Ana Gutierrez

Peru | Knitting Specialist
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Like many families in rural Peru, Ana and her family made a livelihood on farming. Due to the struggles of agriculture Ana moved to Pacifico to find a more consistent income. Before finding KNOWN SUPPLY, Ana worked a variety of odd end jobs including cleaning houses and doing laundry for families in Pacifico. Thanks to her new job, she is now saving up for her own knitting machine with the hopes of starting her own business and becoming self-sufficient.

My dream is to be an entrepreneur to run my own business.

I enjoy spending time with my daughters.

I want to encourage them to continue helping more and more people. Thank you for buying my products.


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Jim McNair

January 21, 2020

Que' hermosa bufanda. Nunca he tenido uno tan hermoso come este. Muchas gracias!


January 11, 2020

Thank you Ana for the lovely knitted hat. It made it to us here in NB, CANADA. It’s so cozy and will keep us warm on the ski 🎿 hill. Take good care.


August 20, 2019

hi! i'm from the Philippines and one of your products reached me! <3 i love it! God bless you! hope you are doing well.

Frank Maranje

June 5, 2018

Muchas gracias, Ana


June 5, 2018

Thank you Ana!! I love the beanie that you made!!

Kelly Castillo

May 14, 2018

Hi Ana. I live in Phoenix Arizona in the US and just received the beautiful scarf you made as a gift for Mother’s Day. Thank you for the amazing job you did making this scarf, I love it!


January 28, 2018

Muchisimas gracias Ana!
Me encanta mi gorro.


November 20, 2017

Mucho gracias, Ana. Me gusta ma neuvo 'beanie'; esta muy bonita. Quanto tempo es necesario por te fabriquer cada uno?


August 19, 2017

Hi Ana, thank you for making my beanie! It's well-made and I love it. I can't wait for you to open your own business and wish you much success. Sending big hugs and thank you so much again!


July 1, 2017

I received the most beautiful winter hat made by you, the only problem is that it is summer hehe:-) I can't wait until
It gets cold to wear it! You are doing a great job and soon your dream will be a reality! Thank you for sharing your talent!!

Karesha Bailey

March 31, 2017

Thank you Ana! I received the world's best beanie and love it!

Jon DeLeon

March 6, 2017

Hi Ana! I wanted to let you know I received one of your gray World's Greatest Beanies as a gift for Christmas, and I truly love it. It has become my favorite hat, and I take it with me wherever I go, to travels far and wide.

I've been meaning to write to say thank you for your hard work and beautiful craftsmanship. It has taken me far too long, but I hope you receive this message in good health and spirit. Best of luck in all your endeavors and dreams!

Ericka Wallace

January 9, 2017

Thank you so much for my beautiful hat, Ana! You are great at what you do! I am praying that you can get your own sewing machine and start your own business! Thank you again and God bless.


January 2, 2017

Hi Ana, Thank you so much for making the Beanie that was gifted to me. What a blessing! My prayers go out to you and your family, wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I also I Pray that all your needs are met and that you enjoy good health. God Bless ya!

Kara Fleming

December 18, 2016

I love my becks hat so much! Every time I put it on I pray for you! Thank you for the love and care you put into it. :)


December 16, 2016

Hi Ana I just got my krocheted Cap and I really like it
Thanks for your hard work.
My wife's name was Gutierrez before we got married -- I think that is very interesting, don't you?
Keep up the good work it is appreciated
Your new friend, Vernon

Angie Nyquist

November 20, 2016

Hi Ana,
I got my "Hayley" hat in the mail today. It's beautiful and well made. Thanks for working so hard to make beautiful, quality products. I am sure you will continue to be successful in the future. Today I prayed that God would bless the work of your hands and that he would show His love to you and your family in tangible ways. I'll be sure to share about Krochet Kids with my friends.
Thank you!


November 13, 2016

Thank you Ana!! I got the "World's Greatest Beanie", a gray one that I'm really happy with. It is very soft and I now wear it everywhere I go throughout my school. I hope your daughters are well and that you are able to save enough money to eventually run our own business. God's Blessings to you!


November 9, 2016

I purchased a surprise 2 pack of beanies and I got a black and white one made by you. It's so soft and beautiful, I love it. Thank you so much and good luck in everything you wish to achieve!

Evie Willsteed

October 20, 2016

Thank you Ana! I just got my beanie today and I love it: it's so beautifully made. Good luck with your business, I wish you every success! Evie x

Tracey Mudrock

September 14, 2016

Hi Ana! I purchased the red Reed you made and I can't to wear it this winter.I especially love the smiley face next to your signature. I pray that God blesses you and your family each and everyday because God is good all the time....all the time God is God :-) Love, from Cleveland Ohio

Cailey Dover

September 11, 2016

Thank you Ana for the beautiful scarf that you made!
It has kept me nice and warm during the cold Canadian winters.
I received it from my father a while back, a truly wonderful gift.
Best of luck with your business!
Love from Canada (Ottawa).


August 4, 2016

Hi Ana
I received my new hat and I LOVE it, its beautiful and I can hardly wait for winter to wear it.
I love the color too, it makes me so happy. I will think of you every time I wear it. Good Luck and
much love to you on your future business.
XO Dianne

Ellen Steere

February 25, 2016

My daughter-in-law owns a boutique clothing business in Seattle, WA. She carries Krochet Kids items and I bought a cute red hat that fits perfectly. I pray God will bless your business and am glad you can enjoy your daughters. They grow so quickly!

Kimberly Chen

January 6, 2016

Dear Ana,

Hello from Canada!! My worlds greatest beanie came in today and I wanted to give you a special thanks for crafting such a beautiful piece! I can't wait to wear it and I'm glad that I know who crafted it. So, I wish you a great and successful future. Thanks again! :)

Eric schneider

December 21, 2015

Hello from Iowa, Ana. Just received the worlds greatest beanie and wanted to extend my thanks for crafting such a nice piece. Have a safe and happy holiday! Thank you!

Samantha Iufer

November 22, 2015

Ana - I bought a grey beanie from you and it is just beautiful. The craftsmanship and skill that went into it is beyond amazing, and I've already gotten so many compliments on it. Keep up the amazing work!!
PS: Love the smiley face you wrote after your name. :)

Brittany Masuda

August 12, 2015

Ana, thank you so much for your colorful hat! I love you and God loves you more than you know.

Tristan Howey

June 1, 2015

Bought one of your wonderful hats!! It is my new favorite!

Amy Lee

January 27, 2015

I received a beautiful hat made by you for Christmas. It is a cold rainy day today and your amazing handiwork is making it much better! Thank you!

Monique Mongeau

January 17, 2015

j'aime beaucoup ma nouvelle tuque. Elle est chaude, belle et très bien réalisée.

Un gros merci pour votre travail, je vous souhaite la santé et merci aussi pour votre beau sourire,

Monique M.

Hudson Leliefeld

January 5, 2015

Thank you for my hat. I am 4 years old and live in Spokane, WA. We have a lot of snow and I wore my hat to school today. Happy New Year!!

Lara Brewer

December 25, 2014

I wanted to thank you for the lovely hat you made that I received this Christmas. It's absolutely perfect, so wonderfully soft and well made. I can tell you truly are talented. I wish you the best of luck with your dreams, I'm sure they will come true!

Tyler Becker

December 7, 2014

Dear Ana,
I want to say thank you kindly for the lovely hat that i have just recieved from Krochet Kids. I can clearly tell that it was made very carefully and with lots of love. I hope that you can one day soon buy that knitting machine that you seek to achieve and can start your own business. I wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors.

Ellie Raney

October 25, 2014

Thank you so much for the beautiful hat! I wanted my children to have something to keep them warm that also helped someone smile. I am grateful to Krochet Kids for their impact on all of our lives. I want you and everyone to be able to take care of themselves and their families! Good luck with your ventures!!! Thank again!!

Santyna Pineiros

October 15, 2014

Hola Ana! Me llamo Santyna y quiero agradercerte para mi gorra hermosa! Le deseo mucha buena suerte con inciar tu propio negocio! Cuidate mucho y Dios te bendiga.

Vipin Davessar

October 9, 2014

Hello Ana,

I purchased two of your beautiful hats today! One has "amor!" knitted on the cap and the other has anchors on it. Of all the caps I saw, these were my favorites and they were both your creations!

I look forward to buying more of your products and sharing these with friends.

I wish you all the success in your dreams to start your own business. I am certain you will do extremely well.

Thank you again for making such beautiful caps. I will enjoy them for years and think of you whenever I wear them.


Oliver Häggblom

July 11, 2014

Thank you Ana for my hat i love it.
//Oliver from Sweden

Robin Clouston

January 1, 2014

Hi Ana,
I bought one of your winter caps for my husband for Christmas and he loves it! Thank you!
Warm regards,
Robin Clouston
Saint John NB Canada

Ramon coronel

December 25, 2013

Gracias ana gutierrez

Micaul Bosch

December 23, 2013

I just wanted to thank you so much for my hat! I live in Montana where gets pretty cold and snowy in the winter. I received my hat as a birthday gift and have worn it on most days since. We have just gotten over a long cold spell (-30 degrees Fahrenheit) two weeks ago. It has warmed up since, but still cold. Thank you again, I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

Darlene Rupp

December 23, 2013

On Sunday 12/22/13 my family celebrated Christmas together. We always celebrate the weekend before Christmas so on Christmas Day all can be with their immediate family. I had 17 at my house for the party. I had 3 children and 4 grandchildren here, also nieces and nephews, and my sister-in-law. We always do a "theme" gift exchange, meaning we all bring the same type of gift to exchange with others. This year we were to bring a hat. We had all kinds of hats to pick from and I picked YOURS. My niece Michelle Johnson brought your hat and explained the story of Krochet Kids international and I immediately wanted your hat. I want to personally thank you for making the hat. I have read your story and I am praying that you will get your own machine and business. God Bless You! Darlene Rupp

Chad Koehler

December 10, 2013

Thanks so much for my beanie! I love it. I'm so proud of you for doing what you do, it so awesome. Keep it up. I'll be keeping you and your family in my prayers. God bless

susan watkins

December 7, 2013

Thank you so much for making such beautiful hats. I just purchased one you made today in newport beach california. I love it! I planned to wear it to a boat parade we attend every year.

Matteo Pelaota

November 18, 2013

Gracias Ana!

I love my blue, white, orange, and brown beanie. I can definitely tell you made it with love, and that you are a very special lady by the way you crafted my beanie. Because of this beanie you have inspired me to take out a loan and I want to climb the Andes mountains with my new beanie. I just got back from a trip to Uganda because of a scarf I bought a while back. Any way wishing you the best, and thanking you so much for the wonderfully made beanie!


PS my ears thank you too!

Mark Larson

November 8, 2013

Dear Ana, Thank you so much for my hat. I see in the photo that it is an Edna. My old man head needs the warmth and doesn't mind the feminine name. The hat is so comfortable that I didn't take it off even in the house for a week. Best of luck in starting your own business - it is very rewarding and may it reward you.
Muchas gracias!

Yesenia & Elliot

November 5, 2013

I bought a beanie for my baby who is 5 months old. It is so beautifully made and it looks so cute on my baby boy. I was so excited to see your signature on the tag because it just makes it that much more special!

Chris P

September 26, 2013

Hi Ana - thanks for the amazing toque! I've been wearing it for almost 3 years and it's still going strong. I visited your beautiful country in 2008 and will never forget it.

God bless.


September 14, 2013

Thank you ana.
from oliver
the usa

Melissa Dawn

September 13, 2013

My bag is beautiful, I will appreciate always and of course, spread the word of your beautiful talent.

Maya W

July 17, 2013

Thank you Ana for knitting the pocket of my Krochet Kids Vans backpack! It's really beautiful and i shall use it everyday for school :))
Greetings from Colombia


July 4, 2013

I have had this beanie for months and picked it up and noticed it had someone's name in it and so I went to the website and just wanted to say thank you <3

Maria Riechman

June 20, 2013

Thank you Ana for making my Amor beanie! It's very beautiful and I will wear it with love knowing you made it! You're a very inspirational woman and I send much love to you and your family!! <3

Kenneth Filosi-Radol

June 14, 2013

thank you for the beanie
wish you a beautiful life ahead with your daughters
kind regards Kenneth, Australia

Samantha Monastra

June 11, 2013

I didn't know I would get the name of the woman who made my beanie. It is very well done and I cannot wait to wear it. Good luck with your business and all your future endeavors!!

Paul Conway

May 21, 2013

Dear Ana,
Thank you very much for the beautiful hat. I know I will enjoy it for many years to come. May all your dreams come true. Best wishes to you and your family from New York City, Paul

Rory Melton

April 27, 2013

Thank You Ana for the good quality Amor ! Beenie. I hope all your dreams come true, God Bless You ! Thank You from Southern California

Kathryn Makowski

April 14, 2013

Ana, you did a wonderful job on the Simon ipad case! I love it! Thank you so much, and much luck to you in the future!

Samantha barker

March 15, 2013

Thanks so much! I bought your grey black white and yellow beanie. It's my new favorite. :) good luck with your own business!

Emily Malpass

March 8, 2013

Ana, my magenta woven marie scarf is so beautiful, and your energy comes through in the weaving. I wish every blessing for you and your daughters, and may your days be as bright and warm as this garment is around my neck!

Emily Morgan, Age 21

January 24, 2013

Thank you for the lovely hat Ana! It is so warm, soft, and cute that I wear it nearly every day! I enjoyed reading your story and wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors! Maybe the next time I need a knitted hat to stay warm from this cold, New England weather, I'll be buying it from your own company! Here's to hoping! Good luck and thank you dear!! :)

Autumn Marinelli

January 19, 2013

Thank you so much Ana! I love my new Rainier beanie, I hope you are able to follow your dream in the near future! :)

Noah Davis

December 31, 2012

thank you so much i love it, my grandparents bought me my beanie for Christmas! Its very warm and so cool. Thank you so much!!

Hannah king age 12

December 28, 2012

thank you very much even when you are struggling you still have a big enough heart to give to others and that Ana is a true gift you have and I say thank you very much I love my hat it is white with blue,Orange,and pink stripes.p.s you are very talented and don't let any one tell you different

Full NameMaggie Less

December 25, 2012

THANK-YOU SO MUCH FOR THE BEAUTIFUL BEANIE ANA!! My family loves it and it made my Christmas! Warm wishes to you!!
Love from Madison, Wisconsin! USA


November 4, 2012

Thank you Ana for my beanie, he is beautiful and I wish thank you. Greetings from France, Louis


November 3, 2012

Thank you for the beanie Ana, I don't know his name but he's yellow, grey and black. I bought it today and I wanted to thank you because this association is a very good idea and I'm happy to wear the beanie.

Tom Schuster

October 31, 2012

Thank you Ana for The Beanie, it is very nice. I Love it.
Greetings from Germany, Tom