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Peru |Knitting Specialist
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Delia was helping her brother clean houses on weekends, but the income was not enough for her to get by. In order to provide for her family, she began searching for better job opportunities in Lima. Through KNOWN SUPPLY, Delia has learned a great deal, and now has dreams of starting her own business in the future.

“I want to send my son to school and give him a brighter future.”

“I enjoy practicing the knitting I have learned. I also enjoy writing verses.”

“Thank you and God bless you. I have made your hats with love.”

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Trish Navarro

December 25, 2019

Delia ... I received a bag that you made and I LOVE it, it’s so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent with me. God Bless you and family.

Michael M

November 12, 2019

Thanks so much Delia. Best beanie ever !

Ally Welty Peachey

August 3, 2019

Thank you so so much! I love my new shirt, it is so comfortable, and the craftsmanship is amazing! Thank you


April 6, 2019

Delia! Muchisimas gracias por tu trabajo duro. Mi camisa tejida es perfecta! Dios te bendiga.

Steph L

November 10, 2018

Hi Delia,
I love the hat that you made! It's beautiful, and I wear it all of the time! Thank you so much for your hard work!!

Makayla Bennett

September 1, 2018

Hi Delia! Thank you so much for my tank top! It’s exactly what i was looking for! It’s perfect!:D have a great day and thank you for all you do :)


July 15, 2018

This is my favorite shirt! I wear it at least once a week (#noshame); it's light for summer, drapes beautifully, and the style's really flattering. I love the tag inside signed by the maker and even the packaging is thoughtful and beautiful. Also, it reminds me every time I wear it of the mission to share messy hope in the face of world events. Planning my next purchase now!


July 15, 2018

Thank you so much for creating a shirt that is crafted beautifully. The knit pocket is so well done that only truly skilled hands could have made it. Best wishes for you and your son!

Jackie Colon

June 26, 2018

Thank you so much for my shirt. It fits perfectly. May you and your son thrive always and forever. Thank you again!


May 5, 2018

Thank you for making my pocket tank top! It is a perfect fit. Thank you for the time and love that went into making it!! :)


March 17, 2018

Delia - thank you for making my black long sleeve shirt! It's my first purchase from Known Supply and I love it. Looking forward to purchasing all my daily shirts from Known Supply.

Alicia Wight

January 27, 2018

I adore my new sweatshirt!! Thank you for making such a terrific shirt!!!!

Shannon coffelt

January 8, 2018

Thank you I so love my T-shirt dress I’ve always wanted one. I love the pocket.


December 27, 2017

Hi Delia! I’m wearing a dress you made. It’s lovely and very comfy.

Katie Rader

August 16, 2017


Thank you so much for the pink t-shirt you made for me, I love being able to see who made the clothes I buy and know I can support you in your dreams for yourself and your family. My husband is a pastor of a Christian church, and we are both followers of Jesus. I love that your interests include writing verses, I was writing some this morning! Studying the book of Acts. May God's peace find you, and may his face shine upon you today!

Cynthia Malm

April 4, 2017

Thank You Delia for making the lovely blue t-shirt, printed with a constellation planetary map. I live in Boston, Massachusetts USA and the weather here is still very cold - but I anticipate warm spring weather soon - I look forward to wearing my new t-shirt then!

Best wishes for you and your family.
Thank You again.


Jessica Yoder

March 15, 2017

Hola Delia Tamani,
Gracias por el sombrero que hizo!! Llevo muchas veces y esta mi favorito.

Dios te bendiga ahora y siempre!!
Jessica Yoder, un estudiante espanol ;)

Aubrey Trujillo Scarr

March 15, 2017

Hi Delia,

Thank you so much for making my comfortable black t-shirt. I wear it constantly because it is so soft. I sincerely hope that you continue to follow your dreams and create your business! Sending prayers for you and for your son.


Chris Williams

January 5, 2017

Hey Delia!

I got an Enditmovement❌ shirt at PASSION 2017 made by you and I am so thankful! You are absolutely amazing at what you do and it's even cooler that you do it for God's glory! I'm glad to know I've got great sisters in Christ like you back in Peru! Love you girl, thanks again for all that you do!! :)

Brooklyn Brown

January 4, 2017

Hello Delia, I went to a conference this weekend along with around 50,000 other people and while I was there i bought an End It Movement shirt that says you made it! I just wanted to stop by and say hello and that i hope you and your family are doing well. I love my shirt!
God bless,
Brooklyn :)

Trisha Stacey

January 4, 2017


Thank you so much for making the Freedom sweatshirt I got at Passion Conference today! May God bless you as you serve your family by providing for them. You are lovely.

Beckie Lueck

December 18, 2016

Hi Delia,

I got some finger less gloves today for a gift and I LOVE them. They are beautifully made and I will use them often in our very cold weather! Thank you so much for such wonderful workmanship! :)

God Bless you!

Beckie L

Bonnie johnston

December 12, 2016

Thank you Delia for the beautiful fingerless gloves.... I purchased a pair for my sister in laws and niece and daughter in law..... All the girls in my family!!! Your work is beautiful and the yarn is soooo soft.... We live in new Richmond Wisconsin and the temperatures will be below zero this winter so your handiwork will keep our hands warm. When they read about Kk their hearts will be warm as well....I admire you for working hard to better your life for you and your family. May god bless you as you push forward. Love Bonnie from Wisconsin USA?⛷

Molly Haynes

November 22, 2016

The hat that you made is so warm and I can tell it was made with love. Thank you! :)

Jared Price

August 1, 2014

Thanks for your hard work! I just a bought a knit beanie made by your hands! How cool! God bless.

Mike Rowland

December 6, 2013

Thanks so much Delia!!!! Best beanie I've ever owned.