


January 13, 2017

Thank you Lucy! I just got the Scout beanie a few days ago and I can't stop wearing it. It fits so well, thank you so much.
Best wishes and happy new year!


October 11, 2016

Just received the backpack I ordered from Krochet Kids today and you are the young lady that made it. Thank you for the beautiful work you have done. I hope it helps you in your quest to becoming a self-made business owner for hats and sweaters. I also hope you will be able to pursue your dream of becoming a nurse. My son is a nurse and it is a very rewarding profession. May you continue to be blessed through your work and know that Jesus loves you and has great plans for your life. Thank you again.


September 24, 2016

Hi Lucy!

Thanks for making my headband. I adore it and wish you all the best!

Conner Poole

April 21, 2016

Hey Lucy! Thank you so much for the T-shirt you made. It's become my absolute favorite.

Hope everything is going well for you!
Much love and respect,

Emmi Konttinen

April 11, 2016

Hi Lucy! I am from Finland so the hat you made is really needed in the cold winters! Love it so much <3 Thank you

Rob Beebe

February 15, 2016

Thanks Lucy!!! my hat is really keeping me warm on these cold Chicago winter days, God Bless you and your family!!!

Jackson Woodard

December 25, 2015


Santa gave me your hat for Christmas. Best gift I've ever received. Thank you for making such a wonderfully crafted quality accessory.

- Jackson

John Timpano

December 25, 2015

Dear Lucy,

Thank you very much for making the beanie that was gifted to me. I am beyond blessed by its comfort and quality - I'll be wearing it for many winters to come! Keep dreaming big dreams, and I'm praying for open doors so your dreams become a reality!

Nolla Dean

December 20, 2015

Hi Lucy,

I received The Poppy toque that you made for Christmas this year, and it made me so happy because it was the first toque that I really loved. I hope that one day you will be able to own your own had and sweater business because you are beyond talented! Thank you so much for the lovely toque!

Brady Hu

October 22, 2015

Hello Lucy,

Thank you for a beautifully crafted hat. I look up to your spirit and dedication to build towards a better future for yourself and your family, and I can imagine that passion driving each motion in your work. Thank you and keep going!


October 7, 2015

Hi Lucy,
I love my scarf that you made, you are so talented and beautiful! Never give up on your dreams... and don't forget you are an inspiration to many!

Wishing you all the best,

Stephanie Grichting

February 28, 2015

Hi! I have a beanie that is grey and blue, and I want to send a huge thank you! I absolutely love it so much. Thank you so much!!! I hope you have a wonderful day, and I hope that you are happy and smiling. Much love from Stephanie in Atlanta, GA.

Shawn Holle

January 6, 2015


Thank you so much for making this hat. I wore it this morning and it kept my ears from freezing off!



Joseph Brown

December 25, 2014

*Happy New Year!

Joseph Brown

December 25, 2014

Burnt Orange!

Joseph Brown

December 25, 2014

My Partner bought me your beautiful beanie in burnt oranf and I love it and will wear it proudly for years to come. Merry Christmas and a very Gappy New Year! Thank you and God Bless, love and peace to you and your baby girl...Love Joey...


August 2, 2014

I was at the Newport Jazz Festival in RI, USA and there was a Krochet Kids stand there. I found this amazing hat that you made and its my favorite hat ever! I love how it was personally made by someone and I get to know who made it! Its so cute and I think you would do great having your own local sweater store! Follow your dreams :) Good luck in all that comes your way. Thank you so much for my hat!


Simon Lee

July 27, 2014

Dear Lucy,

I have received the 'Riley' in the mail yesterday. The most exciting thing for me about getting the product was seeing that you made it. I'm glad that my purchase could help you. I hope that many more people may be able to help you care for your daughter by purchasing the things you make! Hope the best for you and your family!


Graham Spangler

December 23, 2013

Hi Lucy!
My sister got me one of your hats several years ago and it has been on my head ever since. It's performed admirably through snow, cold, and the mouth of a small dog. Thank you for doing what you do. Keep crushing life.
Your friend,

Alex Witkin

December 10, 2013

Hey Lucy!
I received the 'the Rainer' hat in Oxford (grey, blue, white, and red color scheme) a few days ago. I've been wearing it on my longboarding trips since it's getting really cold here in Pittsburgh, PA. The hat is so awesome, and I love Krochet Kids and fully support all of the good things that they are doing for the well-being of the world. This is my second hat, (the other one was made by a nice lady from Uganda named Aloyo J.). The Rainier is my favorite hat that you awesome ladies make and I'm so inspired by all of your hard work as well as the amazing dreams that you all are striving for. Keep working hard! Wearing the hat that were once in your steady, weaving hands (like the 3 fates) keeps me cognizant of the importance of Krochet Kids. Love the hat so much, and I try to show it off to everyone. I feel like I've contributed to the cause, and every time this soft, warm, pompom/fuzzy hat touches my face I feel proud - I know this hat will travel with me and share many many memories with me. Love to Krochet Kids, to all of the ladies and to you Lucy!
- Alex

Ali Britschgi

November 23, 2013

Buenos dias Lucy!

I want to thank you for the wonderfully made Beck hat that you made for me. Knowing that you handmade it with love and care for me makes it one of my most treasured possessions now. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers, and I wish you nothing but success in your life's endeavors. Thank you again, your works means a lot to me.



November 18, 2013

Liebe Heike, das ist ja herrlich. Heute Frfch habe ich noch das Rezept in Lust auf Genuss geelesn und fcber's Nachbacken nachgedacht. Und jetzt entdecke ich Deinen Blog und die schf6nen zuse4tzlichen Bilder. Ich LIEBE das Internet Herzlichen Glfcckwunsch zu Cup und Beitrag. Ich finde die hier gezeigten Fotos noch viel ansprechender, ehrlich gesagt. Was ffcr einen Wein gab's denn dazu (s. 1. Bild) Oder war der nur Deko?Liebe Grfcdfe, Julia

Erica Fosse

November 10, 2013

Hi Lucy,
I bought one of your cute beanies at a ski expo in San Francisco and I can't wait to wear it in the snow. Thank you so much! Keep crocheting, your products are beautiful.

Daisy Ontiveros

August 30, 2013

Querida Lucy,

Me regalaron una mochila hermosa y note su firma en ella. Quise saber más de usted y la busque aquí en el sitio de internet de Krochet Kids y quería darle las gracias por el trabajo que hace ya sus diseños hermosos. Le deseo lo mejor. Saludos desde Los Ángeles, California. :)

Khuong Pham

July 13, 2013

Thank you Lucy for the wonderful hat you made with your hands. It's beautifully crafted and so soft. Hello from Orange County, California.

Lucas Turner

February 26, 2013


Wow! You are an inspiring woman and I am thrilled to own one of your masterpieces! Thank you very much for sharing your passion with the world! You are truly special and will reach your goals. I constantly receive compliments on my hat, so be proud of your talents! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors! Hopefully I will make it to Peru soon!


Lucas Turner

Philip Burgos

February 23, 2013


I thank you so much for the very beautiful hat that you made. I hope all of your dreams come true. And may you and your family be blessed.

Muchos gracias para todo. Espero que tengas una vida hermosa.

-Philip B.

Jay Potter

February 17, 2013

Dearest Lucy,

Thank you so much for the scarf you made. I live in CT, and it is freezing here and snowing. I wore it outside today and it was the warmest I have ever been. I hope you continue following your dreams!

I wish you and your family all of the best, and hope to one day come to Peru, I have always wanted to since I was a small child.

I hope you continue to keep making these beautiful things and one day open your own garment shop or become a nurse.

I will hopefully find more of your things over the years to buy for my own family ;)

All my best!

Jay Potter

Susan McLaughlin

January 20, 2013

Dear Lucy,
Thank you for making my beautiful "Marie" scarf. I have never owned anything so soft. It feels wonderful around my neck. I live in Massachusetts, which is in the northeastern part of the United States. It's cold here now and I'm looking forward to wearing it outside.

I received it as a birthday gift from my son and daughter-in-law this month. It is the first time I've heard about Krochet for Kids and it sounds like a fine organization. I hope it helps you and your daughter.

With my best,
Susan McLaughlin

Kathleen Adler

January 9, 2013

Dear Lucy,
Thank you so much for making the most beautiful green scarf. I purchased it today to give to a dear friend who once visited Peru. I am sure wearing your scarf will bring back wonderful memories of her trip there. Best wishes to you and your family!

Lucas Gallagher

December 25, 2012

I love this hat! I live in Costa Mesa Callifornia. .I got it for X-mas 2012. Thank you Lucy.

Carson Braun

December 24, 2012

Thank you very much for making this hat! I live in the United States and it gets very cold where i live and these hats are amazingly warm! I have wanted one for about one or two years and got two today as an early Christmas present :)

-A very happy girl
Carson :)

Nathan I

December 22, 2012

Just got my cap for Christmas. What a wonderful gift! Thank you.

Kevin M

December 1, 2012

This is the second winter I'm wearing my hat and I love it! Thank you Lucy!


November 20, 2012

Thanks Lucy! Love the hat. God Bless!


October 30, 2012

Thank yo uso much Lucy for the amazing hat. I wear it everywhere I go!!!!

Love, Kohl

Kelly Kissinger

October 16, 2012

Thank you so much for my hat! I got an orange and white striped hat with a fuzzy ball on top! I love it - my boyfriend bought it for me to keep my head warm during the winter. Your love and kindness will spread through my heart every time I wear it. Thank you again. :)

Much Love,

Lincoln Mick

September 29, 2012

Dear Lucy,
Thank you so much for the hat you made for me! It's very comfortable, and it keeps my head nice and warm. I'm so thankful that you get the opportunity to work and provide for your daughter, and I am impressed by your devotion to your family and your vision for the future. May your dreams continue to be big; I pray for strength and courage and hope for you as you seek to make them come true. God bless you, sweet woman!
Lincoln Mick

Joseph Sayre

August 30, 2012

Dear Lucy,

Thank you for my hat. I genuinely love it, and I intend on wearing it all the time. It's excellent.

God Bless. Cheers.

Raegan McClymont

July 2, 2012

Dear Lucy,

Thank you so very much for my hat. It is extremely soft and so delecatly sewn. I really appreciate the time and effort that you put into my hat!! I am very thankful for the krochet kids organization and that you are a part of it!! I will be praying for you and your family...and that your sweater and hat business prospers. I bought my hat at the creation fest 2012 and I look forward to purchasing more of the items that they have!!! Thank you again for the wounderful the way the colors go very nicely together!!!

Jordan Krieble

June 13, 2012

Thank you so much for making my awesome new 'the Riley'! I absolutely love it.

Jake Gonsalves

March 31, 2012

thank you so much for making my hat
i am so stoked on the quality and attention to detail you took making it
mahalo nui loa

Eric Gasser

March 1, 2012

Hi Lucy!

thank you so much for the great hat! i seriously wear everyday, and i love sharing who made it :)

God bless!

Jennifer Delaney

January 26, 2012

After the first snow of the season in NY this weekend I bought one of your hats and received it yesterday. I absolutely love it - it is so soft and fits perfectly. It brings me joy to think of you making it and to know it brings both of us warmth. Thank you! and all the wishes in the world for your family.

Fernanda Morel

January 20, 2012


Queria tomar este momento para darte las gracias por el sombrero tan perfecto que hiciste. Tuve el privilegio de recibirlo de regalo de Navidad y no pude haber estado mas agradecida. Mucha suerte ahora y siempre!


Julia Hayashi

January 19, 2012

Hi Lucy! I just received a hat as a gift and guess what? It was made by YOU! I just want you to know that I love it! It's the green Eisley.... it makes me happy just to looking at it. I love the design of it, the feel of the yarn and the color....and I love wearing it all the time! I hope you realize the hats you work to make are bringing joy to people all over just like me. Thanks Lucy, Blessing to YOU!

Alyssa Carrow

January 19, 2012

Hey Lucy!! I just ordered the Eisley and it is amazing! I have gotten so many compliments on it and I just direct everyone to look you up on this website! A million thank yous to you and good luck with everything you plan to do in life!!! Keep up the great work! :D

Jeff Beal

January 5, 2012


Thanks for the hat! I can honestly say it's the most comfortable hat I've placed on my head and it brings me the warm and fuzzy's! Keep doing what you do, you got a bright future coming!

Much love,

Kiara Talancha

January 4, 2012


Gracias por la gorra que hicistes! Mi amigo me lo dio para navidad y, porque yo tambien soy de Peru, el me compro tu gorra. Me encanta, siempre me lo pongo cuando hace frio. Todas mis amigas me preguntan en donde lo compre, y yo les digo que de esta organizacion y que TIENEN que comprar de ti. Espero que te vaya bien con tu negocio.


Shannon Evans

December 30, 2011


Thanks for making these hats! My brother loves the one I just gave him for Christmas!

Shannon and Kris

Garrett and Sami

December 26, 2011

Hey Lucy,

Thanks a lot for the hat! You did a wonderful job and I will be wearing it all winter! You are the best and are blessing people all over the world!

Thanks again! We love you!
Garrett and Sami

Chris Bullington

December 26, 2011


Thank you so much for making my hat! It really helps on the cold Virginia Beach nights, and looks really rad, too. Good luck starting your business!

Keep doing big things!

Eric Wykle

December 25, 2011

I just received the wonderful hat you made. My wife gave it to me as a Christmas gift, your knitting is unbelievable. Good luck starting your business.
With great thanks,

Claire Elizabeth

December 25, 2011

Dear Lucy,
Thank you so much for my hat! I was so excited for it to come and I just got it as a Christmas present. Your work is beautiful and I wish you luck in everything you do.
Thank you, Claire


December 25, 2011

Today I received a hat made by you as a Christmas gift. I can't think of a better gift! It's absolutely perfect! When I wear it, I will think of you. I hope everything goes well for you and your daughter! All the best!

Margaret Johnson

December 24, 2011

I got your hat as my birthday present in the olive color! its so beautiful and i love it a lot! I appriciate all the hard work you do and it makes me want to be a better person, I live in Tigard Oregon and i wish you luck!
Thank you again!


December 20, 2011


Gracias por hacer mi sombrero! Cada vez que me lo pongo, yo pienso en ti. Por favor, continúe el gran trabajo. Usted es un estímulo para mí. Y lo siento si mi español no es bueno. Estoy utilizando un traductor de internet.


Donna Matheou

December 9, 2011

Hi Lucy!
I received my hat today, it made me so happy! It is just perfect! I am a nurse in Dallas, TX.
Follow your dreams,

Morgan Benoy

December 9, 2011

Thank you so much for the beautiful hat! I think that it is wonderful what you are doing. I am a second year college student and attend the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This hat really means a lot to me because I was adopted from Lima, Peru and born Andrea Rojas Retete. I was raised in Baldwin, Wisconsin. I have a special place for the country in my heart and now you do as well. My plan is to visit Lima again someday and maybe our paths will cross again. I hope that you can start your own crochet business and fulfill your dreams. You did such a beautiful job on my hat, and you are a very talented woman. Thanks again! I really appreciate it!

Best of wishes,

Morgan Andrea Benoy

Nicole Thill

December 9, 2011

Thank you so much! I love the hat that you made me. It'll be perfect for the cold weeks coming up. I live in Arizona so it doesn't get cold often, so wearing the hat when it does will be a special treat. I'm very proud to wear it and say "Lucy from Peru made it for me." Best wishes for you and your family. Never give up on your dreams. Thank you!!

Muchas gracias Lucy!

Nicole :] <3

Timothy Brooks

December 8, 2011

Dear Lucy
I cannot tell you how much I love the hat that you created. Not only am I inside but it's warm in here and I still cannot take this thing off my head. It is absolutely beautiful. I hope you achieve all your dreams and more. Thank you so much.

chloe strauss

December 8, 2011

Dear Lucy,
thank you so much for the hat and for instilling so much hope and inspiration in me! You have done more than most could do in a lifetime thank you again!
love, chloe

Kaela Fretwell

December 7, 2011

I just got my hat in the mail today and I love it! I was so excited to see the package in the mail from Krochet Kids and even happier when I saw how great the hat is. I wish you luck on your journey to have your own business and pursue your nursing career.

Caroline Owen

November 29, 2011

Dear Lucy,
My sincerest thanks for the beautiful hat you created with your hard-working hands. I received it as a gift, and will cherish it knowing it came from someone with great talent and brilliant dreams. My best wishes to you and your desire to own a business or to be a nurse.
I have visited Peru and seen Macchu Pichu- the awe-inspiring wonder you talk about in your profile. I hope to one day go back to Peru again.
Muchísimas gracias y mil abrazos,

Anne-Rosalie Sharkey

November 18, 2011

Thank you so much for all that you do!!

Michelle Hanley

November 16, 2011


Thank you so much for the hat. I'm a college student and live in a small city in the United States called Milledgeville, Georgia. It gets pretty cold outside at night and I'm thankful for the warm hat that I ordered. It's absolutely beautiful and warm. I hope you can reach your dreams and someday own your crocheting business. The work you do is so lovely.

Thank you again!