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During the war, Akello Vicky was held captive  and forced into marriage.  Vicky and her child were fortunate enough to escape and were reunited with her family. Although she was free, life after was difficult especially with making enough money to meet her basic needs and to provide for her child. Vicky sees her work at KK Uganda as the door to a new life. She can now provide for herself and her family and no longer has to worry about going hungry or becoming homeless.

“My dream is to save enough money to be able to support my family without concern; to provide my child with food, medical care and clothing and also to save for the future.”

“Loving someone means caring for them wholeheartedly.”

“I thank the staff of KK intl. for their support because before joining the programme, I led a very difficult life but now that I am engaged in something productive. I know my standard of living is going to improve. I now have hope for the future.”

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Previous Thank Yous

Bethany K.

February 5, 2016

Thank you so much for my beautiful scarf. It provides me so much warmth on cold blustery days and helps me feel embraced with your wholehearted love that generate off of it! I am beyond thankful that I am able to wear your beautiful talent around my neck!

Beth Haynes

September 15, 2014

Thank you for the hat, we love it and it's adorable on my daughter. If only I could get her to leave it on her head!

Meghan Boenig

August 11, 2014

Hi Akello Vicky!

Thank you for the beautiful flower hair clip! It is very lovely, and I've already received several compliments on it. You are very talented, and I pray that you will see your dreams come true!

Jennifer Ward

June 25, 2014

Hi Akello Vicky,

Thank you so much for making the beautiful crocheted flower headband. It is very well made and gorgeous! I can't wait to wear it! You have a lot of talent and I wish you and your family all the best.

Brooklyn, New York

Jennie Lwanyaga

February 25, 2014

Hello, Akello Vicky,

Thank you so much for making the beautiful hat for my daughter. This hat is very special to us since you have made it and it helps someone in Uganda. My husband / daughter's father was born and raised in Uganda so it is very near and dear to our hearts. My extended family still remains in Uganda so we love to help when we can. Keep up the great work. Accuume, Jennie

Carly Keeley

January 3, 2014

Thank you so much for the beautiful hat! You are so talented, and you should be so proud of what you are able to create with only your hands! Good luck as you continue to creat wonderfully beautiful products. Thank you again!

Kayla Mildren

September 5, 2013

Hi Akello Vicky!
I just had another order come in and I was thrilled to see that my knitted bow was from you! I have the flower hair clip and you made it as well so I recognized your name on my hair bow clip. I love it and I wanted to thank you! It is beautifully done and I will wear it with pride. God bless you!

Kayla Mildren

July 22, 2013

Dear Akello Vicky,
I recently purchased the 'Ava' in the peach color, I absolutely love it. It is so beautifully made and every time I wear it It I think of you and your family. In fact I am wearing it as a type this! I can tell how hard you work on each piece you make and that is seen in the flower clip I was so lucky to get from you! I wish you and your family all the best in life and in all your future endeavors. May God bring you joy and help you accomplish all your goals. Keep up the amazing work you do! Thank you!

Chelsea Osborn

July 21, 2013

I bought a hair peice with my last bit if money I had saved for my Sonshine trip. Of course I could have indulged in festival food but instead I wanted to support this amazing cause. So THANK YOU SO MUCH. Ill pray for you and may God be with you every step of your journey through life.
-Chelsea, IL

Casey Sautter

July 12, 2013

Dear Ms. Vicky,

Thank you so much for crocheting my beautiful new hat. I bought the Hodge Podge in the color slate. It’s so well made! You are incredibly talented to be able to make it. I wish you all the best in providing for your family. May all of your dreams come true!


Lanesboro, Minnesota

Ashlea A. Clapsaddle

July 2, 2013

Hi Akello,
My name is Ashlea, a few days ago I was at creation and I bought a clip the Ava clip that you made it is BEAUTIFUL. Your story is so inspiring, I'm so very glad I got to help out your family. I just love my clip stay strong and make more beautiful things, thanks again Akello.

Yours Truly


July 1, 2013

Hi Akello,
A few days ago at the Creation Festival, I bought the Ava clip made by you. I love that I can use it for many different things. Thank you so much for all of the hard work and effort that you put into making the products that you do! I loved being able to type your name into the search bar and have the opportunity to read your inspiring story and see a picture of who made this cute little crocheted clip. :) You have made a great and powerful statement to many!
May God Bless you!

Rebekah Yizazew

February 7, 2013

Dear Akello,
I just got the bow I ordered and I am so excited to wear it! i absolutely love it!! Thank you so much for your hard work! I am praying for you and your family, I just wanted to say thank you and I wish you the best!


January 28, 2013

Dear Akello,
few days ago my best friend bought a hat that you made, and ever since he's overwhelmed with it... he can't stop talking about how amazing the hat is, so I'd like to thank you for putting a smile on his face, it sincerely means a lot to me.
You are an inspiring person, your story touched my heart, and your courage gives me hope...
I hope great things come your way, and again thank you, god bless you :D

Manuel Ueda

December 31, 2012

I just want to THANK YOU for this awesome hat that you made. I'm from Peru but live in Glendale California. Since is getting much colder here where i live i'll get to where your awesome and show it off. Again THANK YOU SO MUCH

Jessica Rubio

December 10, 2012

Hi vicky,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the work you do. I think this is a great cause and am glad krochet kids is able to help people who are in need. Every time I wear my hat, someone will hear your story. This is the best hat I've ever owned and was worth every penny! Keep up your amazing work. I wish you and your family the absolute best!

Kimberly Miller

October 23, 2012

Dearest Akello Vicky,

Thank you so much for the wonderful hat! I live in Chicago, Illinois and I am looking forward to the weather getting colder just so I can wear it! You are such a strong person and an inspiration to myself and everyone who will hear about you when I wear my hat. I'm sending thoughts and prayers of love and peace your way. God bless you!

Sheri Waddell

September 4, 2012

I bought one of your beautiful infinite scarves. I see now it reflects your beauty. Thank you for making such beautiful products for others to enjoy. I pray you will find peace and love in your future, always!

alexandria mcclamb

April 21, 2012

Thank u sooo much for my hat i love it u are really good i am just a little girl and i dont know how much i can thank you

Emma Jeffery

March 9, 2012

Hi Akello Vicky, thanks for the hat and thank you for being an inspiration to women everywhere. Sending you good wishes for a peaceful and contented future. ~ Emma (California, USA)

Jordan Leigh

February 24, 2012

HELLO! Akello Vicky!!! my hat came in today!! Thank you so much! It's wonderful and i cannot wait to wear it all the time! I'm glad that you have found a wonderful organization like Krochet Kids and I want you to know that you will be in my prayers!!! God bless you!!!

Emily Anderson

February 8, 2012

Hi Akello Vicky,
Almost 5 years ago I visited your beautiful country! I saw, with my own eyes, some of the horrific consequences of the war. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about the resilience, strength, and beauty of the people I met while there. I received the betty for my birthday this year and absolutely love it! As a knitter myself, I can appreciate all of the hard work you put in to making each of these hats - WEBELE!

Taylor Davenport

January 13, 2012

Dear Vicky,
My name is Taylor and I live in Maryland, USA. My grandmother bought me a hat that you made today and I absolutely love it! Not only is it beautifully made, but it keeps me warm :) . You'll be in my prayers.

Tiffany Flynn

December 29, 2011

Thank you for such a beautiful job on my hat! I wish you te very beat of luck with your family in the coming year!

Ellen Green

December 26, 2011

Hi Vicky! I got a hat that you made for Christmas from my mom. It's so beautiful and warm. I'll think about you every time I wear it. Merry Christmas and you are in my prayers!

Han Kwon

December 25, 2011

Hello Akello Vicky,

I just received one of your hats from my sister for christmas. It is awesome, thank you so much for doing what you do.



Alex Carey

December 25, 2011

Thanks for hat I love it so much!

jennifer anderson

December 24, 2011

dear vicky thank you so veryyy much for the beautiful hat. i wish i had your skills and strength. please keep up the good work on the hats and the role-modeling, you inspire more people than you know.


November 30, 2011

Hello Akello Vicky,

I saw a commerical of Krochet Kids international and was immediately curious. I am from New Mexico. I purchased two hats for gifts for someone else. I was so curious that I had to know who made such a wonderful hat. It is beautifully made, and am incredibly thankful that you made this hat with such care. I KNOW the people I bought these hats for will absolutely love it. I just wanted to personally thank you. You are inspiring.

With Love,


Jess Trepanier

November 15, 2011

Hello Vicky, my name is Jess I live in Michigan. I just received the Betty hat you made and I absolutely love it! Snow season is approaching and I can't wait to wear it boarding.
Your story is so incredibly inspiring. I am so grateful to have come across this amazing organization, allowing me help make a difference. I am doing a persuasive speech on purchasing a hat from the Krochet Kids next week in my class at Central Michigan University. I can't wait to show my peers my hat and share your story. I can only hope they find it as moving as I have. Best of luck to you and your family! THANK YOU again :)

Leah Bykowy

November 12, 2011

Hi Vicky, my name is Leah and I live in Vancouver, Canada. I purchased this hat (in Canada we call them toques!) from the Krochet Kids online store and I was so excited when it came in the mail. I crochet as well and your work is perfect! I found out about Krochet Kids because I am doing a project on them at school and I can't wait to tell everyone I know to come and support you and this company. THANK YOU for my toque and thank you for being so strong and brave. I cannot imagine what you have gone through and I will continue to pray for you and your family. I thank God that there are people out there who are making a difference in the lives of wonderful people like you. You are an inspiration.

With love and gratitude,

Stephanie B

November 4, 2011

Dear Akello Vicky,
I just got home from purchasing my hat and I had to immediately come and thank you. I have been looking for the perfect fall and winter hat for the longest time. I put this one on and I knew right away that this was the hat for me. I know you have struggled throughout your life and I am very grateful you have found this job and that you made me something so beautiful. I really appreciate and look up to you and I know many others do to. Thank you for making me something so special, I will think of you every time I wear it.
With Love,

Jose Rocha

October 27, 2011

Dear Akello Vicky,

Greetings from Nebraska. I just wanted to tell you how much I love my hat. Thank you.

Danya Juarez

October 24, 2011

Dear Akello Vicky,

I just bought one of your hats at my local Nordstrom in Bellevue, WA. I LOVE it! It's my first time buying a hat from the Krochet Kids company, and I completely adore it. I feel great purchasing such an amazing product, and that this company is changing many lives in a positive way. My prayers go out to you, your family, and all of your loved ones. I hope all is well and I pray that your future is full of happiness, love, and success. You were blessed with the ability to make such beautiful pieces of clothing. Keep up the amazing work!

Much love and respect,
Danya Juarez, 14

Kelso Hope

October 23, 2011

Hey! I received a hat made by you for my 21st birthday! I love it! I am a really cold natured person and I wear hats in and outside when it's cold. I wore it this morning for the first time to a marathon in st. Louis, Missouri. I live in cape girardeau Missouri an go to college there. My roommates love my hat and the directors of the campus organization says it's very me! I wish I could send you a picture. I just learned about krochet kids last week and a friend thought I would love the hat and the idea behind it! Thank you so much. I hope things are going well for you and your family! I send love and prayers from America. Have a wonderful day.
Love Kelso

Caitlin Sears Curry

October 19, 2011

Dear Akello Vicky,
Thank you so much for my beautiful hat. I love it- it has been keeping me very warm as the weather gets chilly in Seattle, WA. Yesterday, I received two compliments on it. I proudly told both about Krochet Kids.
I hope life is treating you kindly.
Much love and respect to you!

Amanda Gayl Meredith

October 11, 2011

Dear Akello Vicky,
First I would like to say that I think its amazing that I'm giving thanks to you. I respect you so much for what you have gone through and the things that your doing to make yours and your families life better. I just bought my hat about an hour ago and I ran to the computer. I LOVE it and its something I can wear with every outfit. So THANKS! This is something that I can hold onto forever and kwow it's not just an ordinary thing you can put on your head.
With love and respect,
Amanda M.
Santa Clarita California

Eddie Jiminez

October 4, 2011

Dear Vicky,
Thank you very much for this beautiful hat (the 5207.5) I have read your story and I am very happy and proud to own a hat from a strong and positive woman like yourself. I wish you well for you and your family. Again Thank you for your beautiful work and to all who is involved in krochet kids international! Take care!
Cincinnati, Ohio


September 30, 2011

Dear Vicky,
Thank you so much for my hat! You and your work are beautiful! I pray that you will be very blessed!
Thank you so much,
Ashlee from Utah

Kaci Kelsey

September 28, 2011

Akello Vicky,

I received my hat made by you in the mail today and I could not have been more excited. The hat is beautiful and its going to keep my head warm this winter here at Purdue University in Indiana. You did an amazing job, thank you! Your story is inspiring and you are a strong woman. Best of wishes to you and your family!

Much love from a Boilermaker,

Taylor Turner

September 25, 2011

Dear Akello Vicky,
Thank you so much for my beautiful hat! It is absolutely wonderful and one of my favorite things that I own. I wish you and your family the very best! Thank you again!

Zack Brown

September 22, 2011

Dear Akello Vicky,
My name is Zack and am going to college in Altoona Pennsylvania. I have always wanted to get involved with helping people like you in Africa but have not had the opportunity. When i first heard about KKNU i knew i had to order a hat. It was the least i could do. I recieved my hat today and i am so excited to wear it and to tell people your story when they ask where i got it. The craftmanship is incredible and all my friends think it is great too. I read your story and it is so inspiring and now i have a hat that will remind me of it and to pray that you continue to do well for you and your family. Thank you so much and good luck. :)


September 19, 2011

Dear Akello Vicky,
I came home to find a beautifully hand crafted hat that is now one of my favorites. Thank you!

Heather L Anzelon

September 19, 2011

Dear Vicky,
I just received my beautiful hat that you made in the mail today. It is funny that you and I live in such different worlds, but we have the EXACT same dreams for our future. When it comes right down to it, we are all the same inside. I love my family and children and would do anything for them. We learned about this program and my kids helped me pick out a hat. Economic times are rough and we are trying to make our purchases with a purpose. You have helped me by giving me something to keep me warm against the cold months and I hope I have helped your family. I will think of you every time I wear my lovely hat! You are an inspiration!
Thank You!!!

Shannon Wheeler

September 19, 2011

Hello Vicky,
I just received my hat (the Margot) in the mail. I was so excited to get it and to know I was doing something to help someone. After reading your story it makes me especially happy. I just gave birth to my first child recently and I know there is no love stronger than the one for your child and how no matter what your situation, the urge and need to take care of your children is always there. I hope I could have helped your family in some way. I will continue to pass on the word about this cause and continue to look out for new styles to come so I can order more in the future.. Thank you so much!

Preeya Behal

September 14, 2011

Dear Akello Vicky,
Thank you so much for the beautiful hat, I just received it today and I love it already! It was already special to me because my best friend's grandmother bought it for me, and seeing it was made by you and reading your story just added to the lovely sentiment. Throughout high school I learned about the brutality in Uganda and actively tried to fight against the genocide by joining the Invisible Children club, where we raised funds and sponsored activities to spread awareness. I found KKi online and read about the cause, and had to have one of the hats! I am so happy it was made by you and that the money is supporting your family and others like you. Thank you, from the obttom of my heart.


August 29, 2011

Dear Akello Vicky,
During my senior year of high school, we had a senior research project that required us to read a non-fiction book. I choose “A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier” by Ishmael Beah and "The Enough Moment" by John Prendergast because I wanted to hear what the war was like through the people that were effected by it. After finishing both books I wanted a way to help those that were suffering from the brutality, and I found KKi.

You are a true hero, for your family and those around you by crochet these products. I hope that through my contribution along with everyone else that buys something from KKi will help you succeed in your goals.

Thank you,
-Nicole C.

Jordan Krieble

August 18, 2011

Thank you Akello Vicky! I've been wearing my 5207.5 for months now and I get so many compliments.
Good luck to you and your family,


Will Sulemann

March 19, 2011

Hello Vicky, my name is Will. I purchased your hat yesterday. I love it. You and all the Women are making a very powerful statement. You have overcome difficult circumstances, and still make the proper choices for a better life for yourself. I wish you and your Nation Peace. I will pass this website and information over to many of friends and colleagues.
Please continue to set great examples for young girls and boys in your Country and people of the World.

Blessings and Respect!


Perry Wheeler

December 24, 2010

Hello Akello,

My name is Perry and I live outside of Washington, DC in the United States. My girlfriend just gave me a hat that you made for Christmas, and I absolutely LOVE it! Your story is incredibly inspiring. While I love my hat, I am even happier that I was able to help you and your family. Stay strong and keep fighting... and continue to make such beautiful clothing!