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Growing up in the midst of war was incredibly trying on Olivia. Her family was torn apart and she had no choice but to join the workforce at a young age to help provide for her younger siblings. With her unwavering determination, Olivia pursued a job with KNOWN SUPPLY a in order to support her family. Today her family thrives thanks to the income Olivia earns at KNOWN SUPPLY.

“My future plan is to buy a plot of land where I will build my own house.

“My most enjoyable activity is doing business. I used to sell cassava for a living.”

“Thank you. I pray that the program gets replicated to other areas that have disadvantaged and needy people. Thank you for the big-hearted people that have bought these products and have given meaning to my life.”

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Previous Thank Yous

Anne Simms

December 6, 2014

Dearest Aromo Oliva

Thank you so much for the beautiful beanie that you made. I love it and it warms my heart to think that a beautiful, strong, talented woman made it. God loves you and your family!

Many Blessing,


September 26, 2014


Thank you so much for amazing work. My boyfriend and I are humbled by your story and will continue to support you and the other women in this amazing organization.

I will keep you in my prayers.

Stephanie :)

Emily Borrell

September 2, 2014

Thank you for taking the time and putting in the effort to make this wonderful beanie! I love it so much and it just makes me feel better about myself when I wear it! You are such an inspiration! I'll be praying that one day soon everything will fall into place and you'll get that land, so you can start building :) God Bless!!

Robyn Munger

March 26, 2014

Your story is truly touching and I feel extremely privileged to own a product that you have put so much time and love into. You are an inspiring women and words can not express how honored I am to have this opportunity to hear your story. Thank you for everything and I pray that you will have the chance to own that piece of land for you and your family. God Bless

Jannelee Sonora

March 25, 2014

Thank you so much for this beautiful beanie! You have no idea how amazing it makes me feel. I hope to someday stumble upon another one of your beanies(: you are a very talented woman. Never give up! (: <3
Thank you so much once again Aromo (:

Kaytlyn Marcotte

December 28, 2013

Dear Oliva,
Thank you for making the hat I received for Christmas. The hat is absolutely beautiful. You are a true inspiration and I couldn't thank you enough for making these hats and empowering women to make a better life for themselves. I hope you and you're family are well. Thank you once again for making my hat.
Kaytlyn M.

Brittany Bear

December 25, 2013

I am very excited to wear my new hat. The stripes look very nice. Keep up the good work! God Bless you and your family!


December 21, 2013

I hope this finds you well. The hat you made just came in the mail today and it is beautiful. Thank you very much for taking the time to make it. Your story is very inspiring and I think you are an amazing and strong woman. I hope you and your family will be blessed and you'll be able to achieve all of your goals. Best wishes.

Mary Marin

June 28, 2013

Dear Aromo,

You are an inspiration and a great hero! May God continue to bless ou and your family. I just bought a pair of women's Vans Shoes; simply adorable and comortable!!!


Casey Steuer

May 11, 2013

Hi Oliva,
I just wore your tie to my friends wedding. Many people said it was the nicest tie they had ever seen and I agreed with them :)

Peace and luck,


brandon waterman

March 16, 2013

thank you sooo much for a making this hat i love it and its my favorite color,green

Mikayla Lopes

January 6, 2013

Oliva, this hat is so beautiful, I havent taken it off! Its so soft and warm and keeps me from freezing when i go outside. I wish I had as much talent as you do to make something like this. I hope you reach your dream one day, because you deserve it so much!


Kelly McDermott

December 25, 2012

My older brother got me one of your hats as a gift and I have been wearing it all day. I love this hat and it makes me so proud to be able to say that someone as talented as you made it. :) Thank you so much!

Tylor Clark

December 25, 2012

Thank you so very much for the beanie, Oliva! It is absolutely amazing, as are you! I will cherish it and think of you whenever I wear it, and pray for you daily. God bless you!


Jacqueline Satter

October 19, 2012

Aromo, I bought this hat because it was stunning, completely oblivious to the story behind it. Now that I realize its history, I appreciate it and cherish it so much more than just a hat, and I am ever grateful to your strength and perseverance. It is truly inspiring and makes me want to do so much more with my life. Thank you!!
Love, Jacqueline

Danae Ramirez

October 16, 2012

Aromo thanks for the hat it's beautiful and it keep me warm, I hope you now have everything you
Love, Danae

Kylie Collister

August 11, 2012

Dear Aromo,

Your story has stuck with me, you are so inspirational to so many people and I want to thank you for sharing your story to the public. You are a very brave, strong woman, and I can't help but to be grateful for the headband you made that I recieved in the mail. It is so gorgeous! I am so proud you can overcome such hardships and create thrings as beautiful as my headband. Your story gives me hope for every struggle. Thank you, and god bless <3

Love, Kylie Collister

Jamie Trevino

July 12, 2012

Oliva, Thank you so much for making the awesome head wrap i bought, I really love it!!!
I pray this token of thanks finds you in good spirits and that your family as well as yourself flourish in lifes awesome gifts that we are given!!

Much Love And Many Thanks To You,
Jamie <3

Tifani Mikropoulos

July 6, 2012

Thank you for crocheting my head band! I love it! I plan on wearing it for a long time. I have gotten many compliments on it. God bless! I wish the best for you!

Andrea DeJoode

May 14, 2012

Dearest Aromo Oliva,

Your story is very inspirational. Thank you for crocheting me my hat, it is almost as beautiful as you are. I will pray for your family and your continued success in life and happiness.
"The hardest thing to do in life is live it. Be brave." is one of my favorite quotes, and by reading your biography you are incredibly brave and your story has brought much more meaning for the quote to me now. Thank you.

Much loves,

Amanda Bond

April 16, 2012

I wish you and your family a happy and beautiful life!

Shannon O'Guinn

January 25, 2012

Thank you so much for my beautiful hat. God Bless!

Lola Williams

December 28, 2011

You are in my thoughts and I only hope for the best for you and your family.

Kayla Gmoser

December 27, 2011

Thank you so much Aromo for making my beautiful hat. I just received this hat as a gift and this brightened up my day! Your story is very inspirational and I'm glad my hat makes a difference for your life. Thanks again.

Alyssa Andrade

December 26, 2011

Dear Oliva,

I want to personally thank you for putting your time and effort into creating such a beautiful beanie. My brother bought me this beanie for Christmas and I have to say that it is truly magnificent! I want to wish you and your family a life full of life and happiness!



December 25, 2011

My hat was beautiful; the care and time you took was evident. I got it as a Christmas gift for my little sister and she hasn't taken it off since!

Lily Van Munching

December 25, 2011

Thank you Oliva for my hat. I will wear it always. I fully support you and your family.I am really thankful for my hat. I am glad to know that by buying my hat I have helped you.

Olivia Hawkins

December 25, 2011

I love my new hat; it's so soft and I can't wait to wear it! Thank you!

Meghan Smith

December 25, 2011


I read your biography on the website, and all I can say is thank you. Thank you for being strong, for persevering through difficult times, and for my hat as well! I absolutely love it. You have quite a gift. I am twenty years old, and I admire you for being so young and so strong. Thank you so much for making my hat. I will be wearing it during the cold winters of Minnesota. I'll be praying for you and KK!