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After her mother passed away when she was 10 years old, Jackline moved in with her uncle who, at the time, was taking care of many other children. Due to an unexpected pregnancy, Jackline’s uncle could no longer afford the fees to send her to school so she was forced to drop out. Through KK Uganda, Jackline is able to provide for her family and give her children the education she was never able to receive.

“I plan to build a house on the piece of land I was given by my uncle and pay school the fees for my children.”

“Netball is my most enjoyable activity.”

“I love seeing the rapid development in Northern Uganda after a long time of war.”

“Thank you KK intl. for the great support that has enabled us to pay fees. Continue with the same spirit of supporting people.”

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Previous Thank Yous

Charles and Nicole

March 23, 2018

Thank you Jackline for the wonderful and beautiful baby booties. I can't wait for our son to be born so he can wear them! Wishing you the best! - with love Charles and Nicole


January 13, 2018

Anena, thank you SO very much for the beautiful hat. I am wearing it right now and it keeps me very warm and it is so chic! You do amazing work. Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful future!


December 19, 2017

Thank you so much for my lovely hat! It is very special to me and I wish you and your children much love and happiness


February 3, 2017

Hi Anena! I am so grateful for the beautiful hat I received made by your skilled hand. I am sending you and your loved ones many well wishes --thank you again!

Blythe Marquez

December 25, 2016

Thank you for the beautiful hat. I received it at a Christmas gift from my daughter. God bless you on all your endeavors. :)

Julia Altenburger

November 15, 2016

Thank you so much, Anena! The hat you made me is absolutely beautiful! Keep doing what you're doing. You possess an incredible talent and the motivation to succeed which will take you to your dreams. You are an inspiration to so many!
Thank you again. Hugs and God Bless!

Denise Gish

November 11, 2016

Dear Anena, Thank you so much for a beautiful hat! The yarn is so soft and you are so talented. Peace to you and your family.

Danielle Archer

July 4, 2016

Hello! Thank you so much for the beautiful krochet hat! It is so soft and so pretty. It is pink and it fits my head perfectly. I am in love with the Madeline style. Bless your family and you Anena, and I wish you happiness and health in your future! Keep making these beautiful hats for all to wear! You are very talented. Best wishes!!

Stacy Johnson

February 3, 2016

I think what you are doing is amazing. I don't even know how to crochet. Someone gave me your beautiful turquoise skull cap. Keep it up, you will have your dreams realized.

Katie Moore

January 14, 2016

Hi Anena! I received one of your Waldo toques in a beautiful golden yellow color as a gift from my sister! It is lovely, and I am so thankful for your unique handy work. Thank you so much!

Francesca Groth

December 30, 2015

Dear Anena,
I got one of your heads as a Christmas present, thank you for making it. It is really pretty
I hope your dreams will come true.
I wish you and your family all the best!


December 2, 2015

Hi Anena,

Thank you so much for the wonderful brown hat. Your beautiful work will keep my head warm through the cold New York winter. Bless you and your family. Thank you again!

- Jeff


November 29, 2015

Hi Anena,

I got my awesome blue and green Waldo hat last week. I live in Colorado and it's been under 30 degrees farenheit all week. It's very warm and feels and looks wonderful. Thank you for making something so beautiful. Love to you and your family! - jeremiah

Ken Lobaugh

November 25, 2015

Thank you for the hat. My 15 year old son will use it to keep his head warm during the cold Kansas winter.


November 25, 2015

Dear Anena,
Greetings from New York City! Thank you for making my handsome hat. I used to receive handmade scarves from my grandmother- and I will wear your hat proudly along with her gifts. May you be blessed in all things,

Katy Swagman

November 8, 2015

Dear Anena,

Thank you so much for my beautiful, blue crochet hat. I loved reading your story and seeing the face of the woman who makes such wonderful products! Continue doing what you love and God will continue to bless you and your family! Many thanks again, all the way from Missouri in the USA!

Take care,


Miranda Staake

September 18, 2015

Thank you so much for the wonderful products you are making! God Bless you and your family!

Elizabeth Hepburn

August 21, 2015

Dear Anena Jackline, I received your beautiful work in the mail today. I absolutely love my new hat! Thank you for sharing your talent , it is a wonderful gift.
All the best to you,

Shaylyn McGory

June 29, 2015

Hello Anena!

I saw your signature on my hat and didn't know what it was, so I looked on the back and saw that it was a signature from the person who made my hat. I just want to thank you for 1: being an AMAZING hat crocheter, and 2: being an amazing helpful person. I really hope that you build your house nice and strong and raise your family for a long time to come. Yet again, THANK YOU!

-SM <3

Leslie Seraphine

December 30, 2014

Dearest Anena Jackline,

Thank you for the beautiful Betty Jr. hat that you made. I hope that you and your family meet your goals of building a house, and that your children continue to receive an education. Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated!


Kelsey Hansen

December 24, 2014

Dear Anena Jackline,

Thank you very much for the gorgeous Betty Jr. hat! It was the most thoughtful gift from my mother-in-law, and I feel fortunate to be the recipient of a product that you made with such kindness and love. Good luck to you and your family in all that you do!

Warm wishes,


Eron Howard

December 4, 2014

Love the teddy bear hat you made our son!


November 15, 2014

Jackline, I purchased your hat today from a surf shop on cape cod, Massachusetts. Without knowing to much about kkinternational, I noticed your name inside. I was really curious of your story. I immediately came home and found you on the website. I send you my good juju for your family and determination to build a home on your land and pay for your children's schooling! Your persistence will pay off.

With a warm heart and appreciation,

Kimberley Steven

November 13, 2014

Hello Anena.

I am writing to thank you for the beautiful work you did in creating a warm winter owl hat (the Hoot) for our beautiful 10 month old baby girl Ava. She is wearing it now as it is becoming cold here in Ottawa, Canada. Your sacrifices as a mother will reap their rewards. Thank you again for your beautiful and caring work. I look forward to another piece for our daughter next year!

Kimberley Steven

Emily Sears

November 13, 2014


Thank you so much for making my hat! I have been wearing my hodgepodge for a year and last winter was an especially cold one in the United States. I wish you luck and hope you continue to work towards your goals!


November 10, 2014

Thank you for making my hat. It's beautiful and I know it will wear it all winter.

Walter Alvarado

October 10, 2014


Thank you for making these amazing products. You have such great talent! Please continue to make art and continue to support your children. I know one day they will appreciate it and grow up to be as awesome as you are and to make a difference like you have!

Montanna Irene Smith

September 6, 2014

Anena! Thank you so kindly for your wonderful talents. I appreciate so much that you have helped me to help you(: Every time I wear the beautiful hat you made I will think of you with joy, and every time I am given a compliment I will explain, proudly that my friend, Anena Jackline made it for me. Stay strong and always believe that you will achieve your goals(: Thank you so much<3

Davi Wilson

March 30, 2014

Thank you Jackline for the beautiful purple baby booties. My friend will be having her Baby girl in July and I am giving these baby booties to her as a gift to welcome her first baby into the world.

Davi Wilson
Costa Mesa, CA

Ellis Logan

January 31, 2014

Thank you Jackline for the amazing hat you made, It was the nicest Christmas gift I received this year! It is keeping me warm in this cold winter in Pennsylvania. Best wishing and keep up the great work!

Nicole Baker

October 14, 2013

Anena Jackline, thank you for the beautiful and warm hat you hand made. I will have to purchase another one since my eleven year old loves it so much, I think it has become hers! I'm sure she went into school today talking about KKi and is spreading the good word. We spent much time on this website last night learning about this wonderful program. We are looking forward to purchasing more items!
Warm regards,

Alina Alonzo

October 6, 2013

I love the hat that you made. It's sure to keep me warm this winter and many winters here in Colorado!! I plan to buy more. Thanks!! 'the Betty' is beautiful, I love it!

steve george

September 22, 2013

I saw "the hoot" you made in a store in California and I immediately knew my daughter Chloe would LOVE it!! I brought it back to Colorado where she and her big sister Mia are sure to argue over who's turn it is to wear it.
From Northern Uganda, to California, to Colorado...your hat is well traveled!
As the girls outgrow this cute hat, we'll look for others from you and the Krochet Kids intl. group!
Good luck to you and your family!

Steph Shirk

June 30, 2013

Bought a wonderful crochet hat at Creation this year that you made! It's adorable and your talent is amazing! <3

Samantha Bottegal

May 16, 2013

Thank you for my wonderful hat Anena ! Its going to keep me very warm this winter. Its awesome!!!!

Barbara West

March 10, 2013

My sister gave me "The Betty" in white made by you. Everone loves it at the cancer center.

Lorna Guzmán

January 10, 2013

Thank you for making my hat is awesome I love it. Hoping the best for you xoxo.

Lorna Guzmán

January 10, 2013

Thank you for making my hat is awesome I love it. Hoping the best for you xoxo

Amy Whitman

December 31, 2012

Hi Jackline!!
Thank you so much for making the Juliette!! My roommate received one for Christmas and it was so beautiful, I had to borrow it from her immediately!! It kept my ears warm and really completed my outfit! Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job! With three females in our apartment, I'm certain that it wil be worn by all of us! God bless you and may this new year bring all that you hope for and more!!

"Now to Him Who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or [even] imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen." ~Ephesians 3:20-21

Summer L.

December 29, 2012

Thank you so much! My husband spotted this hat at a local whole foods and showed it to me. I love how soft and well made it is and how cute it looks on my little daughter, who loves it just as much.

Priscilla Brown

December 29, 2012

I received the hat you made on Christmas 2012 from my daughter and her family. I love the hat Anena Jackline.
My mother use to crochet. The soft beautiful hat will remind me of you and her.

Aletheia S.

December 22, 2012

Thank you so much for this wonderful hat, Jackline! My best friend got me this hat for Christmas and was so excited to give it to me because she was so inspired by everything you guys do. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful present. I wish you and your family luck; you'll be in my prayers <3
Much love,
Aletheia S.

Johanna Legy

December 19, 2012

Thank you so much for making this krochet beanie for me :) I am most deffinetley warm this winter.
I appreciate the hard work that you put into making this hat and I admire your strength.

god bless you and you're family.

-Johanna Legy

Marissa McWhorter

October 23, 2012

Thank You So much for the krochet headband!! I loved it, thank you sooo much!!!!(:

Julie Rae Munns

September 23, 2012

I absolutely love my new headband, Jackline, thank you!! It's beautiful! Wishing you and your family the best. You're in my prayers.

-Julie Rae :)

mary ryan

August 18, 2012

Thank you, Jackline. I bought one of your headbands at nordrstrom in san diego for $17.00usd. I hope you made some money also.
love and god bless, mairs ryan

Nicki Mena

March 23, 2012

i was shopping in venice beach california when i bought this hat. at first i tried it on but didnt buy it. then i realized how much i really loved it and went back for it after all. thank you so much for your work i love my beautiful hat :)

Rachael Medina

February 27, 2012

Thank you for this genuine gift of love. I will cherish it in remembering your story I am excited to give it to my sister. I pray God show you love and takes you on the journey to your dreams and desires.

Love Rachael

Meredith Ellen Gold

January 15, 2012

I FREAKING LOVE THIS HAT!!!! It's a olive green buret, and is SOOOO well made!!! The irony is that I was shopping for a buret for a long time (I love those things) and wasn't even expecting to find one, let alone one that has such a perfect color and style!!! I went back and bought two more. So pretty!!! Thank you!!! :)

Amber Sobrio-Ritter

December 26, 2011

I bought this for my little sister this Christmas and she loves it. I love knowing that it was made by you, a fellow mother, and that your children will benefit from its purchase. God bless you Anena Jackline, and may our children grow together in a world of equality, peace and love. Thank you.

Lara Eng

December 20, 2011

Thank you Jackline for my wonderful hat! You truly have a skill making these wonderful items. Wish you the best and happy holidays to you and your family!

Patty Davis

December 14, 2011

Thank you so much for the beautiful hat you crocheted. I love it, you and the other ladies do great work . I wish you and your family the best of luck. Hope all your dreams come truce. Thank you again.

Teila Bell

December 10, 2011

Thank you sooo much for my hat. It is absolutely beautiful as are you! Sending hugs to you and your family!

Kathryn Adkisson

November 23, 2011

thank you so much for the beautiful hat you crocheted! i love wearing it every morning to school :) i wish the best for you and your family and hope that life is treating you well. once again, thank you so so much.

Colleen Townley

October 12, 2011

Thank you very much for the beautiful gold hat that you crocheted. You are very talented and it is incredible that you and so many others like you have the ability to be rewarded for all of your hard work and passion. I wish the best for you and you're family and hope that your children are able to receive schooling.

Erin Metcalf

October 3, 2011

Thank you Jackline for the beautiful yellow hat! The snow will be falling soon and this hat is sure to keep my ears warm for the next five months. I wish the best of luck to you and your family.

Sarah Parry

October 2, 2011

Just got my hat in the mail. It is so beautiful, Thank you so much!! You are very talented!