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China |Technicist
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Lin Yun Yun is a mother who is working to provide opportunities for her two children.  She is a nine year veteran in her role as a technicist making quality headwear, and when asked how her friends would describe she mentioned they would call her a “straight talker”.


My parents, as they help us take care of our children.


The ability to easily understand and speak various languages.


Showing support and respect for one another.


Did they make your product?

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April 7, 2022

The hat was beautiful and so well made. Its super comfortable and I love how it fits my head.

Angel Navas

February 11, 2022

I LOVE THE HAT, I have a siete black hat an absolutely love it’s, it’s so detailed and carefully out together, I love it


February 10, 2022

Hi, this is an amazing feature in this hat, that keeps me cozy and warm during these colder winter months. Thank you for making it!!


February 5, 2022

Hi Lin! I’m the proud new owner of a wonderful black hat that you made for Praxis—thank you!


January 31, 2022

I just received a hat from Praxis and discovered it was made by you! Thank you!! Love the hat and love the fact that you made it!!

Joel Newton

January 29, 2022

Thank you Lin for making this great hat! I love it!

Syd Abad

January 20, 2022

Thank you for the beanie, I work at a cafe in California, US called Verve and was given this as a gift. I am grateful for the high quality beanie you made, thank you so much!


January 14, 2022

Lin Yun Yun! - Hi from Vail, Colorado - it’s snowing and -2.2 C here and your hat is keeping me warm! Thank you so much!


January 11, 2022

I bought a hat that says “shop organic, be happy” and I love it! It’s quickly become my favorite and everyone asks where it’s from! Your quality and attention to detail are apparent based on the craftsmanship of your work and I hope you feel incredibly proud of the beautiful work you produce and know that it’s brought smiles and joy to many people every day.

Jesse S

January 2, 2022

Lin ! I am so happy about these fingerless gloves. I hope you are being paid well for your super skills. I wish you and yoir children the best life possible! Have a great 2022.. xo Jesse


December 29, 2021

Thank you so much for this perfectly made hat! I'll cherish it more knowing that you took care to make it.


December 25, 2021

Thank you for the beautiful head wrap (Lani). My husband got it for me for Christmas. We are going camping in February and it will be perfect for the cold days/nights. It’s so warm and beautifully made. Thank you again, much love to you and yours. ❤️

Adam H

December 23, 2021

Thank you Lin! So excited for this new Bennie. Hope you and your family are doing alright!


December 23, 2021

Hi Lin Yun Yun!!! I received a beanie you made from a friend for Christmas and absolutely adore it. I’ve been wearing it all the time. Thank you so much for making the world a happier place :)


December 21, 2021

Thank you for using your gifting!!! Love the hat.

Jason Young

December 6, 2021

Thanks for doing such a good job on my beanie! 🤙🏾🤙🏾

Valerie Viterbi

November 23, 2021

Thank you for sewing my beautiful beanie hat. It will keep me warm all winter. I wish you the best and send my gratitude for your work!


November 20, 2021

Great new blue hat for my son whose favorite color is blue. We are in the U.S., in Maryland. Thank you!

Idan Englander

November 19, 2021

Thank you so much Lin Yun Yun!! The hat is comfortable and warm :)


November 15, 2021

Im from mexico and i don't know how i have this beautiful hat but i love it, i found it in a flea market for 15 pesos

Blake Simkins

October 29, 2021

I love my hat! Thanks so so much. Have a great day

Jules from California

October 12, 2021

Thank you, the hat is a perfect fit, and soft!


October 5, 2021

Thanks for my beautiful gift


September 25, 2021

Thank you for making my beautiful cap. I am very happy to meet you. I am also a mom of 2.5 girl. All the best to your family.

Tom Eason

September 20, 2021

Love my hat!!


September 16, 2021

Our hat is amazing! We love it and can't thank you enough. We'll be thinking of you as we wear it everyday :)

Minas Sotirakopoulos

September 2, 2021

Great work. I love my “only human” baseball hat. Very well made.

Albert diem

August 20, 2021

I just want you to know I got a hat you made and it’s my favorite hat now, thank you so much!!!

Eduardo Rodriguez

July 26, 2021

Love the hat! Thanks for all your time and effort!


July 10, 2021

Thank you! Hope you’re well! Hello from Los Angeles!


July 6, 2021

Thank you so much for making the hat I recently got. I really look forward to wearing it!! I hope you and your family are all doing well! Thanks again!

Anna toline

June 20, 2021

Thank you for a great job on my surfrider cap. I surf and the cap celebrates international surfing day. I hope you are doing well!! Thanks again, Anna

Ashley Ringaman

June 15, 2021

Thanks so much Lin Yun Yun! Great quality hat and it’s so fun to be able to see your face and learn a little bit about who made it. Take care and thank you from Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Mitchell Klooster

May 30, 2021

Thank you. I was excited to be able to see a picture of the person that put in the hard work to make this hat. Much love from Michigan, USA.


May 10, 2021

Thank you so much for all you do!


April 24, 2021

Thanks for my new hat - I love it!

Cole DeNormandie

March 30, 2021

Thank you Lin Yun Yun! I love my new hat! - Cole from San Diego

Win Hornig

March 13, 2021

Hi!!!! I LOVE this hat!!! Thanks so much : ). Enjoying in Minneapolis, Minnesota!


March 7, 2021

I love my stoneshine hat!!! Thank you!!!

Jessica Bonanni

February 23, 2021

Just sending a quick thank you for making such quality hats! Very grateful for your hard work!

Mark N

December 20, 2020

Hi Lin Yun Yun
Thank you for making my Surfrider Foundation hat! Great quality. 😊

JJ Edwards

October 24, 2020

Lin Yun Yun makes the best hats!!! Thank you from our family to yours!!!

Monica Arteaga

September 29, 2020

Thank you Lin Yun Yun for your hard and wonderful work.

Kevin Sabo

August 12, 2020

Thank you Lin! I'm wearing the hat you made right now and wanted to send my thanks and appreciation for your hard work.