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At one point, Vicky was abducted and forced into marriage. Today, Vicky no longer fears for her own safety or the safety of her children as she now understands the power she has to dictate her life and succeed in her future endeavors. With the money that she earns as a crocheter for KK Uganda, Vicky is creating a happier life for herself and her family.

“My dream is to save as much money as possible to buy oxen to help my cultivate crops. I also want to start up an income generating activity in order to supplement the money that I get from crocheting so as to enable myself to educate my children to the highest level.”

“What I like about Northern Uganda is the prevailing peace that exists and the development initiatives that are currently ongoing in the region, they make me happy.”

“It keeps me busy and it enables me to earn money for my life with my children.”

“I pray that the initiators of the programme should continue to support orphans and widows in Northern Uganda for as long as they are able to do so.”

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December 4, 2019

Thank you, Adoch!

Pali D.

March 20, 2012

Vicky, You did such a fabulous job making my hat. Thank you so much! It is so warm to wear. Keep up the awesome work. You are on a road to such goodness and joy.


February 1, 2012

Vicky, thank you so much for the beautiful hat you made me. Everyone loves it.


December 23, 2011

Thanks for the hat! It's awesome! Greatest Christmas gift yet! Have a happy holiday!

Reanna Drane

December 12, 2011

Dear Vicky,
I just wanted to let you know how wonderful my Lucille hat is, it is a true masterpiece! Thank you so much for your hard work and inspiration! You will be in my thoughts and prayers, not only when I wear the hat but always.
Love always, Reanna

Jay Figueroa

December 8, 2011

Thanks a million for the hard work you have put into your craft.... May god bless you and your family again thank you from my family to yours via Los angeles

Taylor Townes

November 29, 2011

Dear Vicky,
Thank you so much for the hat! It's incredibly beautiful, my mouth just dropped open when I first saw it cause I was so amazed! No other hat compares to it! :) I'll keep you in my prayers!

Lizzy Kowynia

November 15, 2011

Hey Vicky! I bought a beanie from you and i love it! You did a great job, it's one of my favorite hats. Thanks so much! I hope you raise enough money for your oxen and that you get enough money for your children's education and whatever else you need. Good luck! Love, Lizzy

Melissa Mac Allister

October 25, 2011

I just received my white Betty Hat . Thank YOU SO MUCH!! Much love to you and your family. Sending thoughts and prayers to you. You are all such strong women God Bless you. I will be ordering all of my Christmas Presents thru this site so I can help more and more. I too am a survivor so it means the world to me to help in anyway I can. Life throws so much at you. I'm happy we both stood strong and saw it thru. My hat is beautiful I will think of you everytime I wear it. Xoxo Melissa Mac Alister XOXO

Ana Stanic

October 20, 2011

Dear Vicky,
Thank you so much for this lovely hat!!! I absolutely love the warmness and simplicity of it, the 5207.5 in black. BEAUTIFUL! Thank you :) god bless xoxo

Jessie Mendizabal

September 27, 2011

Hello Vicky!
The flawless hat that you made for me will be treated with care because I can only imagine all the hard work you put into making something so complex and special. Crocheting is something that my mother tried teaching me and I could never get the hang of it so, you are much more talented than I ever could be.

Christine Nieves

September 26, 2011

Thank you so much for my beautiful hat. I am in love with it. I'm going to be wearing it all winter long!


September 25, 2011

Thank you sooo much Vicky. I absolutely love my hat.

Jennifer McDonough

September 24, 2011

Dear Vicky,
I received the beautiful hat you made today! Thank you so much for taking the time to make it! It gets very cold where I live, so I'll be wearing it all the time. I'm so glad you're living a life that makes you happier, and I'm thankful to get the chance to thank you personally. Good luck with your family! Thank you again!

ashleigh tate

September 21, 2011

Thank you so much for making the most beautiful hat!! Your a blessing from God. May God continue to bless and watch over you every single day of your life!!! I love my new hat and I am wearing it right now!!! I love it so much!!! I will continue to pray and think of you and your family!!!!


Briana Langshaw

September 20, 2011

Thank you so much for this incredible hat! I just got my red Waldo in the mail today and I can say that I'll be wearing this hat until there isn't anymore wear left in it. I am so happy for you and all that you are achieving for yourself. I wish that you and your children stay safe and live a beautiflul life. Thank you again for your time and love that was put into this hat.

Alexis Elias

September 19, 2011

Vicky ,
Thank you so much for my hat. I love it. I appreciate taking time to make it. I hope everything is and stays well for you .


September 3, 2011

Vicky you are amazing! The chocolate Barney that you made me is incredible. I wish the best for you and your children. Thank you so much and please thank all of the others who are involved for me. All of you do great work.
Best Wishes

Dan Portnoy

August 25, 2011

Thanks Vicky!

This hat is so great, thank you for taking the time to make it special. I can see the pride you have in every stitch of this hat - it's fantastic! It's perfect for my venture up the west coast later this month. Thank you again for your hard work.

Nicole Haines

June 28, 2011

Vicky, I have heard about Krochet Kids for a while now, and I can now say that I am a proud owner of one of your hats, which I am in love with!! I am so happy to see that you have created a better life for yourself, and I can honestly say that you have changed mine. I look up to people like you who are so driven and determined to make a better life for not only yourself but for others and I cannot say thank you enough!!! I LOVE MY HAT!!!! Best to you!!

Nicole Haines
San Diego, CA

Sarah Palmer

February 15, 2011

Hi Vicky,

Thank you so much for making my new Bella hat! I received it for Valentine's Day in the mail from my parents and I was so excited! It is absolutely beautiful and I will wear it proudly! Good luck to you and your family! I hope all your dreams come true!


Richelle Dante

December 25, 2010

HI Vicky,

I received a hat you made for Christmas (light blue Betty)! Thank you so much for making such a beautiful hat! I'm so excited to wear it. Merry Christmas and may God bless you and your children!


December 21, 2010

Vicky! Thank you so much for making my betty mustard hat. I love it so much and it brings so much joy to my eyes when I look at it. I pray that the good Lord blesses you and your family for years to come and that you enter into a life full of prosperity and blessings all the time. You are amazing.

Shannon Wood

December 15, 2010

Hello Vicky!! Thank you very much for putting so much love and time into my hat. I will think of you and your children every time I wear it!! You are a beautiful, resilient woman and your goals for the future are ones that I admire. I hope you are able to continue earning the money you need for your family, and your children's education. My prayer for you this holiday season and each day after is that you find yourself continually blessed in life.

Jen Jiru

November 11, 2010

The beanie is fantastic, thank you for taking the time to make it so.