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Even though Nighty was not able to complete her education due to family financial struggles, she was determined to provide for her family. Without a source of income, she reached out to the KK Uganda program. She is now earns a living and does not need to depend on her husband for food. She hopes to one day go back to school.

“I dream to go back to school and continue with my education through adult learning. I also want to educate my child and other dependents in school.”

“I love reading a novel.”

“The most beautiful thing about northern Uganda is the climate because it’s favorable for farming.”

“I am grateful for the program that has employed me because it has changed my life and the lives of people living in my house. I hope God blesses you.”

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Linda B

December 28, 2017

Thank you for making such a lovely hat. I live in a cold climate and I need to have surgery on my head. With this hat I will feel beautiful even after the surgery. And I’ll be warm.

Madelyn Burnham

November 18, 2017

Hello Apiyo,
I recently purchased a scarf that you made!!! I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for school and it definitely keep me cozy when I'm walking around campus. Thank you so very much for sharing your craft with me! I wish you well!

Kyla Rissell

November 7, 2016

Hi Apiyo! I just want to say I received your beautiful hat for my birthday from my boyfriend last year. I absolutely love it!! It's gorgeous and looks lovely on me. I have a mint colored hat if you remember making that one:) anyway, I just want to say thank you for making this gift and I hope you and your family well.
Truly grateful,

Li Jackson

August 17, 2016

Hi Apiyo,
Thank you so much for the beautiful black beanie.
Best wishes to you and your endeavors.


Neal C

December 28, 2015

Your beautiful hat is currently in Chicago, Illinois braving the cold winter. I will be using it often and I'm thankful that I was able to discover your work. Thank you so much! I wish you continued success, and hope you can find your way back to school!

Nikki Machmuller

December 23, 2015

I received a hat that you made as a Christmas gift, and I absolutely love it. I live in Colorado, USA, it tends to get very cold in the winter, I will be wearing the beautiful hat that you made often. I want you to know how much appreciate all that you do for such an amazing origination. I know that you can follow your dreams and make it back to school! Happy Holidays from my family to yours, I wish you all the very best!

Kyle Ryan Whedon

December 22, 2015

Dear Apiyo,
Thank you very much for the handmade hat! I live in the Midwest (Kansas), where winters can be very rough. While we haven't had much snow here this year, the wind and temperatures have been pretty brisk. I wear the hat you made almost daily, and get many compliments. As you mentioned in your bio about Uganda being favorable for farming, Kansas too is known for nice farming conditions (we are known for the production of corn, wheat, and beans). Coming from another student, I wish you the best regards in completing your education!

Thanks again,
Kyle R. Whedon


December 6, 2015

HI, Apiyo Nighty, I pray this greeting finds you well. I would like to thank you so very much for the beautiful beanie/cap that you made. I love it so much. Not only does it keep my head cozy and warm, but it feels so very special to know you made it with love. May the Lord watch over you and your family and keep you. Blessings to you my dear, Summer

Ethan powell

November 30, 2015

The hat you made is beautiful, thank you so much, and I hope your family has a beautiful life. God bless you.

Sarah Perrotta

November 7, 2015

Thank you for your beautiful work Apiyo! My husband has been looking for a black hat that is simple and comfortable. We have looked at many hats and he finally chose the one you made. It will keep him warm as he works building houses in the Catskill mountains in New York where we live to support our two young boys and myself. Thank you!

Haylie Williams

October 17, 2015


Thank you so much for this wonderful hat! It is so beautiful and I feel beautiful in it. I just want you to know that you made someone smile today and I hope you love what you're doing because I love what you made. You give me inspiration to be strong and to do what I want to do. I hope you achieve your goals of going back to school! I hope for the best for you. <3

Haylie :)

Christina Morrison

October 9, 2015

Apiyo, I LOVE my headband you made for me! I hope you can one day go back to school and make all of your dreams come true because you deserve it. You make beautiful things and I appreciate your hard work so much. May God bless you.

Brandy Miller

September 22, 2015


I just wanted to thank you for my beanie. It's beautiful and every time I wear it I'll think about you and send some light and love your way.

Thank you ?

Renee Schmitz

September 8, 2015

Hi Apiyo,

Thank you so much for making such a beautiful beaniie, I bought mine at a store in Berkeley, California . I started wearing beanies after I had cancer treatments and my hair got pretty thin on top. I have a nice collection now and was happy to find the one that you made. It's light enough that I can wear it during the Bay Area summer!?


Blair Boswell

April 19, 2015

Hello Apiyo!

Thank you so much for making my lovely hat! It just arrived in New Zealand where I am working as a nanny, and since winter will be coming soon I'll have lots of chances to wear it. :) I will think of you and send you positive thoughts every time I wear my new hat. You're beautiful! Thank you! xx


Jacob Hoffman

March 2, 2015

My name is Jacob. I go to school at the University of Toledo in Ohio. You made a hat for me. It's wonderful, thank you. I wear it every day. School is difficult sometimes and then I think of you. You are an inspiration across the world to me. Thank you, I'll be praying for you.

Claire Larsen

November 16, 2014

Hi Apiyo. My Name is Claire and I'm a student at the university of Nebraska-Lincoln in the USA. I bought one of your beutiful hats and I absolutely love it! It's definitely keeping me warm in this cold weather we are having here in Nebraska right now. I loved reading more about you. You are such an inspiration and I admire the hard work it must take you to provide for your family. Northern Uganda sounds like it's a beautiful place. Thank you so much for sharing your talents and story with the world. The best of luck to you and may God bless you.


November 15, 2014

Hi Apiyo,

Just want to start by saying you are a true inspiration. I purchased one of your tan hats in San Diego, California. I love it and have received many compliments about it! Thank you for sharing your talent with others! I hope the best for you and that you will continue with your education. :]

Katie R.

Robyn Field

October 16, 2014

Dear Apiyo - I purchased one of your beautiful hats! It is black and white wide stripes. It is very soft and comfortable and keeps my head very warm as our days in New York are getting cooler. Your work is just beautiful - all of the stitches are so even and smooth - I can tell you enjoy creating these beautiful pieces. I will think of you and send prayers to you each time I wear it. I hope that you will be able to continue your education and fulfill all of your dreams. With tremendous thanks, and sending love across the miles.
Robyn Field

Allie Wade

July 28, 2014

Thank you Apiyo for the beautiful headband! I've worn it several times and gotten many compliments! It's is beautifully made! Thanks!

Elizabeth Sensing

March 1, 2014

Hello :)

Thank you for such a quality hat! I love how intricate the design is! Bonus: the grey and white go with everything. The ear flaps are perfect: Michigan has had frigid temperatures. I love having a cute hat that give me tons of compliments! It makes me think of you.

Best wishes and much gratitude!

Paige Tenneson

February 9, 2014

Thank you so much for making my beautiful new hat! You are very talented and I admire your skill at crocheting and making hats. I'm glad I can help support you and help you work towards your goals of going back to school! Thank you!


January 30, 2014

Thank you so much for making my hat. I love it! I'm so grateful for the hard you you put towards making this hat since it keeps me so warm during our freezing cold winters. I will continue to buy KK products with the hopes you and your family can go to school and fulfill your dreams of getting an education! Thank you!

MacKenzie King

January 12, 2014

Thank you so much for my beautiful maroon beanie. I get so many compliments on it every time I wear it. I've worn it so much this winter it's already starting to wear out!!! I wish you the best of luck with going back to school. I am sure you will be able to do it. :)
~MacKenzie K.

Rhoda Rossman

October 4, 2013

Hi Apiyo Nighty, I have a small zippered purse you made of red yarn with a lining of green printed fabric. It is just lovely and I know I will enjoy using it thanks to your beautiful craftwork.

Sending you much positive energy...

Rhoda in California

Ashley Johnson

September 12, 2013

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful scarf you made with your hands. It's absolutely wonderful that you took advantage of this opportunity and provide for you and your family. I am here to pray for you whenever you come to mind. Never stop dreaming and continue to pursue your desires of an education. Knowledge will get you where you want to be in life. Thank you again. Never stop believing in God, He loves you and wants to give you the desires of your heart:-D

Amaris Paramo

August 31, 2013

Hello! Apiyo Nighty :) I am a vans employee and just purchased a shoe you crocheted. I absolutely adore them and I just want you to know I really appreciate you and all your work. You really are a lovely woman :)


July 1, 2013

Hi Apiyo Nighty, I bought a pair of vans and you croched the top and back of them. They are so comfy and look great with my shorts=) I'm so grateful for them and I'm glad you have had the opportunity to do this. Thanks again and the best of luck to you and everyone involved with KKi.


March 18, 2013

Hello Apiyo, I'm proud to be wearing this gorgeus hat, thank you for making the betty for me!!

Lauren Goemaat

March 7, 2013

Thank you for making such a wonderful hat. I wear it all the time. I am proud to be supporting Krochet Kids and all the wonderful women they are helping. I hope you can return to your education soon.
Sending my love to everyone,

Ashley Butawan

February 28, 2013

Hello, Apiyo! You are truly wonderful. Thank you for putting such great work into my hat and so many others. It keeps my head and heart plenty warm! I hope that you are able to return to school soon. Take care.

Christian Zamora

February 18, 2013

Thank you Apiyo I can't believe how hard working you aren't crocheting this beanie which I truly adore I hope you do end up going back into your education ill be wearing this beanie proudly thank you !

Wyatt and Keile

January 12, 2013

Thank you! You are in our prayers, hope you are able to continue school as well as your children. We loved the hat, came in handy when we stumbled upon your lovely hat in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Chelsey Brown

December 31, 2012

Thank you Apiyo I'm wearing my beautiful yellow beanie right now My best Friend got it for me for Christmas and it was my favorite gift! It's beautiful and I love it and You!

Lei Elena

December 25, 2012

Thank you so much for this gorgeous hat!! It's a beautiful gold hat that's bright compared to others. You are a great person for being with this organization and I give you a million thank yous.

Rita Karaian

October 8, 2012

Thanks I love it!:)

Kate Winslow

March 24, 2012

Apiyo Nighty, asante sana rafiki yangu for the hat you made. It is the perfect way to keep me warm on a rainy day. Every time I wear it, I think of you and your family. Praying that through your hard work and skills, you will be able to accomplish your dreams of returning to school. Mungu akubariki! --Kate

Tilly Roberts

February 8, 2012

Thank you for making my hat, it's lovely and really warm.
I live in England and we have cold weather so I wear it every day, and it's really good to have something so unique that made a difference to someone's life. Everyone admires my hat but nobody has the same one!
I hope you are having a happy life in Uganda, and I hope you one day go back to school.
Lots of love,
From Tilly

Erin Kee

December 28, 2011

Apiyo Nighty,

Thank you so much for crocheting my hat. My brother gave me this as a present for Christmas. I am so excited to receive a gift that I will cherish and that was handcrafted by you. I noticed that you love reading novels and that is one of my favorite past times as well! I wish you luck in completing your education, as well as helping the members of your family and school recieve one as well! I will think of you and your family every time I wear my beautiful hat. It is perfection!



steven blake

November 21, 2011

Apiyo Nighty!!!! thank you so much for the beautiful hat. Its the tan striped beanie, they didn't have my hat in the selection. But anyways im glad it will help this cause and i hope you finish school as well. I hope you get to teach to other underprivileged kids and look forward to looking for your name in more products! Much Love and Peace
steven blake

Laura McCall

November 16, 2011

Thank you so much Nighty for my neck scarf (toob). I was so excited to get this creation in the mail. I looked it over and over and it is perfection. We feel your energy in this piece and it gives me so much comfort. I wear this scarf proudly and think of you often. Good luck in your future and many wishes for you and your family's future!!!

Savana Williams

October 31, 2011

Thank you so much Apiyo Nighty for my hat! It is beautiful! Your dedication and love for your family is inspiring. I appreciate your perseverance and passion. I pray that you never give up on your dreams and that one day you will get your education! I am proud to wear the hat that you made and glad to help you along in your journey. Thank you again, Apiyo! Many Blessings to you, your family and your friends.

Decs Herrera

October 2, 2011

I just wanted to thank you soooo much for my hat.
It fits very snug and is always with me.
Im glad that buying a hat for myself can make
Such a huge impact on you from the other side
Of the globe. I will be sure to order more.
Again, thank you and may god bless you.