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Uganda | Crocheter
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Nighty says that she is grateful for the opportunity to work for KNOWN SUPPLY because she can now provide for herself and her family. She’s never really had the support of her family to pay for things like school fees and healthcare, but now she is able to take care of herself.  She has been saving her income, investing it, and she plans on using this to someday start a business that will support her family for the long-term.

“I plan on purchasing a motorcycle and then renting it out to double my income. In time I want to buy a plot of land for the family.”

“The people in the northern part of the country are the best. They are the nicest and most hospitable people in all the world.”

“Love is when one can coexist with other people peacefully.”



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Previous Thank Yous

Aracelis E Lorenzo

March 2, 2018

Dear Acayo:
How beautiful is your smile!...that was the first thing I noticed when I looked on your name!...I recently purchased a dress, in lime color and I absolutely love it!!!...thank you for making such a nice dress, for your time and effort...keep smiling,working for your dreams and stay blessed!...I wish you nothing but the best to you and your dear ones!!

Lindsey Smith

January 1, 2018

Hello! My name is Lindsey Smith. I have one of the knit hats you have made and I love it so much! It is so warm. Thank you for the love you have put into creating it! :)

Cynthia Wang

July 16, 2017

Hi Acayo!

Thank you so much for your positivity! I recently bought the Sedona Relaxed Tee and it is so soft- I love it!
Much love to you and your family.

All the best,

Kati and Tyler Lee

February 6, 2017

A good friend of mine recently gave me an adorable stuffed, croceted owl, beautifully created by you! Thank you so much for spending the time making this. It is my new favorite owl! I have always loved owls and have almost too many owl figurines around my house, but this one is extra special. My husband and I are expecting our first baby, and this fantastic owl you made will be a center piece of the upcoming nursery! You're creation is so beautiful and special, so thank you for using your skills to create something so beautiful and meaningful. I will be praying for you and your family. God bless.
Love Kati and Tyler


January 6, 2017

Dear Acayo,

Thank you so much for my beautiful crochet hat. It has kept me very warm over the past few weeks, as it has been rather cold in the US. I'm so grateful for it and the opportunity to tell you how much I love it. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you and your continued efforts to better the life of you and your family! I hope to purchase many more products in the future. Lots of love, Megan


December 4, 2016

Dear Acayo,

Thank you so much for your beautiful craftsmanship!! My sister-in-law bought "the hoot" for our little one when he was born and he is now able to wear it. It very much fits his personality and he receives lots of compliments. I wish all the best to you and your family!!

Kelley Grace Engel

November 3, 2016

Thank you very much for my Becks hat Acayo Nighty.
It has made me so very happy! It is perfect!
Much love and support to you and your family.

Shelley Leckel

October 27, 2016

I received one of your hats (the 5207.5) yesterday in my Faithbox! I crochet as well, and was so excited when I opened my package. I love it! Thank you so much! Blessing to you, and your family!

anna bouskila

August 17, 2016

thank you for all your efforts your hat is beautifully made.

wishing you the best of luck


March 1, 2016

Dear Acayo,
My Aunt gave me the scarf you made for my birthday. I love it- it is beautiful and special and I thank you for making it.