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Peru |Sewing Specialist
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Felida prides herself on her hard-working attitude and can-do attitude. There’s nothing that can bring Felida down! In addition to her upbeat disposition, Felida also loves dancing and dreams of being an entrepreneur.

“I would like to own my own sewing factory one day.” 


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Adam Kagel

August 10, 2020

I bought your hand made Beanie from Verve Coffee in Santa Cruz, CA. It’s so comfortable and I love it’s aesthetic! Thank you so much!


December 3, 2019

Felida, I love the long sleeve t-shirt you made. It's clear you sewed it with attention to detail. Best wishes on owning your factory one day! Thank you!

Julie L.

October 23, 2019

Felida, thank you so much for my beautiful blue backpack. You made it so well, and so carefully, it makes me smile every time I reach for it to go outside. I'm sending all my thanks and love from Ireland, and I hope you own your own sewing factory one day! It will be wonderful. <3


October 19, 2019

I just wanted to say that when my shirt arrived, I was blown away by the quality. I can tell the time, effort, and pride you take in your work. I am proud to wear this item. I wish you well in all things! Thank you.

Lauren Kopp

September 23, 2019

Hi Felida! I absolutely love my t-shirt, thank you so much for making it! I hope to find more products that you have made. Bless you!


August 15, 2019

Felida thanks so much for making my great tee-shirt!
Go get your dreams, you are so capable of achieving them!
Anything is possible for you x

Vicki Boyle

June 15, 2019

Dear Felida,
Thank you for making my Tee. It is smart looking & fits me to a tee. A perfect addition to my wardrobe. I am proud to wear it.

Louisa Rigali

April 14, 2019

Hi Felida! Thanks so much for making my tee shirt! I really, really love it. It's super comfortable, and I can tell that you made it with care. I appreciate you and am glad you exist. I own my own small company, and I believe in you and know you can own your own sewing business one day!!! <3


March 7, 2019

Felida, I absolutely love this shirt you made. God has blessed you with a tremendous gift. One I don’t have! Keep up the good work. And let “the perseverance” of your entrepreneurial work “finish its work so you will be mature complete and not lacking anything.”


January 1, 2019

Thank you for making my shirt, Felida! I hope all is well and I wish you the best in your future. :)


September 21, 2018

Felida, I hope you are doing well and want to thank you for making my new dress. I purchased the Hollie dress in blue. Best of luck in your future endeavors


September 12, 2018

Thanks so much for the lovely duffel bag! I’ve already brought it with me on an adventure! Can’t wait to use it more. Great job!


August 15, 2018

Hi Felida! I received my jumpsuit today and I am so excited to wear it. It looks beautiful and I have you to thank. I am sure that you will realize your dream of owning your own sewing factory one day. Keep up the wonderful work!


August 13, 2018

Hey, thank you so much for making my Astrid pants!!! I just wore them all day and they are so comfortable and I loved the fact that I knew you made them!


August 10, 2018

I was in old street in London and randomly bought a black sweater today as it was very cold and rainy from a shop in the underground station, and I discovered this amazing initiative and brand! Thanks, it’s very nice, comfy and warm :)

Alison Markham

June 11, 2018

Hi Felida!
My love Africa t-shirt arrived today! It is so soft and I look forward to wearing it!
Thank you for sewing it for me :)

Ben Walls

March 22, 2018

I bought a 'End It Movement' Slavery and it fits so well and is soooo comfortable!
I love what it means and that you put your effort and soul into it. I hope you start your own business someday!
Thanks so much,


January 29, 2018

I love the Audrey dress I purchased! Thank you so much for making it and doing such a lovely job. I look forward to wearing this dress, knowing the beautiful woman who made it.