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When she was young, Ayerwot Christine attempted to start her own business with a loan given to her by her aunt. However, because she was without the necessary skills to run a business, it collapsed. Through the savings and loans program at KK Uganda, Christine is learning to budget the money that she earns as a crocheter so that her next business endeavor will be successful.

“I hope to start my own business so that I am able to support myself even after I leave the program.”

“Loving others means to live in unity with them, without conflict.”

“I am so grateful for this opportunity and pray that God would bless the supporters of KK intl. so that they may continue to help other vulnerable women.”

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Yerlan Abekenov

December 27, 2017

Hello Christine, I am from Kazakhstan, i bought hat in NY 2014 year..and there was your smiling photo..
And still wear this hat and I want to thank you for your work. Happy New Year to you and your family!

Jane Bruene

December 7, 2017

Thank you so much for knitting me such a lovely hat. The Madeline is just what I was looking for. Hope all is going well for you and that you are getting even closer to owning your own business. I really liked how you described love too. May the love of Jesus continue to be with you.

Carmen B. Rodriguez

June 19, 2017

Hello Ayerwot!
My name is Carmen & I received your beautiful handmade scarf as a birthday gift last year. It is so warm and I love the length! Thank you so kindly for your amazing talent. May God bless you always!

Carmen from California

Sarrah Dominguez

December 5, 2015

Thank you so much for creating this beautiful hat for my first nephew. I can't wait to share your story, and the story of Krohet Kids with him and the family when they open the present. You have made a hat that will keep both his head, and his heart, warm.
With love,
Sarrah - from Maine

Corrin Pryor

November 29, 2015

I have recently received one of your crocheted scarfs and it is so beautiful! I cant wait to wear it this winter. Thank you for taking the time to make it and sharing your talent with others!

Janette hand

August 16, 2015

Your hats are absolutely amazing! Your skills and craft put me in awe! Know that I wear this with pride, knowing how hard you worked on it! Thank you so much!!!!

Keturah Kennedy

March 15, 2015

Hi! I just got a hat you made and I love it. Thank you for your work:)

Hannah Duggan

February 20, 2015

Thank you so much for the hat! I hope that God will bless your business and you will be very successful.

Christa Kay

December 23, 2014

Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did making my new hat. It is so soft and cozy and perfect for chilly mornings and evenings on the beach here in San Diego. When someone asks me where I got it I can say Ayerwot Christina from Uganda made it.
I wish you good luck in your future business endeavors and a prosperous life. As Walt Disney would say "If you can dream it, you can do it."


December 11, 2014

Thank you for knitting me and my family a beenie. I tried it myself and failed. I thank you for your skill that keeps us warm in the cold winter.

Liz Thomas

December 9, 2014

Thank you so much for the beautiful scarf. The second I saw it, I fell in love. I wear it proudly and think of you every time I put it on. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Kampala a couple years ago and hope to make it back soon! Uganda is a wonderful place and the people of Uganda are beautiful, inside and out! Your dedication and passion will take you far! Good luck in all your future endeavors, I know you will be successful! God bless you!

Jacqueline Espiritu

December 7, 2014

Thank you so much for the beautiful had. So cozy and stylish for the cold winters. Good luck and God bless!!


December 6, 2014

Dear Ayerwot Christine,
You have surprised me when I received the pom beanie you made ..... The dedication, passion and love you put on it can be felt. I'm grateful for such personalized beanie, so I want to thank you and wishing you a life full of love, success and prosperity. Never give up of your dreams :-) .Take good care of yourself, Paula

Kyndal Crider

November 4, 2014

Ms. Christine,
Thank you so so much for the beautiful hat that you made. It's absolutely gorgeous, and keeps my head and ears warm on long winter hikes. You can tell that it was made with so much love, hard work, and skill, which is why it is so special to me. Every time I wear it I think of you, and send good thoughts your way. I wish you all the best for your future business!

Kyndal Crider

Hannah Prucha

October 25, 2014

I just bought this hat today. I love it! Thank you for taking the time to make something so beautiful. I hope the program continues to help you and the other ladies and lift you up. Good luck with your future business!

Mary Lee Agrusti

September 28, 2014

Thank you so much for making my little crochet handbag. It is absolutely beautiful, and I love wearing it while walking around campus. You are so talented, and I wish you the best in the future!

Matthew G. DeLaRosa

May 30, 2014

Thank you for all your hard work. You made a beautiful bow tie that lights up the faces of everyone I encounter.

Patricia Garcia

May 1, 2014

Dearest Ayerwot Christine,
Thank you so so much for the beautiful bag you made. I love wearing this bag because I know that when I do I am supporting beautiful women like you!! The bag is gorgeous and the most important thing to me is knowing that a genuine, kind human being is behind the making of it. I am so grateful for the work you put into creating this bag with such skill. :) I hope your business venture in the future goes well and I'm happy to hear you're pursuing your dreams. Ah I hope you continue doing such great things!

Sincerely, Patricia Garcia


April 9, 2014

Ms. Christine,
I am so glad that I am able to thank the wonderful soul who makes such beautiful items. The amount of love you put into your efforts is something no one can compete with. I wear your hat every day that I can, even if it scalding hot outside. Not only does it look exquisite but it fits and feels so comfortably. I almost feel like part of me is missing when I accidentally leave it at home. You're very talented and I know that whatever you pursue in your life can be achieved. I only wish the entire world knows of your grace and kindness. Once again, from the depth of my heart, thank you so very much.
Quentin D. Steadman

randi lauren klein

February 24, 2014

thank you for the 5207.5 that is now keeping my head 100.0% warm during these last few weeks of the new york city winter. i am proud to wear this hat as you should be as proud to have crafted something so special. wishing you much success in your future endeavors in good health and happiness. many thanks. toda roba as we say in hebrew.
Randi aka doodlehedz

Erin Tanner

January 6, 2014

Thank you so much for continuing to be dedicated to what you do. I am in love with my hat and pray for you every time I wear it. May God continue to watch over and bless you!

Natalie chambers

December 6, 2013

Thank you for all the work you've been doing I will continue to buy from krochetkids!

Sophie Watson

November 9, 2013

I bought a bow that you made, and I love it, I wear it everywhere I go! People always ask me where I got it, and when they do, I always tell them all about krochetkids. your creations are amazing and I know that you'll be very sucessfull. Thank you so much for your hard work, :D <3

Charity Kessler

October 4, 2013

Thank you so much for the scarf, Christine! As soon as I picked up this scarf and found out that it was hand-made by you, I fell in love with it. A couple years ago, I lived in Kampala for 6-months as I was working with Watoto Church and I even got to visit Gulu for a couple of days during my time there! I also have a sponsor child who lives in a Watoto village near Kampala, so I'm sure you can imagine how special this scarf is to me! Now, every time I put on my scarf I think of you, my sponsor child, Joy, and my other friends in Uganda and I say a prayer for all of you. I know that God is going to bless you in your new business endeavours!

Much Love,


August 5, 2013

Ayerwot Christine. You have a beautiful smile! I am praying for you and the incredible journey that God is taking you on. You are an inspiration!

Gillian Neff

April 14, 2013

Thank you so much for my headband! I just tried it on and I love it. May the best wishes go to you and your business, good luck!

Elizabeth Jackson

March 28, 2013

Thank you sooo much for the hat! I love it soooo much!!!

Jessica De La Paz

March 14, 2013

You are a beautiful and talented woman of God! Thank you so much for the lovely head band you made for me. It is so pretty and I love it! I will remember to pray for you and your family every time I wear it on my head. May the Lord bless you!


January 16, 2013

Thank you so, so much for the miraculously beautiful hat! I wear it everyday (I'm not sure what exactly it was called, because I got it as a present; so I just put it as donation). Everyone says they adore my hat and think its amazing. They usually ask me if I made it... And I say: "no, a women more talented, more gifted and more beautiful than me made it!" Also thank you so much for putting all your hard work into it! I wish you the best and encourage you to work to your dream, it will happen! May God bless you and keep you safe.

Best of luck and remember to keep on smiling cause smiles lead you miles (and so does God :D),
Tomi =]

Leah Froats

December 27, 2012

I just got my hat today and I don't want to take it off!
It is going to do a fantastic job keeping me warm in these cold winter months to come. Thank you, and I wish you all the best!

Lisa Stine

December 25, 2012

I absolutely love my new hat! Thank you so much for putting your hardwork and love into it. It really means more to me than you know. I'll wear it often and think of you always. Best of luck to you in all of your endeavors. Xxoo.

Vinny H.

December 22, 2012

Dear, Ayerwot Christine

I just wanted to say thank you so much for making this incredible Meaningful hat!! I am so happy that I contributed to such a great cause. I bought this hat for my girlfriend for Christmas! And I'm sure when she sees this hat, my girlfriend will absolutely love this hat !! Just imagine all the inspirational stories and conversations that are told about such a beautiful cause!! I hope that you will prosper in your goal of owning your own business! I again thank you for everything! I will right back and tell you how much my girlfriend will love this hat! Thank you!

Avery Rouda

December 17, 2012

Thank you Ayer Rhjot Christine! I believe in your dream.


November 4, 2012

I rarely wear beanies (being its so warm in Hawaii) but I enjoy wearing this beanie all the time. Thank you so much for making such wonderful products. I pray you keep blessing people and your community with your gift.

April DeCoster

September 1, 2012

Thank you for the gorgeous hat! I can’t wait for winter to come so I can wear it more :)

Jocelyn Gomez

June 21, 2012

Thank you for the hat! It's awesome!

Kaitlin Miller

December 25, 2011

Thank you so much for making my hat! It is so pretty and you put so much hard work into it. I hope you
Can start your own business very soon. Everyone loves my hat when I wear it and I make sure to tell them that
You are the one who made it. Thank you so much!! May God bless you.
With love,
Kaitlin Miller

Hannah Edwards

December 25, 2011

Dear Ayerwot Christine,

Thank you so much for the beautiful hat! I absolutely love it; it made for a very beautiful Christmas gift. I cannot wait to show off my new hat, all my friends will be jealous. Keep your dreams alive, we all believe in you. I'll be thinking about you as I wear my hat through the cold winter months at my college, I'll keep you in my thoughts!

Best of luck to you, your family, everyone you know, and to your business.

Victoria Carrature

December 25, 2011

Dear Ayerwot,

Thank you so much for my hat! I love it so much and it's so beautiful! Keep following your dreams and never give up! Merry Christmas!


Faith Gutierrez

December 25, 2011

Thank you Christine for my hat. It's beautiful!!! I absolutely love it! Thank you so much.

Love, Faith

Robert Inge

December 16, 2011

Thank you Christine for the best hat i have ever owned! It looks great and keeps my bald head warm. Ha. Keep your dream alive Christine. You can do anything that your heart tells you to do.


Nicole Gustafson

November 24, 2011

I love my hat so much, it is absolutely beautiful. It will be very warm when the weather here starts to get cold. My mother owns her own business as well, so don't ever give up because you can accomplish your dreams. Keep dreaming and keep working hard and you will succeed! :)
Best wishes,

Brittany Stoneman

November 17, 2011

Thank You Christine for this beautiful hat. I'll wear it everywhere I go, so that others can ask where I got and I can tell them your story. You're an inspiration. I love how you haven't given up. Keep up the good work, and I know you'll do great.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to help others,

Anna Bishop

November 12, 2011

Dear Ayerwot Christine,
I just received a beautiful hat crocheted by you for my birthday tonight. I absolutely love it! I wish you luck with your business adventures and will be praying for you and your family. Thank so so very much!

God Bless,

Courtney Florchinger

November 10, 2011

Dear Ayerowt Christine,
I've been waiting and waiting for my hat to come in the mail and now that I have recieved it, I LOVE it! Thank you soo much! Not only is it cute but, it has a story to go with it that I can share with people. I want to wish you the best of luck on your buisness endeavors!

Thank you again,


October 22, 2011

Dear Christine,
Thank you so much for my beautiful hat!!. I wear it almost every day now that the weather has gotten much colder. Whenever I wear it I think of you and all of the other amazing women who dedicate their time to make such beautiful garments. You are a remarkable woman and I pray that you will achieve your dream of your own business. You deserve it!! Dont ever give up on your dreams and always keep that beautiful head of yours up! Thank you again so much and I wish you all the very best!!


Eva Acevedo

October 13, 2011

Dear Ayerowt Christine,

Thank you so much for making my cute new hat!! I absolutely love it! I wish you luck on your business endeavors and I hope that one day you will be very successful. Keep your head up and a positive attitude and wonderful things will come your way. Good luck! =]

Fabiola Castaneda

October 13, 2011

I just received my hat through the mail today! I love it so much, I hope you get your business started soon! I appreciate the hard work that you've put into making my hat. I wish nothing but the very best for you, you are and amazing woman! and thanks again for my hat.


Tori Nothnagel

October 11, 2011

Thank you so much for my hat. It's wonderful and you are an amazing woman. I hope you get your business started and have great fortune in your future. Best of luck to you and again thank you very much.

Much Love,

Taylor Sidles

October 10, 2011

Thank you so much for making such a beautiful piece of craftsmanship! I can't wait for it to snow so I can show off my hat everywhere I go. I wish you the best of luck in all your current and future endeavors!

Thank you,

Stefanie Alvarado

October 5, 2011

Thank you for my hat I love it!!! I wear it almost everyday. I not only wear it because it was beautifully crafted but it also tells a story. I share with every one what a wonderful organization this is. Someone in the mall even stopped and talked to me about it and they too will be ordering a hat. I wish the best for you. God Bless!!!

Julie Ratcliff

October 3, 2011

I was so excited when I got your beautiful hat in the mail! I was jumping with excitement and telling all my friends about this wonderful organization. I am so glad that I was able to help you on your way to reaching your dream! I feel so blessed. I can feel all the love that went into this hat and I am so grateful. Thank you so much!! Just know that I pray for you everytime I see or touch your hat. God loves you and so do I!

Bethany Kost

September 28, 2011

Dear Christine,
I just received my hat that you made in the mail! I was so excited that I ran into my house and ripped open the package. Where I live it gets REALLY cold in the winter and we have a lot of snow...so your hat is perfect for me and will do a great job of keeping me warm! Plus, whenever I see my hat, I will now think of where it came from, the people of Uganda, and YOU! It will be a great reminder for me to keep you in my prayers. And when people ask me about my hat and where I got it (because it looks so GREAT!), I will be able to tell them your story and about your people in Uganda. :)

Thank you for my beautiful hat! Know that you are in my prayers...God bless,
Bethany <3

Stephanie Alofs

September 28, 2011

Dear Chrsitine,
You crocheted the beautiful hat I received as my birthday present. From your hands in Uganda to the top of my head in Michigan, wow, this hat has made a journey! I appreciate your wonderful crochet skills and am very impressed by the quality of your work. Since you made this hat with your own hands, it is not "my" hat but rather "our" hat. I will think of you and pray for you each time I wear it.

Peace and Love to you and your family,

Rhonda Gallion

September 27, 2011

I just received my Betty Hat and it's beautiful! I'm sure that after my friends see it, you'll have a few more orders coming your way :) I admire all that you are doing and am inspired by your hard work. I wish you nothing but success and happiness in the future.

Thank you again!
Rhonda Gallion

Kasey Broomfield

September 24, 2011

thank you so much for making my beautiful hat. its so beautiful and even more special because all your love is in it. i wish you the best in life and hope you succeed in all of your dreams <3 you are truly an inspirational woman.

Brian D. Ridings

September 24, 2011

Thank you so much making my new touque. I fell in love with it the moment I bought the touque online. Just knowing it was handmade from you and that you across the world from me. Made me appreciate this touque even more. Seeing your name inside my new touque is like the cherry on top. This touque haves sentimental value to me now I feel like we are connected from just this one hat. When my friends ask where I got it I'll make sure I'll tell them where, and about Ayerwot's dream to own her own business.

To all you dream to come true,
Brian Ridings.

Dianne Vandergrift

July 24, 2011

Thank you so much for making my touque. It is beautiful and although I just got it I have already worn it lots.
I live in Canada and I know I will wear it often in the winter to keep me warm :)
Every time I see your name on the inside of my hat I pray for you. I pray especially that you will not get discouraged and continue working hard so one day you can have your own business.
You are an amazing, talented and beautiful woman.
Thank you so much!



July 14, 2011

Thank you so much for the beautiful hat. I cannot wait to start wearing it. Continue to work hard and you will revel in the wonderful benefits. Good luck with starting your own business, you are surely deserving!

God Bless and thank you,



May 22, 2011

Thank you so much for making my hat! it is so cute and i wear it very often. i really hope that you will be able to begin your own business because you deserve it for working so hard! You are amazing!

Thank you so much,

Danyelle Bengochea

December 12, 2010

I loved my hat from the beginning, without even knowing that you had crocheted it. I've already had so many compliments! Thank you so much, and good luck with your dream to start your own business, whatever it may be.

Love in Life,