Lakot Nighty

Uganda |Crocheter
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Due to her father’s untimely abduction and death in the war, Nighty was raised primarily by her cousin. She was forced into hard labor, much of which was difficult for such a young woman and was never able to attend school. Whereas before Nighty was only able to work for a single day’s bread, the secure income that KNOWN SUPPLY provides allows for her to save her money and plan her activities. This will allow her to provide an enjoyable childhood for her children, which she was never able to have herself.


“My dream is to pay for my children’s education.”


“Cooking is my most enjoyable activity.”


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Maria D.

November 22, 2020

I purchased my hat two years ago without knowing its origin. I just liked it! Today I looked at the tag inside for the very first time and was excited to see it was made in Uganda and that your name was written on the tag. I had to go to the website and find you. Knowing where my hat came from and who made it makes my hat feel extra special. Thank you so much!


July 13, 2018

Thank you for the lovely hat!