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Juana is a humble, happy and playful person who is always the first to give a helping hand to those in need. Before joining KNOWN SUPPLY she earned her income by cleaning vegetables from home. She plans on using the skills she is learning to create a local knitting business.

“Progress. I am becoming more independent. I’m getting the support I need to thrive.”

“I hope to continue to learn something new everyday. I want to be independent and use what I have to help others.”

“To be humble and support other people. Love means to give and not expect anything in return.”


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November 12, 2022

Hi Juana,
I hope you're doing well . Thank you for making this long sleeve shirt. I got it at a church clothing sale and thought it was so neat to be able to write the seamstress.
I appreciate your time you spent to make this. I can't see a button properly so I bet much appreciate your sewing skills.
Thank you,

Sergio Caballero

December 19, 2019

Thank you for making the amazing products I have purchased over the years. Your attitude and drive to help others is inspiring. Keep shining and running this race to inspire and support. Your heart of love will be like a fire that moves others to action.

Brandi Flaten

August 16, 2019

Olive green top with black leather back. Absolutely love it.


July 28, 2019

Querida Juana,
Muchas gracias por haceres mi camiseta! Está muy bien hecho y me gusta mucho! : D Estaré muy feliz de usarlo y cuidarlo bien.
Te deseo todo lo mejor para ti y para tu futuro!


December 11, 2018

I recently bought a shirt and did not even realize how special it was until I saw the tag. What a wonderful cause. It made me stop and pay attention to the detail and having a name and face to attach to it has really made it have an impact. Thank you for having the opportunity to say Thank you. Having this personal touch makes me recognize that time and effort that someone has put into something that I will wear. It makes that plain t-shirt I needed a lot more valuable...and I will look more into supporting this cause and sharing with others what I have learned.


September 21, 2018

Thank you for the sweater that you made!! It’s beautiful and thank you for the hard work :)

Katherine Colson

August 15, 2018

Thank you for the product. I just bought it yesterday and have not worn the shirt yet out. I hope that you are doing well and that you know that God loves you. If you repent of your sins and believe in His Name. That is very important. "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." II Timothy 1:7 New King James Version. The Holy Bible. God bless you and your family.

Katherine Wallace

August 1, 2018

I love the Maya long sleeve shirt you made! You have such talent as a artistian! Thank you!

Tanya Moftakhar

July 30, 2018

I love my scarf!!! I bought it from Whole Foods a few months ago! I wear it hiking all the time - my daughter also loves it. Have you started your knitting business?


July 17, 2018

Love the shirt you made.

Carolina Ossandon

June 22, 2018

I am so happy with my shirt that you made Juana. You are a truly gifted person and it gives me great pleasure to support your work. Continue to learn and you will inspires others. Gracias!


May 5, 2018

Thank you for making my pocket tank top! I love it and have received many compliments! :)


April 27, 2018

I LOVE my grey sweatshirt with the black and white patterned pocket. It is so soft and comfy. I love the way it looks and I wear it almost everyday ;). I am so happy I get to see who made this and the joy it brings me everyday.


April 4, 2018

Juana, thank you so much for the time and effort you put into my Bailey dress. It is so comfy and I always get compliments when I wear it.

Amy Soto

March 22, 2018

Muchas gracias, Juana! Me encanta la blusa!

Jaylena Miller

January 29, 2018

Thank you so much Juana for my amazingly soft, waves tee from Charity Water! It is literally my favorite t-shirt. It is so soft and so comfortable!


January 29, 2018

Muchas gracias hermana por mi sueter! Lo he usado por mucho tiempo ahora. Tal vez comprare uno mas!

Andre Dobbins

January 9, 2018

Hello Juana!

I just received the crew sweatshirt that you created for me! It's perfect and I cant wait to show it off. This will be perfect for the cold weather here Everyone in Washington, DC will be jealous of my style! Wishing you the best and I love that you are looking to learn something new everyday! Thrilled to connect with you and wishing you the best!


Catherine L.

January 1, 2018

Juana, thank you for making the long sleeve sweater I'm wearing. It is beautiful and I love it very much, thank you for making it with such great care. Wishing you a happy New Year with much joy and many blessings, and hoping that your wish for a local knitting business comes true soon!


January 1, 2018

Thank you so much Juana for my beautiful shirt you made! I appreciate the time and energy you spent and I thank you. Have a very happy New Years!

Jenn cox

December 23, 2017

Dear Juana,
Thank you so much for making this beautiful shirt! It has made its way all the way to Oklahoma! I love wearing this shirt! It’s so comfy and soft! Peace and blessings!

Allison Lang

December 21, 2017

I purchased a tshirt of yours a while ago, and am amazed that I can have the ability to thank you myself. Your work is incredible and I am so happy with the quality! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


December 17, 2017

Thank you Juana,
I am so excited to give my husband the great t-shirt you made. I know he will enjoy it. Thank you so much!

Karla Smith

December 6, 2017

Hi Juana! My name is Karla and I live in San Francisco. I just wanted to thank you so much for my blue polkadot dress you sewed for me. It is so pretty! I love to wear it. I wore it last night and it makes me feel pretty. You are very talented and I hope you continue to do something you are so good at. Thank you very much!

Grace Salceanu

December 2, 2017

Juana, mil gracias por mi suéter. Es tan bonita y perfecta para mí vida aquí en San Francisco, California. Le agradezco mucho!


October 6, 2017

Thanks for the incredible t-shirt. It's literally my favorite.

Ann Vance

August 22, 2017

I love my End It shirt! It's so well made. I know I'll be wearing it for years to come. You are very talented at your craft!
Blessings to you!

Angela Richards

August 19, 2017

Hi Juana!

You made the orange shirt with black polka dots that I received! It's one of my favorites- it's cozy and fun! Thank you for all that you do, and I wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors.


Heather Bowe

August 8, 2017

Hello! I got a shirt from a Fathom cruise ship that I went on to Cuba with my class. Cuba was amazing, but I bet Peru is amazing as well! This whole idea is so amazing, and thank you for making the shirt I got. It really holds a story for me. I will ensure that I think and pray for you, Juana! You are well on your way to success! Muchas gracias!


July 7, 2017

Thank you for creating a beautiful shirt for me! I will think of you and pray for your future every time I wear it.


July 1, 2017

Thank you! I received the cutest pocket tank! Your sewing was excellent and quality amazing! Wonderful job!!!! -Amy

Carter Lippert

June 19, 2017

Thank you for my Primrose Tee; it is absolutely perfect! You are well on your way to becoming a strong independent women Juana!

Elaina werbiansky

May 13, 2017

Dear Juana,
Thank you so much for making my shirt. It's a mustard colored tank top with a black and white striped pocket. Much love and happiness to you and your friends and family!
- Elaina Werbiansky
Elkhart, IN

Athena Lohf

May 1, 2017

Hi Juana,

I love my soft tee that says "Give, Play, Grow." Much love, health and happiness to you and your family.


Lori Kam

March 21, 2017

Dear Juana,
I received the sweater/ sweatshirt that you made and I love it! It's so beautiful and fits perfectly. Thank you so much.

Joanna Morgan

March 18, 2017

Juana, I bought the Bailey dress that you made. It is so beautiful! Thank you for making it! I feel proud to wear something so special. God bless you!


Elaina Shooster

March 15, 2017

First off, juana, you are totally inspirational. I love all the info you shared about yourself. You seem like such an amazing lady, I would love to chat and learn with you! Second, I received a sweatshirt you made. I love it, it's super cute and so soft. Thank you for putting so much love into making it.

Since your profile says you hope to learn something new everyday, I thought I'd share something about myself. I'm a 24 year old who lives outside of Philadelphia. I'm still trying to figure out what the Lord has in store for my life. It's a long, a little stressful but fun process because I'm learning a lot about myself. The coolest thing I've learned is that God is always there for us & that Jesus loves us all uniquely. I've recently started walking more deeply in my faith. It's not always easy, but being about to speak to God whenever you need makes it a whole lot better. So I hope, from my small story, you learned something new today! That whenever we feel lost, or alone, unworthy, or afraid, all we have to do is ask for His help. The help might not come in the form we expected, or even thought we desired, but it will come, and we will recognize it by how we feel. In spite of everything, we will feel at peace.

So great to kinda meet & see the beautiful face behind the makes of my wonderful new sweatshirt!


Rose Ann Russo

February 27, 2017

Hello Juana! What a beautiful smiling face you have. I purchased the End It Movement ladies XL shirt that you made and signed. A very important organization. It must make you feel like you are making a difference, and you are. Keep up the good work. It appears you have many other talents as well, looking at the tops and knitted items you created.

I will wear your T shirt proudly and ask God to bless you every time I wear it. Keep spreading the joy, sweetie!

Sincerely, Rose Ann (Your "sister" in Michigan.) :-)

Anna Loehr

February 18, 2017

Hi Juana! I love my End It shirt and I'm honored to know that you made it. I feel like my friend made my shirt. God bless you!

Sue Gumm

February 6, 2017

Juana, I just received a tee shirt made by you and I love it. You really did a nice job. This is such a great experience to actually know who made my clothes. Congratulations on a job well done!

Catherine Jelinek

February 6, 2017

Hi Juana! My mom bought one of the shirts you made for my birthday - a black t-shirt that says "Wild and Free" on it.

I LOVE IT, and I love looking at your signature on it. The meaning behind the shirt, what Krochet Kids stands for and getting to see your personal imprint on it are all so important to me. I love the shirt and appreciate all the warm and loving vibes you put into it!

You rock! Keep on spreading your light!


Lucy Gustafson

January 25, 2017

Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into making clothes. I wear this sweater almost every day because it feels so soft. Thank you for everything you do.

Ja-Shin Tsang

January 2, 2017

Thank you, Juana, for making my Love Africa tshirt. I love it! Wishing you the best on your local knitting business!

Evy Ratcliffe

December 30, 2016

Hi Juana, I received a standard tee in heather gray from KK today with your signature on it. thank you for taking the care to make this tee shirt perfect. i wish you all the luck and happiness in the world.


December 19, 2016

Thank you for my beautiful sweater! It's soft, beautiful, and perfectly made. I hope you can start your business someday, you are very talented!!!

Hayley White

December 17, 2016

Thank you for making the men's pocket tee! Independence is a wonderful thing and the journey to finding it, though challenging is so rewarding. I'm happy you're experiencing that and I wish you the very best one! Good luck on starting your knitting business! :)

Melissa Guida

December 15, 2016

Thank you for the holiday gifts. They are delicate art.
Buena Suerte

Jill Walker

December 14, 2016

I love my new t-shirt and being able to connect with you this way! Best wishes for a happy holiday to you and your family :)

Lauren Fretz

December 7, 2016

Thank you very much, Juana! I love the sweatshirt you made. It is so very comfortable. Much love to you! Psalm 27:1

Britttany Marie

December 2, 2016

Muchas gracias Juana! Tengo dos camisetas que has hecho y me encantan! Que gusto apoyar las peruanas poderosas como tu! Que viva Perú!

mark Roche

November 13, 2016

Thank you so much for my wonderful sweater/hoodie.
I love it and it is so soft.
thank you again

William Cifuentes

November 2, 2016

Muchas gracias, Juana! I am glad that I know a humble and loving person made my shirt with the desire to support and help other around her! God is so good! Dios es tan grande y maravilloso!

Sheridan Sellers

October 5, 2016

Just got a grey pullover the other day and love it. Thank you so much!!

Pippa Shepherd

October 3, 2016

Dear Juana Sanchez,

Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to make the beautiful things you do. I admire your talent. I hope you have a lovely day.

Pippa Shepherd,

Debra Mackie

September 30, 2016

Hi! My husband saw your sweater and was immediately impressed with the beauty and quality of it. It is soooooo soft. He bought it for me and I LOVE it. We bought it at the Lake Hume Christian Camp at Sequia National Park in California. Very good workmanship. I like your definition of love. It is right in line with what Jesus worked so hard to show us about Himself. Isn't He amazing! Just like you. Thank you for your participation in this project. You will do very well in your future

Kim Hutcheson

September 10, 2016

I purchased a black t-shirt that you made and I want to say thank you for the work you put into making it. The stitching is perfect and overall well-made. Thank you!

Kirsten molby

August 19, 2016

Thank you Juana for everything your doing !I bought a shirt maybe a year ago and I love it sad to say I barely noticed it told me who made it and where it was from , as soon as I saw it I wanted to thank you! I love that you love what you do and I hope you keep doing it. God has made you special and you are a true peace of art ❤️ God bless you and everyone down there and I will keep y'all in my prayers.


July 29, 2016

Hello Juana Sanchez, I just received my t-shirts in the mail today! Thank you very very very much they look very beautiful. Thank you!

Nik Summers

June 4, 2016

Thank you! I have always wondered about the seamstresses that make the clothing that I wear, and wished I was able to know more about who they are. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to personally thank you! I'm going to write over your signature with every wash so it never fades. :) Thank you again!
Costa Mesa, California, USA
(P.S. I hope to visit Peru someday.)

Sybilla Pertek

May 12, 2016

Dear Juana, thank you so much for the two beautiful shirts you made me. You have a very beautiful smile and you look like such a positive person. I'll think of you when I wear my new shirts and send you good vibes! Love, Sybilla


April 11, 2016

Hi Juana! :)
Thank you so much for my basic tee and tiled muscle tank! I love them so much and they are so beautifully made! Your words inspire me to be a more mindful, kind, and determined person! Whenever I wear these shirts, I will carry these motivations with me! I thank you for this and I wish you all of the best with your passions!
With love,

Christopher Alvarado Lee

April 7, 2016

Thank you for making me a comfortable and sturdy standard tee shirts.
Grateful for knowing this project and will continue to support.

(P.S. my grandma is from Peru, with Alvarado as her last name. :))

Corrine Smith

March 27, 2016

Thank you so much for your craftsmanship and time and effort put into making my shirts. I bought two standard tee-shirts and your name was on both. Grateful for you and all you do this world through your work at KKP. Keep up the good work.


March 11, 2016


I just received my Scallop Tee in Seafoam this morning and I literally threw it on over another shirt and ran out the door to a meeting. It is so comfortable and I love that I can wear it in so many different ways! Perfect for layering and great for throwing on over a bathing suit in the summer.

I am an interior designer and I'm always looking for comfort. You've given me a t-shirt that's comfortable AND classy!

Thank you so much Juana. I look forward to visiting Peru in the future!

-Ashton Ford Horejs

Becky Kelly

February 25, 2016

Thank you so much for the "End It" t-shirt. It is very good quLity and I appreciated you and your attention to detail. I will be wearing it today,2-25-16, as we join to shine a light on slavery and human trafficking, praying more become aware and committed to ending it in our lifetime. Thanks again, and have a beautiful day ?


February 19, 2016

Hello Juana, I just bought one of your Love t shirts, it's so soft and beautifully made. Thank you for such a cute shirt and sharing your talent!

Jennifer Myers

January 10, 2016

Hello Juana,

I had the wonderful opportunity of buying a T shirt that you made! It's white with a red X on in in support of the #enditmovement. I could buy a million shirts and not one would be as special as this one. Only because there is something special about knowing the name and seeing the face of the person who made it. Thank you so much for your time spent carefully crafting all your items. I read that your goal is to learn more and become more independent. I pray that this opportunity will continue to provide that for you. In Christ, Jen

Emily Brown

January 7, 2016

Dear Juana,

I bought an end it t-shirt from the passion conference in Atlanta, GA, United States and it is made by you, thank you so much. The Lord has given you a beautiful talent and He can use you to provide clothing to those who are in need and also to those like myself who can help raise awareness for such organizations. You are a true blessing!

Thanks again! God bless,



December 28, 2015

I just received a sweatshirt you made and it's so comfortable and nice. Thank you so much!

Cassie LeAnn Cochran

December 26, 2015

Hi Juana! Thank you so much for making my beautiful shirt for me! I received it for Christmas from my fiancé. It is beautiful, but you are more beautiful! God has created you for wonderful things through Jesus Christ, alone! He is our only hope, and he was born over 2,000 years ago so that he could take our place. Hallelujah for Jesus and Praise God for you Juana, His daughter.

We are blessed to be a blessing! Thank you for being just that. <3

Doug Jones

December 26, 2015

Love the sweatshirt my daughter gave me for Christmas made by you. Very well made--excellent work! Thank you for sharing your skills.

Josie Perhus

December 25, 2015

Dear Juana,

El suéter que tu tejiste es mi ropa favorita. A mí me encanta! Yo estaba muy emocionado leer acerca de tú cuando yo lo recibí por La Navidad. Tu historia es tan inspirada y yo te deseo mucho suerte con tu empresa futura! Yo quiero hacerte un suéter también para agradecerte por su trabajo bonito pero no puedo tejer como tú!! Feliz Navidad y buena suerte!!!

Tu amiga,

Kyle Dickison

December 25, 2015

I just got a shirt you made for Christmas and it is my new favorite! Thank you so much for your hard work, you brought happiness to my heart.

Lizbeth Urbieta

December 22, 2015


Quiero decirle muchas gracias por su trabajo! Estoy tan encantada con una camisa que me acabo de comprar color mamey con un bolsillo negro y blanco. No se si se recordara del producto pero lo hizo tan perfecto que no me lo quiero quitar! Me emocione mucho cuando descubrí que podría ver quien había hecho mi camisa y ahora estoy feliz de poder escribirle y desearle lo mejor. Espero que sus sueños se realicen en Peru y se haga muy famosa con sus productos. Así cuando yo vaya a conocer Peru se me haga mas fácil para encontrarla y decir gracias. :)

Te deseo mucho éxito y felicidad!
Dios le bendiga.

Con mucho cariño,
Lizbeth Urbieta

Kristina Lee

December 5, 2015

Dear Juana-

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on my "Basic Tee". I've purchased many plain t-shirts in the past, but none have felt as soft and comfortable as the one I purchased from Krochet Kids. I can also assume the difference is that it was made by someone like yourself who truly cares and appreciates their work and in producing a product of good quality. I look forward to wearing this shirt a lot. I think it's amazing that you're always looking to learn something new - that kind of ambition will take you far. You seem to have an amazing spirit, and I hope you continue to thrive with each new day.

Happy Holidays and thanks again for your love and care into making this product!

With love

donovan flemister

November 13, 2015

thank you for my shirt I appreciate it so much im so sorry about everything that happened to you and know that there is agod watching over you and I keep you and my family in my prayers but again thank you thank you thank you

Mackenzie Barber

November 10, 2015

Dear Juana,
Thank you so much for the grey t-shirt with the orange and yellow symbol on front. I will wear it proudly and tell people how amazing your skills are. You have a wonderful personality (from what i have read) and i hope you have a wonderful day!
Mackenzie Barber

Julia Cheely

November 10, 2015

Dear Juana
thank you so much for making this shirt for me. I have been so excited to see who made my shirt and here your story. I love that you have decided to do this for others. I want to let you know that you have inspired me with what you. This is a truly amazing thing. I think you will do great at starting your own knitting business. I truly encourage you to keep dreaming and keep pushing forward. You will do amazing at anything you put your min to. You are a BIG inspiration. THANK YOU!!

Edgar Andres Urrea

October 8, 2015

Querida Juana,

Este pasado lunes recibí una camisa negra que tu hiciste y no tengo palabras para describir lo feliz que me puse cuando llegué a mi casa, abrí el paquete y vi la camisa adentro. Yo soy colombiano y me emociona saber que hay personas como tú trabajando todos los días para sacar adelante a sus familias y para que este mundo sea un lugar mejor. Nuestros países y el resto del planeta necesitan mujeres como tú, porque tú eres un ejemplo a seguir para la sociedad.

Te doy gracias por la camisa negra y te agradezco de corazón por ser una mujer luchadora. Nunca dejes de luchar por tus metas.

De corazón,
Andres Urrea Piccini

Tracie Sexton

October 7, 2015

Dear Juana,

I received my shirt on Monday and wore it on Tuesday. It is beautiful - a pretty pink with a black and beige pocket! I received many compliments and was able to share the story of Krochet Kids. Thank you so much for your hard work! You are a blessing!
I can't wait to order more! Thanks for all you do!

With Love,
Tracie Sexton

Sam Kigyos

October 5, 2015


As I sit here writing this note, I am beyond greatful to be wearing an article of clothing with a truely good story behind it. I am not just wearing a sweat shirt I'm wearing a movement. I wish you the best of luck and never give up on your dreams. Thank you for giving me something I can cherish for many many years to come.

Many thanks,


United States

Grace Joy Newswanger

September 28, 2015

Dearest Juana,

I recently received one of your shirts as a gift. I can almost tangiably feel the love that went into its making. "Love means to give and not expect anything in return." What a beautiful statement. Congratulations on all that you have accomplished this far. Keep on moving toward you goals, and I'll think of you and send blessings your way every time I wear this shirt. Thank you!

With love,

Alexandra Thesen

September 11, 2015

I purchased a t-shirt with a crocheted pocket and absolutely love it! I enjoy crocheting myself and understand the work and time that it takes to make such a beautiful product. Thank you for making it and I will think of you every time I wear it!
With Love from Canada,

Taylor Hohmann

September 4, 2015

I am at the Lifelight Christian music festival in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I just purchased a LOVE AFRICA tank top that you made! I would just like to say thank you. I am praying that you continue to learn and thrive and that you will reach your dream's and goals!

Blessings and love,
Minneapolis, MN

Monica Snow

August 31, 2015

Juana! i just relised BOTH of my shirts are from you! Thank-you so much for both of them!

Monica Snow

August 31, 2015

Thank-You so much for my shirt! I can tell it was made with so much love. I'm positive you will open your knitting buisness and it will be a great sucsess! I hope you continue to keep up your incredible work with kkp- sending love from Canada, Monica

Bronte Kass

August 31, 2015

Thank you so much Juana; I absoutely love the gorgeous shirt you made and I wear it so often! It's one of my favorites. So grateful that you've shared your kindness and wonderful talent in making this beautiful piece of clothing, thank you thank you!

Mackenzie Moen-Vonahnen

August 27, 2015


I just received my shirt in the mail today! I am beyond excited and it fits beautifully. I am so inspired by your story and I hope that you will be able to start your knitting business soon! Best of luck to you on your journey.

Courtney Hawkins

August 21, 2015

Thank you for making the shirt that I am currently wearing. When I first bought the shirt from Identity I just bought it because I loved the patterned pocket. After reading all of the tags that were on the shirt I realized what Krochet Kids was all about. It is really intriguing and I thank you for all your hard work. This shirt really is one of a kind and I love it.

Ryan Walcott

August 17, 2015

My shirt is beautiful. :-)

Thank you for making beautiful art.


August 14, 2015

Dear Juana,
Thank you so much for the beautiful shirt. I was so excited to receive it. It fits PERFECTLY and it is so COMFORTABLE ! Not only is it comfortable, but it's stylish. Stylish and comfortable is hard to come by. I have no other shirt like the one you made. I can feel the love and care and dedication you put into your work. It is by far my favorite shirt. I get compliments and am able to tell people "Juana Sanchez made this." I have no doubt that you will get your knitting business and that you will be successful. You are so inspiring and truly a blessing. I will pray that more blessings come your way.

Jessica Enhelder

August 11, 2015

Dear Juana,

Thank you so much for the beautiful shirt I recently purchased at a small shop in St. Joseph, Michigan. As I walked in the store I was informed of the wonderful things that were happening in Peru and Uganda. After hearing, I wanted to purchase everything in the store! Your hardwork pays off! The products you have made are absolutely beautiful and your story made me smile! I hope to make it to Peru next year to do service work in small, rural areas. Your country looks beautiful.


Ayesha Barker

August 11, 2015

Dear Juana,
I just received my first Krochet Kids order and half of it was made by you! Thank you so much for all the love and hardwork you put into it, It all first perfectly! I will definitely be ordering again soon, I LOVE KROCHET KIDS! it has already brought me so much happiness and reading your story makes it even better.

Taryn Clark

August 9, 2015

Thank you so much for the beautiful shirt. I love to help every way I am able, too. I would love to go on a missionary trip one day to Africa. You are such an amazing woman, and I thank you for that. You are such a wonderful blessing in each and every way.I love your passion to help others. Thank you very, very much for the wonderful shirt!

Madelyn Brooks

August 2, 2015

Thank you so much for my Africa Love shirt! Two of my best friends bought it for me & I couldn't be happier! I'm only 14 now but when I grow up I want to be a missionary in Africa! I have a huge love for the continent and it means a lot that you would take the time to make this shirt! I literally wear it all the time!!!!!! It's so special to me and so are you, thank you once again! All the love xx


July 31, 2015

Thank you so much the shirt is so comfortable. How long have you been sewing? Crocheting ? You are so very talented. What is it like in Peru? I live in Pennsylvania. I bought the shirt at Kingdom Bound festival in Darien Lake, NY Have you ever heard of this? Thanks again I would love to hear from you

Kelsey Meister

July 23, 2015

thank you so much for making my love Africa shirt! I love it so much! much love --Kelsey Meister

Elizabeth Bensussen

July 14, 2015

Dear Juana,
I am so greatful for the beautiful shirt that you made! I love it so much! You are a inspiring and amazing woman and I hope you thrive in creating your own knitting business! Thank you again so much! Best wishes!!!

Stephany Pierce

June 29, 2015

Hi, Juana! I purchased a sweater in Bremerton, Washington, that you made. Thank you so much! You did an amazing job and I look forward to the weather getting a little cooler so that I can wear it! Hope that you're well and your dreams are coming true!

Madison Freeman

June 24, 2015

thank you for making the black and white sweater/shirt that I bought today! It is beautiful! I'm going to wear it when I teach my 1st grade students at my new job this fall. I'm so glad that God has provided you with this opportunity to become more independent and creative! I will think of you every time I wear my new shirt!

Elise Sutter

June 22, 2015

Hi Juana!
I just bought one of the tank tops you made! It is orange with the word love on the front. Thank you for making it! Many blessings to you and those in your life. I have visited Peru once a couple years ago and had a wonderful experience.

Have a wonderful day and I hope the best for your future! You're awesome!!

Blessings, Elise

Jordan brown

June 17, 2015

Hey! Thank you so much for my product! I LOVE IT! I'm so thankful for you and I know God has big plans for you! I will be praying for you everyday! I don't even know you and I love you already! I'm pretty young and you are such an inspiration to me! Keep being a light in this world! Shine so bright that no one can hide you!r light! You are so pretty,amazing,and AWESOME. Keep up the hard work! Love you Juana!

Erin Jane

June 13, 2015

Thank you thank you thank you for making my awesome shirt. So many people have asked me about it. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Many blessings!

Erin Jane

Abbi Snider

June 10, 2015

Hi Juana!
I would just like to thank you for the amazing shirt :) I truly admire your passion for helping others. I pray that you will continue to learn on a regular basis and apply your skills to help those around you.
God Bless!


May 8, 2015

My shirt arrived today! Thank you so much for making it - it is beautiful and I love it!

Perla Ramirez

May 2, 2015

Dear Juana,
Thank you so much for making one of the shirts I bought today. It is a beautiful tank top with simple detailings that I like! Definetly going to be wearing it a lot this summer! I hope you get to open your knitting business very soon and all goes well.
All the love.


April 28, 2015

Thank you so much for making my shirt. It is beautiful and I can tell you care about the work you put into a product. I hope you have a blessed day and I look forward to buying more products and hoping they're made by you!

Corinne Stewart

April 28, 2015

Dear Juana,
I received my beautiful Krochet Kids Maya Sweater today and I absolutely love it! It's so soft and luscious. Thank you for creating this beautiful sweater for me. You are an asset to the Krochet Kids organisation.
Lots of love from Australia

Airika Irby

April 14, 2015

I just got my tank top you made in the mail today and I love it! I wish I could sew half as well as you. I plan to wear it all this summer and hope to see more of your lovely work at Krochet Kids. Hope you and your loved ones are doing well!

Carrie Cook

April 6, 2015

Hi Juana!

I bought a shirt that you made, 'the Marni Long Sleeve' shirt, and I wanted to thank you very much for it! It is so well made, stylish, and very comfortable! I am wearing it as I type this email :) I wish you all the luck with this company and I hope to buy more things from Krochet Kids!

Thanks again,
Carrie Cook

Erin Schawel

March 11, 2015

I love my purple 'the Love Tee' shirt that you made. I wear it all the time and get so many compliments. I admire your hard work and how you are using your gifts and talents.
Thank you!

Matt Dickman

February 28, 2015

WOW. I didn't expect to see the hand signed tag inside of my sweatshirt. I thought the shirt looked amazing when I saw it online and it was even better when it got to me. BEAUTIFUL WORK, KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING AND GOOD LUCK WITH ALL OF YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS. THANK YOU SO MUCH.


February 27, 2015


Thank you so much for your hard work in creating such beautiful and soft clothing. I love my shirt! Your dedication and skill truly show. You have no doubt touched many lives with your work. I wish you and your family the absolute best.

Thank you,

Michelle Westen

February 22, 2015

Hi Juana,

Thank you for creating such a beautiful product! I bought the Maya sweater today and just love it. You have a lot of talent, and I wish you all the best.


Jennie Joy

February 12, 2015

Dear Juana,

Thank you for your good craftsmanship in making the sweater I am wearing today. I received it as a gift from my sister-in-law at Christmas. Then, today, I had a thought, "This sweater is so soft and comfortable," and so I wanted to write and thank you for making it.

You sound like a hard working woman who cares for others. I wish you all the best. May God strengthen you to continue working hard and may you have the opportunities to see your dreams fulfilled.

Un abrazo,

Allison Harris

January 19, 2015

Thank you for putting so much care and craftsmanship into my shirt. It is so soft and the fabric drapes beautifully. It means a lot to me that my purchase can help a strong, independent woman like yourself better her life and the lives of others. Thank you for sharing your story.

cara koppel

January 12, 2015

Hi Juana,

Juana is actually the name of my tia. Thank you so much for making my Maya sweater. It's lovely and the workmanship is just beautiful. I wish you the best of luck in fulfilling your dreams. I am so happy that there is a company like Krochet Kids and that you have found each other!

Happy new year!



January 8, 2015

Dear Juana,
My dear friend gave me a Maya Longsleeved sweater for Christmas, and it is beautiful. Thank you so much for making such a cozy piece of clothing. I like it very much and appreciate the patience and time it must have taken to make such a sweater. You really made my day! Good luck with getting to your own business, and best wishes for a wonderful and prosperous 2015.


January 7, 2015

Dear Juana,

Yesterday I bought a black shirt with a front left knit pocket that has an orange and black knitted diamond design. The shirt was very comfortable and I think you're very talented. I really like that you personally signed the label inside the shirt. It's nice to see a picture of the talented happy person that created such a beautiful item. I wish you all the best of happiness and success. Espero que este ano va a ser la mas mejor para usted. Muchisimas gracias.

Thank you!


January 7, 2015

Dear Juana,

Yesterday I bought a black shirt with a front left knit pocket that has an orange and black knitted diamond design. The shirt was very comfortable and I think you're very talented. I really like that you personally signed the label inside the shirt. It's nice to see a picture of the talented happy person that created such a beautiful item. I wish you all the best of happiness and success. Espero que este ano va a ser la mas major para usted. Muchisimas gracias.

Thank you!

Alex Guzman

January 2, 2015


thank you for making such a beautiful looking hoodie! I think this company is doing a great thing, and I love the fact that I get to say thank you to the person who helped craft such a beautiful article of clothing!

Thank you!

Amy Starnes

December 31, 2014


I love my Maya Long Sleeve sweater. It is so soft & cozy! Thank you for sharing your talent to create beauty & happiness in the world. Thank you!


Morgan Winstead

December 29, 2014

The shirt is perhaps the most gorgeous handmade product I own. I am so proud to know that it was created by such a positive person with an uplifting spirit. Thank you so much!


December 28, 2014

Thank you for making my wonderful shirt. It's really beautiful. Has that pocket where I can put some of my stuff. This is so far my favorite pocket shirt( I have many of those). I love it cause now I can have story to tell about who made it and share gospel. Thank you.


Sarah H.

December 25, 2014

My dad bought me the lace back long sleeve shirt for Christmas and it is gorgeous! Muchas Gracias Juana.


December 25, 2014

Thank you for making your Marni Long Sleeve. My aunt bought it for me for X-mas I fell in love with it. Now I'm going to be wearing it everyday...I love the patch that's on the elbow. I just love your creations!

Allyson Williams

December 25, 2014

Dear Juana Sánchez,
Thank you so much for my lovely purple sweater, it is truly the best article of clothing I've ever owned. It's so comforting knowing I'm wearing something that will help boost your independence. I received this as a gift from my Aunt Today on Christmas, and I was so excited about it I just had to put it on right away. You are truly a wonderful and inspiring person and I can't wait to buy more clothes from you and this site. Hope you are doing well, and are enjoying your days. Hope all is wonderful.
Love your friend,
Allyson Hope Williams

Kathrynne Creecy

December 8, 2014

Dear Juana,

Thank you so much for making my Rust Tribal Print Sweater, I appreciate the work that you do and wish you the best!



December 6, 2014

Hi Juana,
Thank you so much for making my sweatshirt! It is incredibly soft, and the stitching of the pocket is my favorite part. You are so talented, and I want to wish you and your family the best! We both share the same hopes for the future, and I will pray that you will continue to learn something new everyday, and use your knowledge to make a positive impact on other people's lives.

All the Best,

Peach Beddow-Weeks

December 6, 2014

I saw the Paige Box tee and immediately loved its basic but class style. Then when I tried it on and saw the "made by:" patch on the inside I fell in love with the company, there needs to be more like it! Knowing that the shirt I just bought was made by someone so motivated and so good at heart really makes shopping less guilt-ridden. I love buying local, from independent shops that support the community, and Krochet Kids has successfully pulled off being able to do that at a larger scale. Knowing that each purchase helps a real, hardworking, and deserving person is empowering. Thank you Juana for working so hard at this, no doubt you will achieve every goal and dream you've set your sights on! You're already part of such an amazing movement!

Zoe Strassfield

November 21, 2014

Dear Juana,

Thank you so much for my shirt! The pocket comes in handy and purple is my favorite color. Best wishes for the future.

- Zoe

Emma O'Gorman

November 20, 2014

Hi Juana, Just want to send my appreciation and thanks for my beautiful LOVE Africa Tank! Your time and work at Krochet Kids is valued greatly! :) <3
With much Love from Canada!

Christine Bernard

November 10, 2014

Thank you for making my favorite shirt Juana!! I am wearing the Piper Box Drape Tee and I absolutely love it! I am so happy for you that you are learning such a useful skill and I hope you can continue to thrive in your life and reach your goal!

Jenny Bowman

October 27, 2014

Hi! I ordered from Krochet Kids for the first time last week. I ordered the army colored Marni long sleeve shirt! I love it! I am wearing it today! Thank you for making it for me! I can't wait to tell others about Krochet Kids and the beautiful heartfelt work that you do! May God bless you!

Jemma Williams

October 21, 2014

Dear Juana,
Thank you so much for your excellent work! Today I received a gift from a friend made by you, a beautiful gold t-shirt with a black and white knitted pocket. The craftsmanship is beautiful and I love the shirt! I plan to purchase gifts for friends and family through Krochet Kids for the holidays, what a wonderful program! I wish you lots of success in your business and applaude you for talents.
Thank you!

Andrea Kirke

October 19, 2014

Hi there! I love my new shirt! I want to thank you for your time, energy, and talents. You demonstrate hard work and love. I am so happy to give back and proudly wear your name.


Aaron Morgan

October 15, 2014

Dear Juana,
Thank you very much for the t-shirt you made! It fits very nicely & I appreciate the work you have put into it!

Many thanks,
(Brisbane, Australia)

Cara Benjamin

September 30, 2014

Dear Juana,

I wanted to say a quick thank you for the beautiful and comfortable sweatshirt I recently purchased while visiting a small shop in Holland, Michigan USA. I live in Chicago and it's just starting to get cold here, so I wore my sweatshirt today to my son's school and to the grocery store. I love it and even received some compliments! I can tell the piece was crafted with care and precision. Thank you!


Melissa Bush

September 23, 2014

Dear Juana,

I purchased a beautiful t-shirt handmade by you:-) It is burgundy with a black and white pocket. I love it and really appreciate the hard work you spent created it. I hope you are well and learning new things every day.

I hope many blessings from God for you,
Melissa Bush


September 21, 2014

thank you so much for my shirt juana, I truly love it.

Alexa Hanley

September 20, 2014

Juana, millón gracias por su trabajo fuerte! Hoy día compré una camiseta que hiciste. Te quería decir que tienes mucho talento, la camiseta es hermosa. Estoy muy orgullosa para usar la camiseta y contar a todos quien hizo la camiseta. Estoy muy feliz en saber que estas aprendiendo mucho y que quieres seguir aprendiendo para que puedas ayudar a otros. Te quería contar que yo soy de Alaska, entonces tu camiseta va a terminar viajando a Alaska! Muchísimas gracias!
Que Dios te bendiga,

Shelby Ortman

September 17, 2014

Thank you so much Juana for making my AFRICA tank top! I read your story on the Krochet Kids website , you have an amazing story! I also saw your photo you are absolutly beautiful! It is an honor to wear this shirt knowing an amazing and incredible lady made it! Thank you so much for all you do! You are a true blessing from God and God will bless you very much! I am praying for you and your family! Thank you again for making the shirt I bought!

God Bless ,
Shelby Ortman

Shaari Unger

September 14, 2014

Thank you Juana. I just bought the black top with the shiny front pocket that you made. I wish you all the very best in your future. I am interested in gardens where people learn to cook the food they produce. Muchas gracias.
Shaari :)

Lindsey B

September 10, 2014

Hola Juana!

Gracias por mi pantalones! I just received them today and they are wonderful! They fit perfectly and are so well made. You are talented!
Thank you! Good luck with all the beauty that the future brings you!

Krystal J

September 4, 2014

Dear Juana,
Thank you so much for making this beautiful clothing. Your name and face are something that I will never forget, and I will be praying for you every time I put my t-shirt on. May you know the love of Jesus as you go through out each and every day. Thank you!

Sam Alander

September 1, 2014

Juana, I just got back from an amazing weekend at life light, a music festival in South Dakota. God changed my life in so many ways over those few days and at the festival I bought a shirt you made. Every time I wear it I'll remember what a blessed weekend I had! Thank you for being apart of that!!

Ryan Abshear

August 30, 2014

Thank you so much Juana for the amazing love shirt. I love the color and the softness of it. Good luck in all of your future endeavors, and thanks again!

Love from California,

Ellen Dukehart

August 28, 2014

Juana, I just love the shirt you made. And I'm so impressed with you, your story, and the company. Keep up the good work and best of luck with all your future endeavors. I can't wait to buy more things from Krochet Kids.

Muchas Gracias

Regan M

August 23, 2014

I wear the shirt you made all the time! It is so cute and comfortable. Best of luck in the future!

Jennifer Hernandez

August 21, 2014

Thank you so much!!!! muchisimas gracias

Hunter Davis

August 18, 2014

Thank you so much for making my t-shirt! My sister-in-law ordered this for me for my 29th birthday. I look forward to wearing it all of the time! It is so soft and comfortable.
I started my own business 2 years ago and it is an incredible feeling to have something to call your own. Being able to do exactly what you love is incredible. As scary as it can be starting something from scratch it is also the most rewarding feeling. I wish you all the best and always remember to follow your passion and do it with love.

Thank you so much!

Sending you my love,

Hannah Palmer

August 16, 2014

Hello sweet Juana!

I am pretty sure this shirt you've made is my favourite shirt that I've ever owned. Thank you so much!! I love your definition of love. You have given selflessly and I will wear this shirt with pride knowing that you were the one who made it. I wish you the best in your knitting business! I am sure you will go far :)

You're a gem!

Joy Emerson Kurdy

August 10, 2014

Hola Juana!

Con orgullo que me pongo la camiseta sin mangas que usted ha hecho. Lo amo tanto! Aprecio su trabajo, y me mostraré a todos su firma en mi camisa. Gracias!

Long Beach, California (in Los Angeles)


August 9, 2014

Dearest Juana,Today i bought a tank top with your name inside,and i bought it because of you.I wish you much, love and light and i will think of you.often.gracias mi amiga,Laurie Alex California,Usa

Briana Maiola

August 4, 2014

I purchased a "love" tank top that you made and absolutely LOVE IT! Your work is beautiful and I will have to buy more of your items soon! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Sending love and thanks,

Anna Schorr

August 4, 2014

Dear Juana,
Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do! I wear it a lot and many people compliment it too. I hope you can open up your shop some day. I love knitting as well. Good luck- you will go far with your talent!

Kristina McDonald

August 2, 2014

I love the shirt you made!!! So comfy and beautiful! Great job & thank you so much. Good luck in your future endeavors. :)

Thomas E. Moore

August 1, 2014

Hola Sinorita. Sanchez,

!Asombro con la comiseta que hiciera, es buenisimo! nesacito un mejor bronceado, porque mi bronceado esta muy mal.
Gracias! y espero que seguas sus suenos.

-Thomas Moore

Margaret Tomeo

July 31, 2014

Thank you so much for the wonderful tank top! You do wonderful work! Wishing you the best with your knitting business!

Thanks again,

Nicole McGinnis

July 30, 2014

I plan on wearing my tank top on my honeymoon to Puerto Rico :) This shirt will have been in 3 countries by the time I'm done with it!!!!!

Morgan Austin

July 28, 2014

Thank you! This shirt fits perfectly. I love you and your work. P.s- Does Peru rock?


July 28, 2014

Thank you for the awesome tank top and knitting the cute pocket for it! I bought it at a music festival and it is my favorite tank top!

Maya Alarcon

July 19, 2014

Juana -

Me encanto la blusa. Tengo muchas ganas de estrenarla y decirle a todos que una bella y fuerte mujer en Peru la hizo. Muchisima suerte!



Marie De Garo

July 16, 2014

Dear Juana,

I love the Love Africa tank that I purchased at a local music festival. Thank you for your time & beautiful craftsmanship. You're one of the reasons the world can be filled with hope & brighter futures.

Wishes of love & hope,



July 16, 2014

I just bought a Love Africa shirt that you made. I bought it at a store in London Canada. I was excited to buy it as I have visited Peru and Africa.I have decided to purchase 6 more of these shirts for my grandchildren for Christmas presents.
When they arrive I will check to see if you made any of them.Thank you very much
Good luck, Nancy

Jamie Treviño

July 15, 2014

Thank you so much for this awesome shirt, I love it!!! It's so soft and well made!!! Good luck to you in your future dreams!!!!

Dani Hobbs

July 14, 2014

Dear Juana,

Thank you so much for making my krochet kids tank top! I absolutely love it. Your story is very inspiring to me and I wish you the best with your dreams for your future. If you ever get your own business started I hope there will be a way for me to buy some of your stuff. I hope your love for learning and growing stays strong.

God bless,
Dani Hobbs

Millicent Mun

July 7, 2014

Dear Juana, I am pleased to say thank you for creating such beautiful shirts. The material is soft and beautiful. I am glad my mall in California has two stalls open for people who make handmade shirts like you. If in the future you decide to have your own clothing brand, I would love to buy more! Thank you for creating each shirt, they are all unique and full of love by you!

Lauren Letnes

July 4, 2014

Hi!! My name is Lauren! I am from Minnesota in the USA. I love the shirt I haven't taken it off yet! I love the peachy color. I think you are really inspirational for wanting to start your own knitting business!

Lauren Letnes

Kaitlyn McCarthy

June 30, 2014

Thank you for my shirt! All your work is so beautiful and I'm so glad I found out about Krochet Kids. I love my shirt and would love to continue supporting Krochet Kids. I hope you continue using your talents and I wish you luck with all the wonderful things you're doing.

Ellise cook

June 29, 2014

Thank you for taking your time to make a beautiful piece of clothing. You are much more talented than I could ever be when it comes to sewing! I wish you all the happiness and best of luck! :)

Heather Svoboda

June 27, 2014


Thank you for my patch pocket tank top! The work you do is beautiful! I am so happy to have found this in a local store and learned about Krochet Kids. I will continue to share Krochet Kids and its cause with others. Wish you all the best!


Clare Flanders

June 26, 2014

Thank you so much for my shirt! I find it wonderful that you always love to give a helping hand to those in need. Continue to work on your dream because I feel you will achieve it very soon! You are awesome!

Clare Flanders, 13

grace martinez

June 24, 2014

Thank you so much for my lovely shirt!I bought it in a store that i never new about then i found this really cute shirt. Its amazing what your doing!you have a wonderful talent and its so amazing! your story inspires other people who read about this! thnk you so much for makeing this wonderful shirt!(its now my favorite shirt!)

Shelby Holcomb

June 24, 2014

Dear Juana, my name is Shelby, and I recently bought a Krochet Kids t-shirt and I absolutely ADORE it! I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you do. I'm praying for you! I look up to you and hope that one day I can enjoy learning and giving as much as you do. Remember that The Lord is always with you and is so crazy about you and he will always provide for you. His love for you is unimaginable, yet so real!

~Shelby Holcomb

Jesus answered, "It is written: 'Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'" - Matthew 4:4

So do not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat?' Or 'What shall we drink?' Or 'What shall we wear?' For the pagans run after all these things, and your Heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. -Matthew 6:31-33

Allison White

June 23, 2014

Thank you so much for the beautiful job on my crochet pocket shirt! I love it and love what you are doing! I wish you the best in the future!

Erin Shoaf

June 18, 2014

Hi Juana, you are beautiful! I was in a surf shop and found. Shirt that had LOVE on it with the continent of Africa as the "O". I was on a missions trip to Liberia Africa a few years ago and it has a very special place in my heart. Thank you so much for reminding me of how blessed I am. I am so excited to wear the shirt and hopefully share Krochet Kids with other people. Have an amazing day!

Christina Page

June 16, 2014

Dear Juana,
I received a beautiful T-shirt that you made as a birthday present. I am so excited to wear it! Thank you so much for putting your time and effort into it, and best of luck to you in the future!


lacey walt

June 13, 2014

thank you for your beautiful handiwork! i just purchased a tshirt with your crocheted pocket! i love it and the pocket makes it so unique! my family has spent a couple of summers in africa doing missions work…and i'm so encouraged about this company! may the lord bless you today for your hard work! thank you, lacey

Ben Levitt

June 5, 2014

Thanks Juana for my Africa Love tank that you made for me. I am going to wear it proud and make sure people know about Krochet Kids whenever I wear it. I'll be especially proud when I visit South Africa later this month! Thanks again,


May 20, 2014

muchas gracias por este bonito tank, muy bien hecho.

Rachel Tillman

May 15, 2014


Thank you so much for my shirt. I absolutely love it and am so thankful that you have krochetkids to help you become more independent. Good luck on your future endeavors!

Christie Cari

May 15, 2014

I bought one of the t-shirts you made and am so happy with it. Your workmanship is beautiful. I received two compliments on it the first day I wore it. Wishing you best of luck with your knitting business and all that you do!
Thank you,
Christie Cari

Robin Amanda Miller

May 10, 2014

Dear Juana,

Thank you so much for this amazing shirt! I received it as a gift and it is now one of my favorites - I wear it all the time. It is soft and comfortable and I receive many compliments on it!

I share your passion for wanting to help others. You are an inspiration for me :) I wish you lots of success in your dreams for the future.

¡Muchas Gracias!


Brianne Irons

May 3, 2014


Thank you SO much for my Africa tank top! I absolutely love it - you are so talented.
God bless!

Jessica Mosca

April 29, 2014

Hi Juana ... I just purchased a shirt from Krochet Kids at the Counter Point Music Festival in Atlanta, GA. I am so happy I was able to support this great company!!! I will enjoy wearing my shirt with pride and hope to tell more people about Korchet Kids. Thank you very much for your hard work. I hope you have much success with your dreams of opening a knitting shop in Peru. Good luck with all of your endeavors.

Thanks again ... Jessica Mosca

Ren Richardson

April 12, 2014

Juana I just bought a shirt you made and it is so comfortable! Thanks for making such a great shirt!

Samantha Beskin

April 6, 2014

Thank you so much for my shirt. I love it. I appreciate what you are doing and I hope to build a friendship with you.

Thank you again!

Josie cate

March 16, 2014

Thank you so much for your hard work on my t shirt. I love it. It is my most comfortable shirt! Thank you again!!

Evan McGuire

March 11, 2014

Gracias para la camisa! Buena suerte con su empresa!

Madison Marbas

March 1, 2014

Thank you Juana. I love the shirt that you have made! I hope this is one step closer to your dreams and that you are happy safe and continuing to make a difference in yours and others lives.

Janine Wagner

February 18, 2014

I LOVE my Africa t-shit you made. It is very special to me as I am looking forward to a trip there. I am praying for you as you become independent and that you will continue to learn and enjoy giving to others : )

Jessica Garcia

January 24, 2014

Juana! :hoy recibí mi gorrita en el correo ! yo estaba tan increíblemente feliz, esta preciosa! muchas gracias, le deseo mucha suerte!